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Improving our media with hatred

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Welcome to the bad webcomic wiki

Warning: All content on the BWW is potentially Not Suitable For Work, detrimental to mental health, and heavily interspersed with caustic humor that is regularly abused as a pretense to ignore our advice. You Have Been Warned.

The Internet. A wondrous place, filled with all sorts of information for you to unveil. A place without restrictions, a place without limits. Once the internet became widespread and at the reach of the common citizen, it opened window of opportunities to all the creative minds (and not so creative ones) to express themselves in thousands of unthinkable ways. This was the birth of a whole new society, a culture, that could be shared by all mankind alike...

One of the ways to express yourself is webcomics. Oh, the webcomics...

Meeting no standards, having no restrictions and being far from thing like laws, rules and quality control has its toll. The BAD webcomics are the price to pay for such freedom.

Daily, hundreds if not thousands of aspiring people try to reach the masses through works of fiction which follow none of the guidelines that make the respectable business of printed comics what it is. Bad webcomic creators are psychologically blind to their flaws, their egos are fed by the constant stream of ass-kissing supplied by their semi-literate fans who don't know any better.

It is exactly these kinds of insults to art that we are here to document.

With a process of open discussion, we will try to determine whether a webcomic is an epic failure with the help of harsh criticism and brutal honesty. We may not have the final word. But just have in mind we will NOT stand idly by while so many people pollute the web with their crap.

Do note: Due to spam issues, new users on the wiki cannot post here for the first 24 hours of their wiki account being made. Shouldn't be that big of a deal, since you're supposed to ask on the forum first before editing anything on the wiki.

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Site News

  • We had some vandalism but it's all fixed now so you can stop asking me about it.
  • Author responses separated into 4 categories to make it less confusing.
  • Recently found lost articles they are now all fully restored.
  • Lost none review articles restored.
  • Some of our old, lost reviews found and will be restored soon.
  • All Dave Cheung reviews are now back.
  • We have a Discord - join it or be dipped in butter. (link last updated late Feb '23 - link shouldn't expire, ever)

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