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Broken1.png Someone (either the creator or the hosting service) pulled the plug on this webcomic. The links in this review are dead. If you want to see more of this webcomic for some insane reason, the Wayback Machine is your best bet. And even that's a long shot. Broken2.png
Original review author: webkilla - written around February-March 2020
Forum Discussion Thread: Link
Webcomic names: Wildflowers (Hosting site Smackjeeves has been shut down.)
Authors: Greenkrog
Start Date: July 19, 2016
End Date: Died along with Smackjeeves.
Genre: Trans slice-of-life
Defining Flaw: Boring, repetitive and poorly written sob-fest with idiot characters

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.png

The art is shit. It starts out as shit, and barely improves through the 3 year run of the comic. The character art is often so bad its hard to recognize characters.

Storyline: Wiki.pngWiki.png

Super intelligent special snowflake boy wants to be a girl, parents don't agree/are in denial - painfully generic trans-drama but mildly servicable

Characters: Wiki.png

The main character is your typical trans-protagonist: mopey and whiny, and the whole world is of course out to get her. You're supposed to feel sad for her, but she just so damn mopey.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png

The comic is a snoozefest. Not only is pretty much every story arc about something bad happening to transgirl, but its so utterly dull.

Overall: Wiki.png

A mopey sad-fest that will bore you to tears, because all the SADS are dragged out endlessly, coupled with atrociously bad art that only seems to get worse once color is introduced


The red-head is the same character getting brow-plucked in the other comic, also that's the main character. No, none of the character have face cancer, they're just drawn badly. The color changes are supposed to show poorly illustrated changes in mood, because fuck drawing faces any better

Webkilla found this webcomic linked while doing the review for Validation. The sad thing is that a lot of these trans-comics seem to be linking to each other, so he's not going to run out of shitty trans-centric webcomics to review any time soon. Pray for his sanity, o̶f̵ ̴w̷h̴a̶t̶ ľ̶̮i̴̮̓t̸͖̊t̵̺̃l̵͕͊è̴̖ t̸͎̉͜h̷͍̾e̸̦̠̓r̷̜͙̅e̴̮̫̓ ĩ̶͕̤̝͎͇͙̼͗͝͝s̴̰̯̖̖̖͔̐̽̊̓͋̕ ̷̩̘̠̺͍̭͇͉͕͓̝͊̋͐͑̃͜l̵̫̻̈́̒̍̇͆̓̏͗͂̇̒̒̌͝ͅë̸͎̬̞̗̳̪̙̭̬̘̓̓́̒̿̇͘̕̚̚͘͝f̶̡̡̨̛̤͍͉͓̥̝̣̼͗͊̉̂̏̊͜͝ͅt̸̜̺̻̓͑͆̿͆̏̇̈́͌̉̎͆̍̉͠.


The very first page of this webcomic is a request to go read another comic. I suggest we do as the cartoonist is suggesting, and fuck off to read a better comic.

But seriously, the webcomic was never good.


Compare the art from the first real comic page to the last - there are seven years and over 2000 pages of comic between these two. There is no real progress you can see, at all. Slightly cleaner line-art? Sure, but its lineart of shite art. Fuck, even Buddies in Big Places is drawn better than this. Even when the comic started being in color it still looked weird as hell, with characters changing color between panels for no apparent reason. Did someone forget to press flood fill?

"Friends don't let friends unibrow" This is ONLY legit funny joke in the webcomic. The only one.

Now, one thing is the shit art and shit coloring - but suppposedly the cartoonist is colorblind. Fair enough, but that still doesn't excuse the shit tier crap art.

The comic also features the finest in MS paint grade custom lettering and drunk effects that will truly make you feel like that time you smeared LSD on your buttplug and jammed it into your empty eye-socket, because you've already clawed your eyes out.


It's a trans comic. That's all you need to know...

But ok, you're a glutton for punishment? Well, lube up and sit down on hard on that razor-blade encrusted fire hydrant, because we're about to filled with bullshit and tears.

But you know what... fuck this noise. Fuck it hard. This the third trans-centric webcomic that I've reviewed. They're all the fucking same! It's all about some poor fucking trans-girl, and all those meany normies who don't like the trans. This comic spins that via the story of a higly intelligent trans-girl who starts in a high school, has a religious disaproving mother and an in-denial father, ends up having her doctor/therapist gain legal guardianship over her, yet somehow her biological mother is still able to get her to go to a cartoonishly villainous conversion therapist which makes no fucking sense, and everything is so sad, and someone tries to kill her at some point because faggot and she made him lose his job. It's all so sad. Ugh... And of course the attacker is such an amazingly stupid strawman that he straight up admits to everything because he's just pure cartoon evil.

The comic is one continuous pity party for the main character, rivaling Goblins in the levels of SADS that it reaches, and we're supposed to empathize for the main character just because sads, not because of any noteworthy redeeming or positive qualities other than "is trans, must be good". This makes the plot utter shit.


The writing is absolute garbage.

Its one redeeming factor is that the trans-girl main character isn't portrayed as a mary sue - but instead its shit because the main character is the eternally kicked puppy, the one we're always supposed to feel sorry for, because nothing really good more or less ever happens.

Additionally, as noted with the conversion therapist, then there are several recurring elements in the story that simply do not add up or make sense. How is the biological mother able to send/force/whatnot our trans-girl to the conversion-therapist when its Dr. Berths who has legal guardianship? Why are we shown the therapist at one point getting shut down by some government agent, but the next two pages in the comic she's back at the same therapist? It's not in any way shown to be a dream sequence or anything.

It's as if the cartoonist would simply forget shit that had happened previously in the comic and go "oh its been a while since we had a therapy session, might as well send our main character there". Maybe the comics were uploaded in the wrong sequence - either that or the cartoonist had a fucking brain hemorrhage at some point. Either way the writing is a mess, and the dialogue is atrocious and characters often just behave as if they're complete mindless idiots.

One example of this is when the transgirl is attacked at a concert, her brother standing right outside the curtain'd off private area, and a would-be killer just walks right in and beats her mostly to death with her brother then going "What did you say to my sister?" to the guy when he comes out smeared with blood. No really. We're supposed to believe that this guy first up just walked right in, despite her brother standing guard, that the brother didn't hear a damn thing while his transgirl sister was being beaten to death, and he just all chill goes "So, what did you two talk about?" afterwards? Sure, broseph gets nearly killed as well once he finally notices all the blood, but it doesn't make any fucking sense that the beating wasn't heard earlier. But hey, the comic is hard on its "all things must suck" for the main character, so of course.

Another example of bad dialogue and extremely poorly written character behavior is when a skinhead looking friend of transgirl takes a poll, asking both men and women if they would date transgirl. The page is complete with mid-page color changes of hair and skin color.

In other cases the dialogue just reads like tumblr word-salad. "Hello my cis-gendered friend non-hetero male-identified friend. How are you tonight?"

Author biography

No clue who the cartoonist is. There is no profile info on "Greenkrog" - but a bit of googling did reveal a Reddit account, which doesn't reveal much other than GK having promoted his/her comic on reddit a few times. It is suspected that GK is trans, but... who the fuck knows, or ultimately cares.


Exterminatus, when?

But seriously, the comic is a dumpsterfire of sads. All the meanies who abuse the main character are strawmen, to the point that in the comic her abuse becomes so 'assumed' that in some pages she just shows up covered in bruises without the reader ever being told what happened. But the whole theme of the comic is how this character is abused... with no punchline. The comic went on hiatus in mid-2019, and it doesn't look like the comic will ever start up again. Indeed, on the update the cartoonist says as much, but also adds some interesting information:

The comic was a suicide note (GK's words) - not as in wanting to kill him/herself, but because GK was depressed and needed a reason to get up in the morning to do something. GK stopped the comic when GK realized that GK was "hurting Annie" (again, GK's words, Annie is the transgirl) and didn't want to see the main character suffer anymore.

So... yet another trans webcomic that is one big cry for help. I seriously hope that not all the trans-centric webcomics on my to-do list are like this (Hint: They are)

UPDATE: Smackjeeves has been shut down and this webcomic was wiped with it.


  • Archive link to how the site used to look before the SmackJeeves brain hemorrhage.