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Group Name: [collective's URL space name of collective]
Ran By: Name of owner(s)
First Opened On: Insert the date this collective first appeared on the internet (sources include the website's information page, copyright at the bottom of the page, the website's wiki, http://www.freewebsitereport.org/, google, etc.)
Target Audience: What demographics does the collective cater to? Examples include mall goths, anime fans, furries, tech geeks, etc. If the comics cater to too many audiences, just say "Multi-Demographic".
Defining Flaw: What makes this collective stand out as something horrible?

Rating Summary

Quality Control: Wiki.png
This is the measure of how much quality control they use when accepting a new comic to their site and maintaining the new updates to their current comics.
Site Layout: Wiki.png
How easy is it to navigate the site? Do they use blindingly high-contrast color schemes which burn out your eyes? Are the links tiny as hell and difficult to identify?
Community: Wiki.png
Is the community full of irrational manchildren? Perverts? Are they actually decent? Is there a community at all?
Store: Wiki.png
If the site has a store, rate it. If not, say there isn't one and move on.
Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png
Summary of other things you feel like including.
Overall: Wiki.png
How do you feel after writing this review?


Tell us a little about how you found out about this collective, what your first impressions were, and why you decided that it was bad.

The Comics

Talk about the comics they have on the site. No need to give a full review for each one, just give us a general summary. If there are too many comics to go over, tell us about the popular ones instead.


Does the site have a community forum, IRC, or chat box? If so, you are encouraged to shit talk them into oblivion. Give a layout of the community, and in the case of forums, what goes on in each section. Feel free to mention notably obnoxious users, mods, and admins, as well as any drama which has spawned due to said people. If there is no on-site community, remove this section and continue the review.

Various Failures

This is the part where you get to tell us about the bad things which don't pertain to the community or comics.


Give your final thoughts on the site.


  • Links go here.
  • Try to have more than one.
  • Three+ is ideal.