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This author responded to a review on the site and his/her replies can be found here and here in the "Reactions" section.
GiantDouche.jpg WARNING: The creator of this webcomic is a giant douche, even by internet standards. Their behavior may include, but is not limited to: Rampant displays of racism, sexism, homophobia and/or other forms of bigotry and douchebaggery. May spew invective at critics and fans alike. Avoid real-life interaction as much as possible.
WARNING: The following webcomic is enraging.

This webcomic is offensive to virtually all who read it. The subject material is so angering and in such bad taste that even through the protective filter of a review, it can ruin your day by pissing you off. You have been warned.
Original review author: webkilla around the tail end of 2020
Forum Discussion Threads: Sweet jesus its a flame war
Webcomic name: Weapon of the People: DECODED
Authors: Muhammad Rasheed
Start Date: April 9, 2018
End Date: Ongoing
Genre: "anti racist" Political Propaganda
Defining Flaw: An "anti-racism" comic that seems to exclusively use racist caricatures of anything the cartoonist doesn't like.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.pngWiki.png

Dude can draw, but boy howdy is that talent wasted.


Not applicable, as it is a political propaganda strip.


Not applicable, for the reason described above.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

For providing the most lively flame-war the forum has seen in years!

Overall: Half.png

Another case of a talented artist utterly blinded and deranged by his SJW ideology.


Ok, this one is kinda unique.

It's happened more than once that a webcomic gets brought up on the wiki forum only to be forgotten, if its not offensive or shitty enough to warrant an immediate review. Both sort of happened here. In late 2018, a forumite popped in and linked to this comic back when it was still being hosted on a Quora forum called "War Donkey" for political pro US Democrat cartoons, but nothing came of it.

But... then in the tail end of 2020 the maker of the comic discovered the thread and decided to pop in and necro the thread, quickly starting to accuse anyone who didn't like his comic of simply being triggered racists. And even two years after that he was still salty enough to keep making comics about Quora because he's that petty.

At the time of writing this review, that was nine days ago, ballooning the thread from 1 page to 27 (37 by the time review was done, probably lots more as the discussion continues because lolcow goes REEEEE) with Rasheed demonstrating a remarkable ability to entirely ignore any form of criticism on the grounds that the forumites aren't woke enough to be worth his time, but also outright willfully misinterpreting mocking statements as support and agreement. It takes a special kind of lunacy to stand up and say that people laughing at you are nodding their heads in agreement, but this... oh boy. Oh and he thinks evil white racists have coopted the term woke.

So of course the comic had to be reviewed, seeing how much shit this moron was talking - never mind that he repeatedly whined that nobody on the wiki was qualified to review it, since none of us know the deep lore of his intersectionalist anti-racism activism - but that's the thing: We review webcomics here, and that we most certainly know how to do!

So strap in kids! This will be a wild ride.


Sadly, in June 2021 the BWW forum got hacked and wiped. This means that the forum thread where all this delicious drama and racist bullshit took place is lost for eternity. Suffice to say, NOTHING claimed about Rasheed regarding his statements have been embellished here, there's no need to do so. Equally, while the links to the forum posts where he talked all kinds of shit are gone, then his comics say the exact same racism things. The thread did pick up again with a little bit of discussion once the forum was restored, but read the review to understand why Rasheed wasn't part of that anymore. Here's a clue: he threatened to kill someone and was banned.


This is a political strip-a-day webcomic. It was never funny, hell, by Rasheed's own statements in the forum thread he never intended for it to be funny. To make it worse, he even admits to making the comic as un-subtle as possible because he doesn't want people misinterpreting or twisting his message.

...that this led to his comic becoming hilariously racist is of course the very pinnacle of irony, demonstrating his complete lack of self-awareness.

Story and Plot

It's a political propaganda webcomic, in the format of an unfunny gag-a-day strip. There is no plot, only racist caricatures and the constant droning of the same damn political messages put on repeat. For the real meat of this review, see the writing section.


This shit is so woke y'all

Ok, gather around children, and I shall tell you how to actually do a webcomic with political themes: The secret is... to not do it. This reviewer knows of hundreds of webcomics, and absolutely none of the ones that push political or ideological messages as their primary raison d'etre are good. Sure, some of them aren't bad either, but any time you put a message over entertainment you've already lost. This was why Jon Stewart and his Daily Show was so popular: He knew how to wrap political commentary and news in good jokes, and always to make sure that his content was more fun than ideological. This is why Colbert's reign over The Late Show has seen is turn into shit.

Now, some comics do manage to walk this razor edge somewhat competently... some of the time. The first three volumes of Quantum Vibe only feature a minimum of overt political bullshit, featuring good sci-fi with some otherwise thinly veiled strong Atlas-Shrugged themes, pushing strong libertarian if not an-com politics. Similarly, then some of RHJ's comics, like Camp Calomine can be knee-slappingly funny while also mocking SJW bullshit and pushing more right-leaning themes, though RHJ has also created absolute shitstains like his pro-creationism anti-science sci-fi webcomic where the bad guys try to disprove God and prove evolution for the evulz. Other attempts include things like Jay Naylor's comics where he tries to thinly veil his libertarian themes behind mounds of voluminous furry T&A, or stuff like Billy the Heretic with its anti-Semitic BS where subtlety just goes out the window entirely.

Suffice to say, then it is difficult to walk this line. Good thing that Rasheed has told us directly that he doesn't even try to be funny or subtle about his messaging! Let that one sink in for a moment. This is a political comic that isn't even trying to be funny... or subtle. This is the very archetype of a "hit you over the head with a political message" propaganda comic. There's a reason why only 15 (update: down to 8) morons pay him a dollar a month on Patreon - Originally 18 when the review was first written. Even RHJ still gets some 500$ a month for doing next to nothing, but he can actually make fun comics.

Of course, reviewing such political propaganda is largely useless. By design its one-sided political messaging, and the worst one can say about stuff like that is "I don't agree with the message" - and Rasheed has thoroughly clarified in the forum thread that he doesn't give two squirts of piss if you don't agree with him (though he will likely argue that if you don't, its because you're racist) Indeed, he seems perfectly ok with spoonfeeding his drivel to you, even if you don't want it. Of course, if you do want it, he might still reject you if he doesn't deem you good enough.

That said, then what can be reviewed - much like how The Probability Broach was reviewed, is how far fetched and whacky his political BS is. What exactly are his messages, and do they even make sense? Pro tip: His messages are insane and he seems to think we live in a world where black people are exploited in ways that have been illegal for well over 60 years in all western countries.

Now, while Rasheed has been doing comics for well over a decade, then the format of comics that turned into the verbosely titled Weapon of the People: DECODED started around 2017, though even before that there were hints of what to come, with this comic themed around Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who pretended to be black which he understandably and rightly so mocks mercilessly, because fuck that bitch and her Nutella-tan. Comics like this, none would object to. Similarly this comic is about wanting to get communist influencers away from black people, because he doesn't want the black community to end up with shit like that. Perfectly sensible stuff.

However, later on we get stuff like this gem which really makes you wonder what his stance on freedom of speech is, and from there on the ball just starts rolling with hot take after hot take: A series of comics where what looks like black people/black culture is substituted with clowns as an allegory for racism, Jim Crow and whatnot,

Suffice to say, he only lasted a year or so on that US Democrat forum before being kicked out for being too extreme and hateful in his views and his comic content. In the finest tradition of snubbed keyboard-crusaders, he made a comic about that where he mocked the forum and basically called them racist and blaming "an angry mob" for getting him booted. Hell, he has made comics ridiculing people who call him out for hit racist hot-takes, where he claims that his comics is "data driven anti-racism". Never mind that he uses Huffington Post articles as his 'data', while he's being racist in his comics. In 2021 he apparently managed to get bannde from yet another forum, and once more he made a comic where he paints the forum that banned him as being full of racist crackpots, while clearly projecting his own sins onto them, namely by having them accuse him of not submitting to their unfounded and overexagerated conspiracy nonsense.

That's the main theme of pretty much all of Rasheed's comics: Its never his fault, or the black community's fault, or black people in general's fault - its always someone else, and that someone is usually white people, and he simply must point EVERY TIME how stupid those white people, or black immigrants, are. This of course also means that the comics are incredibly trite and repetitive, hundreds if not thousands of them featuring the same themes and almost identical dialogue, as the same slogans are repeated ad nauseum, usually in the form of massive walls of text (and fuck you if you don't like walls of text) - because as we all know: The left can't meme, but it can sure go about wanting that there "revolution". This of course assumes that the comic even make sense.

I mean, bloody hell... he wants to put a cap on how much money you're allowed to own.

The examples of the comic's writing flaws, most of which are painfully obvious strawmen, are legion:

White strawman doesn't want a second civil war to give black people freedom? That's racist. Oh, but he also has comics claimed that he's not advocating armed insurrection.

Just being white and not doing anything? Ya that's probably racist too.

Black Republicans? Nah, more racist manipulation. Because black republicans are of course teh st00pid and are just shills for whitey according to Rasheed.

Do you want to judge people by the content of their character, not their race? Then you're racist

Oh, you disagree with him that the US educational system isn't still racially segregated? You're a nazi - because making people who disagree with you out to be nazis is totally sensible, amirite?

How about more white male straw-men talking about how racist and evil they are? Remember kids: He said he doesn't even try to be subtle.

He thinks talking about aliens is to distract people from talking about racism!

Black people succeeding? Nah, white people say its racist and want it stopped or want to coopt and exploit it.

You don't see race, thinking we're all one people? No, you are super fucking racist

Are you white, non-american and think Rasheed's bullshit is racist as hell? That's because you're white and racist, says Rasheed.

You don't think the US is as racist as he thinks? Well, then you're a drunken MAGA-chud who pisses his own pants.

If you try to critique his work, then you're clearly just a racist KKK fatty because Rashit does not take critique well. Hell he has multiple comics on this because fuck you if don't just bow down and love his comics as is.

You believe in evolution? No you're just fundamentally stupid

You happy that a latin woman was appointed chair to the UN commision on civil rights? Nah, Rashit hates the Spanish and Portugeese,so you fuck you.

Are you a woke white social justice warrior? No, you're still racist. Indeed, he thinks the wokes are just trying to brainwash black people. He also seems to think that its a white conspiracy to indoctrinate black people into wokeness. Magical.

Also he says that you're using the term woke wrong because of course that word is only for HIS people.

You just don't like his comics and think they're racist and toxic? No, you're a white KKK racist MAGA chud.

Are you a black comedian who makes white people laugh? Then you're a race traitor

You try to give kind advice on how to improve the comic? Nah, you're a narrow-minded idiot who must be mocked

You against giving black people reperations? You totally white supremacist!

Are you a black gay man with a white lover? You race traitor.

Are you a black lesbian woman with a white lover? You race traitor.

Are you a fat black person who speaks out against body shaming? Then you're a race traitor, unless you specify that you're only against body shaming for black people... starting to a pattern yet?

Do you want to raise awareness of black on black crime? No, you're a drunken moron parroting idiotic white racist talking points. And he'll claim that its totally not a problem now anyway even though he never ever cites any sources to back up that kind of claim.

You just want people to get along? Nah you racist and clearly denying gibs

Are you a black owned bank? Nah, you're a race traitor who is obviously funneling black money away from black people to evil white LGBT organizations

Are you an intellectual? Nah, you're a Marxist scumbag who wants to oppress black people and never really debate anything. (the irony that rashit doesn't really debate with his critics isn't lost on this reviewer...)

He also fucking loves obvious straw men to the point that he's not even trying to hide it with the caricatures of the villains he portrays. This is so weaksauce

Are you a black entertainer that white people also enjoy? That makes you a sell-out to whitey - Fun thought: If a white person made this kind of portrayal of a black person, there'd probably be people calling that person to be canceled if not outright killed for such a racist portrayal.

Are you a black diversity and inclusion hire? Nah, that's also racist, and you are a race-traitor oppressing black people in favor of immigrants.

Do you find it offensive when a black woman publishes a book calling on god to give her strength to hate white people? Mind you, this is a real book but no you're a white racist if you don't think black women praying for hatred is a good idea. Good grief.

Are you a black public intellectual? Nah, you're still racist. Or put differently: How dare other black people be lauded public intellectuals, when nobody is paying any attention to Rashit? This is how petty he is.

Are you a black first-time home owner? Well fuck you for buying a house, because there are other poor black people who need gibs!

If you think the social sciences are complicated because humans aren't complex creatures, then... Rashit says its "only" complicated because white racism.

Are you a black actor who wants to make it big in hollywood? Then you're part of a racist machine, because Rashit says so!

Are trying to point out that US police officers kill more white people than black people? Nah, why should Rashit care about "a defiant criminal class" - that's right kids: Rashit considers all white people to be defiant criminals.

You think the NASA rover landing on Mars is neat? No, you're just in support of white-owned corporate and their bid to monopolize space resources.

If you in any way imply that you're of mixed heritage you're as bad as Rachel Dolezal according to Rashit.

Are you a community of black people who buy their own land to get away from whitey? Nah, you're just puppets of whitey.

If you think that the Rwandan Genocide was actually a thing, you are apparently just spouting nonsense according to Rashits infinite wisdom. Or if you think that the barbary coast slave-trade was real and also saw white people enslaved, then you're spouting misdirection and scripted crap.

Hell, sometimes his own virtue signaling and outrage gets the better of himself, like when he though it was an american school with bodies of american indian children that had come up in the news. No Rashit, that happened in Canada.

How dare you not fall for rashit's emotional manipulation? You are clearly super racist and you get off on seeing people suffer!

Are you a homosexual? Well you're probably just a product of capitalism but that's ok, you can probably still be a revolusionary.

Are you a black police officer? then you're ok with killing black people and thus of course a bad person and race traitor.

Shit, sometimes his comics just don't make sense - like, what is he critiquing here? Is he saying that you're a bad black person if you take a moment to rest? wtf?

Here's a fun one: Rasheed takes an example of people saying that christianity is shit because Trump has signed some bibles - but what's the punchline? Some wall of text about greedy cartels, basically shit that has nothing to do with the premise.

Some of the comics just straight up do not make sense: Take this for example. Does Rashit think that there was some 'traditional order' where black people lived in the US under better conditions? It really makes you wonder what exactly he thinks are the good old days. Similarly this one about an 'integration bamboozle' of some sort? They barely make any sense - but then again, as long as the 'punchline' can be summarized as "whitey is bad" and "gibs me some gibs" then it doesn't seem to matter.

He even thought he could somehow get the better of 4chan's /pol board with his walls of text - as if they in any way give two squirts of piss what he thinks, outside of ribbing on him for his absolute failure to meme. But hey, this guy is desperate for attention, and kicking that beehive sure got him some attention - never mind that him talking shit about 4chan doesn't really amount to much activism-wise... but he really loves it when he can claim to have defeated yet another strawman.

And of course: Rasheed is an anti-vaxxer. Hell, he seems to think its some kind of racist conspiracy. Amazing. Hell, he seems to think that its a conspiracy to harvest our DNA. Not even Alex Jones is this far out. With comics titled stuff like "Aggressive Recruiting for the Global Human Experimentation" what else would you expect? And honestly these comics in particular are a really strange hill for Rashit to want to die, which just goes to show that he doesn't really believe in anything.

And if you think Rashit being an anti-vaxxer is bad, you should see his hot takes on the 2022 invasion of Ukraine: He seems to think its all a white conspiracy to get more white immigrants into the US - which in turn of course (in his sick and twisted mind) means free gibs to white people instead of black people while black people get told to just 'desire less' as if that makes any sense. Basically, because this crisis doesn't benefit his chosen few, then he thinks its just another conspiracy to keep black people down.

It just goes on and on, Rasheed's sesquipedalian Loquaciousness knows no bounds. Unless you 100% agree with everything he spouts via his walls of text, then he thinks you're the scum of the earth and he will draw a comic saying that you're stupid and drawing a strawman of you who is pissing his own pants. This double so if you push a message that competes with his and/or is more popular than his. Even the black community that bought their own land and moved away from whitey gets shit on. Why? Because they're not supporting Rashit and his agenda and trying to solve their problems on their own.


Another common message in the comics is that Rasheed thinks white people somehow steal money from black people, all the time, keeping them in poverty. Hell, he even seems to think that whitey is taking the black man's organs. This is beyond delusional.

But how is whitey taking all of the black man's money? Well if asked, he'll probably say stuff like "institutional racism" and whatnot - the classic SJW go-to terms. The comics illustrating these points are even less subtle than the above, like this one or this one, where the KKK even somehow steals the black man's ballsack. Now, he might claim in some of the blog posts under his comics that he doesn't flat out hate white people or white comedians, only hating that magical faery-tale systemic racism nonsense, but from how he portrays white people in his comics? Ya no, it looks a lot like he thinks all white people are racists - I mean, look at crazy comics like thie one. Shit, he thinks that it was black people who taught whitey to wash himself, but as will be noted later Rasheed loves to rewrite history. Indeed, he's made comics where he straight up says that he doesn't think his racist caricatures are racist, arguing some kind of conspiratorial white hivemind or something. Don't do drugs kids.

Some of the comics are quite explicit on his disdain for white people in general. Indeed, this comic here also highlights another common thread in his comics: The exaltation and purity of his black community, all the while cranking out comic after comic claiming that there is some kind of global white terrorist conspiracy to oppress black people.

This is how Rasheed thinks black immigrants and the KKK get along according to his own comics, comic curtesy of BWW's own Crazy J.

Now, note that I say his black community - not the black community - not black people in general. Because Rasheed hates other black people. If you aren't a black person descended from American slavery, or "ADOS" as he puts it (Americans Descended Of Slavery) then you're likely just in the way of him wanting reparations. Anyone who isn't helping him gets shit on. I mean, who the fuck uses terms like "pan-African skinfolk"??? Or if you as an indian person in the US want to use black history month to talk about your people's past history with colonization and racism... Rashit says no. He also calls you a "melanite" and says GTFO.

Just look at how jealous he must be at African nations that are actually prospering. Of course, he blames their prosperity on having sold other black people to the evil white Americans, so... ya. Hell, its still whitey who makes black immigrants fight black slave-decedents apparently, or the KKK making them do it all the while trying to gaslight black people about the KKK. Hell, he even did a multi-part comic about how he thinks black immigrants are conspiring with the KKK to force slave-descended black people to become their servants - he thinks that the "immigrant class" just wants black people to by "vote mules" or a "support class". According to rashit those evil african immigrants are just here to bilk American black people. Dude is legit insane.

Of course why blame other black people, when you can blame the MAGA people? No, to him those foreign blackies/non-whites are all race-traitors in league with the KKK, so he mocks them mercilessly as traitors and enemies while saying they straight up support white supremacy and he seems to think they're all out to get him or just want to ruin his bid for gibs. Hell, if you're black and you dare date or marry a white person then you're also a traitor by his logic - its as if he thinks that interracial dating never works. Hell, dude thinks that interracial marriage is bad because according to him it means that black money go to white people! Dude is beyond deranged. I mean, he compares interracial dating to prison rape when its white man + black woman.

Perhaps he's just salty from bad personal experiences? And apparently he thinks that black Chads want to lure black normie men into polygamy, because white supremacy, because that totally makes sense? Then again, Rashit seems to think that all those oppresive black foreigners are upper class people lusting for the money of poor american black people and and wanting to turn american black people into their servants because that totally makes sense.

Remember: Rashit has said that he doesn't try to be subtle in his comics, so nobody misunderstands his message. Consider: What exactly do you think his message is here?

But yes, the very notion of internal conflict in the black community, are in Rasheed's comics caused by white infiltrators and sockpuppets, with most of his comics saying its whitey's fault - indeed, to him his black community are saintly underdogs, free of sin, having never done anything wrong ever (except for the ones influenced by whitey?), and thus they are the only ones deserving salvation:

In his mind the only real black people deserving reparations are those who suffered the walls of text spouted by slavers, if his comics are any indication. In his world black people are being eternally oppressed by whites and those evil rich Africans, as they smother him in walls of texts. According to him its always some white Mr. Moneybags keeping the black man down and somehow magically taking all the black people's money, no matter how strawmany and deluded Rasheed's screeds come off as.

Even the Black Panther movie was obviously blaxploitation because Disney is white. Indeed, apparently a lot of movies are apparently anti-black even when they're supposed to be pro-black. And heaven forbid that you're a black celebrity who's popular with white people - no you 're a sellout or a a perpetrator of "shameless coonery".

It's just never good enough. Hell, in the forum thread Rasheed went as far as saying that individual black people getting educated, getting nice jobs and living well doesn't count, dismissing it as "individual striverism" or "bootstrapperism". He has several comics reinforcing the idea that working your way up individually is somehow bad no matter how little sense that makes - and his arguments against it? He just has a child-version of himself go "You're a bad man" for suggesting it. He only wants collective gibs to be the magical solution. He simply refuses to accept the idea that working hard and improving your own situation is a possible solution. - by the logic presented in his comics, only activism and screaming at whitey, crying out for gibs, will ever fix things. Hell, even in his comics he says that individual black people don't count. Any black person, living or dead, who's ever said that you just have to work had gets shit on brutaly.

He's even said in the forum thread that Obama "doesn't count" because Obama came from Kenyan family, not a former African slave family. Yup, this fucker is so far up his own ass on Obama-hate, that Obama wasn't right kind of black. Just look at how light-skinned he draws Obama. Biden gets the same treatment, shown to want to turn black into some kind of servant class somehow, which also features Rashit's caricature of retarded black people supporting dems.

You must understand: Rasheed not only has a massive persecution complex expressed in his body of work - but he also has a messiah complex: It is only through him and his activism that his black community can be saved, because he keeps making comics saying that the black community is completely helpless and constantly oppressed by ridiculous bullshit. Anyone who managed to get by on their own don't count according to him. Indeed, he has made comics where his comic-avatar pretty much assaults other black people who suggest just getting a job and getting on with life. What's this, a black republican advocating that black people quit the gangsta livestyle, instead getting a job? No, he's clearly saying that black should become slaves to white Euro-bosses. Rashit even goes so far as to make it sounds as if schools in the US are still racially segregated with his comic featuring a strawman claiming that white people 'hoard' good education and leave the rest to the 'blackies' and whatnot. And then he'll complain that schools aren't allowed to teach critical race theory, saying that "its the truth" in his comic. Of course, with his mindset its easy to call anything your enemy.

You see, to him its a very all or nothing deal. He will save his people, or nobody gets anything. Anyone suggesting compromise gets mocked in his comics, and he doesn't care if he ruins things for everyone else, regardless of their agenda if he just gets his way. It doesn't matter if you're feminist LGBT or even other black people calling for him to knock it off, if you don't support his specific agenda, then he's all "Fuck you" and will mock you mercilessly with his very racist caricatures. He also has a comic where he says that race is a social construct, but its still totally just made to make him and his 'people' poor - as if that somehow makes sense.

A good example of how he both mocks and gaslights people who don't fit into his narrative is seen in this comic where he straight up tells a black entertainer that the dude can't sue white people because Rashit thinks he's a race traitor sell-out who's made whitey laugh. The hilarity of all this, Rashit wanting his ADOS activism to be the only thing that will ever save his 'people', can be seen in comics like [this one, where he claims that he's presented all kinds of obvious proof of systemic racism]. Well where is that proof? It's certainly not linked in the description for the comic. Hell, he has comics where he complains that whitey doesn't accept his 'proof' as if he doesn't equally dismiss anything that doesn't fit his narrative, like, I don't know - common sense? Does he think that his own highly racist comics are proof? Probably. It's shit like this that proves that his comic is only meant to preach the choir - not in any way convince other people that he's right.

Behold the great walls of conspiracy bullshit text, because fuck punchlines or anything else to actually make you want to read this crap

Oh and if other actually influential black people set up activist organizations to do the same things Rashit is advocating, they're slandered to hell in his comic, such as Tariq Nasheed's Foundational Black American something-something is of course portrayed as a the work of a black traitor who's being paid off with women whores who calls ADOS activists stupid. Real subtle right, but hey, can't let anyone steal Rashit's limelight for his eternal crusade for gibs:

Indeed, it looks like around 8 out of 10 of his comics all center around the theme of him wanting reparations and whites not wanting to pay up, or whitey wanting him to shut up about it. It doesn't matter how far fetched the topic is, Rashit will twist it into being all about him and his cause: Take this comic where he makes out as if SJWs demanding that white people get heavily censored is somehow a substitute for giving him his gibs. Yup, Rashit seems to think that cancel culture and whatnot is some kind of strange covert effort to thwart his cause!

Good grief does that get repetitive. And considering how poorly he portrays anyone other than the chosen few that support his politics, it should come to no surprise that he advocates revoking the civil rights of anyone he doesn't consider civilized. Hell, he thinks that evil whitey is using domestic terror to keep his people from getting their reparations. Alex Jones doesn't push conspiracy theories this wacky.

Another fine example of how Rashit's writing and his mind are both supremely warped, can be seen with a comic like this one. Here he demonstrates his failure in understanding a conversation between two actual academics and a stoned comedian, despite quoting most of the conversation in the description under the comic. In this case its Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein talking how ideology can pervert your ability to understand scientific facts, to which the stoner jokes "Biology is racist and sexist" - and since hearing someone else mention racism makes Rashit came and shat himself all at once, then he wrote a comic twisting it to make the two university professors sound stupid and racist, ignoring that the quip about racism was from the comedian.

Do I even need to show you what he thinks of cops?. Because of course he thinks that white cops are in league with black criminals to oppress him and his people, because white cops gonna white for whiteness according to Rashit. Also look at police cheif man-boobs here or rashit drawing white cops smiling at black people lynched - does Rashit think lynchings are still a thing? I'll bet he does... hell, he probably wishes it still was, so he could claim even more victimhood, because by his logic black people eternal victims of white cops. Rashit's ability to twist everything into being about race is amazing.

Oh and of course he hates black cops even more, having stated that "Any black people working in there (in the police) are compromised self-hating trash" - Unless of course its to show white cops ignoring black cops getting killed, because the white ones are obviously always worse, amirite?


Finally there's the theme of religion. It doesn't pop up that often, but it's there and of course Rasheed has opinions... oh spicy opinions. Oh and Rasheed is Muslim, in case you didn't know. Hey, here's another fun fact that apparently only Rasheed knew of until he made a comic about it: Apparently it was white people who turned Islam into a homophobic religion that also persecutes anyone who leaves the faith. No seriously, Rasheed believes this and pushes it in his comics. He's also said in the forum thread that he thinks yonder prophet Muhammed (pig semen and feces onto his name) was a black man. Because of course he does, never mind that the dude was born in Mecca (in Saudi Arabia) and most people know how what an Arab looks like. But that's Rashit's twisted logic. He even has a comic claiming that black people would be better off studying religion, instead of finances because that would probably make you less poor, amirite?

Because religion solves all problems, especially if its a religion you happen to like, yes? Which of course also means that if you're an athetist Rashit thinks you're a fucking moron because you don't understand the basics of religion which somehow also means you don't know how to behave in a childrens hospital according to the eternal brain-farts of Rashit. No seriously. This is beyond strawmen.

Hell, apparently it was somehow white Muslims who introduced slavery as a practice to Islam says Rasheed. Indeed, Rasheed has all of the hot takes when it comes to corrupt white Muslims. And anyone speaking out against Islam is of course an even bigger enemy, even if its someone talking about Boko Haram, because Rashit thinks that group of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists who love to kidnap and kill/enslave/rape schoolchildren are but a western intelligence asset. Notice that he gives absolutely no sources for that claim, but presents it as an absolute fact stated by his mouth-piece self-insert character. Sad thing is, this isn't even the worst thing he says in his comics.

Makes you wonder if Rashit listens to some kind of Islamic version of infowars for conspiracy theories like that? And lord help you if you're a black academic who disparages religion, then you're basically satan.

Oh and of course he doesn't like jews either - and apparently Rashit also has race-based requirements for his religious idols?

In fact, according to Rashit then its in fact jews and white people who are to blame for slavery in africa today - not at all done by fellow africans. "Its the jews who are enslaving black people in africa" according to him - sure Rashit. Sure it is. It seems that Rashit just really doesn't like jews because they managed to get reparations.

But that's par for the course for Rasheed - if there's something he doesn't like, then he either trashes it, ignores it completely or simply rewrites history to fit his narrative. And of course if you're just not religious you are really stupid in his mind. If you believe something else you're also stupid - and of course, Christianity is just whitey's racist religion, so that's even worse.

And if a muslim scholar says something stupid then its not really... uhm... wait... brain-meltdown, err - you're just racist!

To wrap up the writing section, consider the following: Rashit makes oh so many claims in his comics, be it claiming that whitey is stealing the black man's money, or claiming all kinds of shit about islam - but he never links to any sources in his little comic blog thing. It doesn't matter what he's talking about, because he expects you to agree with him already (he did note on the forum that he's not trying to convince any new people via his comic) so he feels no need to back up any of his far out bullshit. This is arguably one of the worst aspects of his writing, aside from it being insanely racist and whatnot. He makes nothing but strawmen of his opponents, if he even bothers to engage - a true holier-than-though fuckwit.

In August of 2022, known Islam-critic Salman Rushdie got stabbed viciously by an islamic fucknugget - and what did Rashit say? He blamed the west, by apparently arguing that if the west hadn't instigated the regime change in Iran then there wouldn't have been any Ayatollah to make a Fatwa against Rushdie... never admitting that violent islamic bullshit at the very least had a pretty damn big part in all this, oh no, it's all the west's fault.


The artwork of the comic hasn't changed much from the earliest examples in 2015 to his current style - and its done in a very serviceable newspaper-caricature style. You're never in doubt of what emotion a character is expressing, be it generic angry black man wanting his gibs or evil white man conspiring to oppress black people. And I do mean conspiracy, he calls it a conspiracy to keep black people down himself. And fuck you if you try to call him on his conspiracy nonsense.

Anywho, ya, the art works. But that's the funny thing: He's done actual legit comics in the past.


So... who is this asshat?

He’s done proper comics before and even won awards for this one as seen here. It actually looks quite competent and well done - a shame to see how far he’s fallen, but that’s nothing new for this wiki.

No clue how he ended up chugging the woke-aid - don't really care. He's been making sort of political cartoons for well over a decade to 2010 or so - but back then they seemed to be far less focused on any specific topic, and some of them were even down right funny with legit punchlines.

That said, he's hosting the comic on what amounts to a blog site, making archive navigating next to impossible, but in return it means we get to check out all his super woke posts, like his We wuz kangs n shit blog post about Egyptian pharaohs totally having been black which is doubly hilarious since he actually mocks people who go "we wuz kangz 'n sheeit".

Hell, he was posting about white privilege in 2014, plus he posted once that stereotypes are bad which is endlessly ironic considering his later work now being reviewed here...

He of course also posted some Charlie Hebdo stuff - Rasheed not really showing not much sympathy and just whining that people were posting anti-Islam stuff in the wake of the terrorist attack. He also has a super spicy take where Superman is apparently pro-gun and pro-murder?

Dude straight up has a comic where he claims that de-segregation in the US was a white supremacist ploy to cheat black people out of their money. Does this mean he wants to segregate US society again? Does Rashit even realize what kind of messages he's pushing? Then again if a white person talked about black people the same way he did other black people would be wanting his head on a stick.

The most interesting post on his comic blog that I came across, actually had him put numbers on how he wanted monetary reparations for his black community: 100K$ a year for life. Holy shit, right? Then again, he said again in the forum thread that what he wants is money, land and rule - as if black people in the US currently don't have any money, don't own any land, nor have any influence on government. It's a very often used theme in a lot of his comics, to the point that it gets old fast.

Of course, that 100K demand was from 2017 - in a post from the forum thread he straight up said that the total sum for reparations' would be around 17-20 trillion $. How much is a trillion? Well, 20 Trillion is the current US GDP - so... dude wants all the money in the US for a whole year, distributed to his special little flock. Now, any sane person will say that you can't just take all the money of an entire country and give it to a small group of people... and Rasheed actually agrees. What he instead wants is simply for the US government to print them new money, because inflation totally isn't a thing that exists in his world. I'm sorry Rashit, but that's not how money works. Ok, apparently it does work like that, lol - but still! Unless of course he just makes a comic where he claims that its racist to ask how much reparations he wants, or comics where he claims that any black people who ask for less reparations than what he wants are white stooges who of course get drawn as much more light-skinned than his self-insert character, because no truly black man would ever disagree with Rashit, right? It's totally not that he's being unreasonable and gets upset when more sensible folks come up with more reasonable solutions?

So... he wants an impossible amount of money for him and his little group of buddies, land (who's land?) and 'rule' - whatever that means. It's gibs. Dude wants all of them gibs, and you're racist as fuck if you don't agree with him. Racist why? Well because he says so - because he's said so in the forum thread over and over. He even refuses to specify in his comics that he doesn't think all immigrants are racists when making comics about non-American black immigrants, instead falling back on that tired old it'll only trigger the racists, the innocents know its not about them bullshit. Sorry, that's still amazingly racist.

This is who Rasheed is:

Rasheed would be the fellow on the left. He certainly fits the bill, just swap feminist for anti-racist

Based on both his comics and his forum posting, where he near constantly dismissed critique simply based on the claim that the wiki's forumites weren't proper anti-racism scholars like him, Rasheed has fallen into the SJW trap of thinking that only those as woke as himself can ever truly speak to him about his comic or activism. Despite attempts at explaining to him why that's stupid in the forum thread, he refuses to acknowledge that by doings so he opens up to the kind of person on the right of the picture to come in and speak politely and openly to people... or just anyone who spends 60 seconds googling any of Rasheed's bullshit claims.

But ok, here's a happy fun list of just some of ultra-woke claims and hot takes he made in the forum thread, so you can judge for yourself what kind of person he is:

  • Claims that the freed slaves sent back to Africa to setup the nation of Liberia were but colonialist agents of the then white President Monroe

This would be a nice claim, except all the comics linked above tell a different story.

Ok so he says that not all white people are racist one second, but then says he refuses to say that. Consistent.

Sure, because even homeless white people apparently collude with evil white corporations and politicians to keep the black man down, right? Also, this somewhat conflicts with his earlier claim to not just flat out think all whites are racist.

Oh, so it didn't have anything to do with the dictatorship horribly mismanaging the economy, giving farmland to political allies who didn't know shit about farming, and general rampant corruption? Nah, its clearly whitey making them no longer remember how to be independent and free.

We get it Rasheed, you're the very stereotype of the violent black man who'll scream, shout and issue death threats at anyone who doesn't give you what you want. How very mature of him. Incidentally, this got him banned off the wiki forum, which quite effectively ended the flame-war thread he had started. It is this reviewer's opinion that Rashit has probably pulled similar stunts on a lot of online communities, provoking reactions so he can claim victimhood and then mock his critics in his comics.

In short: Muhammed Rasheed is, in his own mind, perfect and always right - even when wondering if he should murder people, because of course he's right to do that. Its always someone else's fault. It's never his fault. It's never the fault of the black people. It's always whitey's fault. Basically, Rasheed is insanely racist, and quite possibly just plain... insane - well, he's crazy enough to lead a month-long flame war with the jokers who'll review his comic and give him tons of absolutely radioactive hot takes to poke fun at. Hell, some of the quotes added here were added AFTER the review finished and was published, because the man just doesn't know when to shut up. Or put differently: He's a bitter almost 50-yr old dude, who wants gibs and is angry that whitey isn't giving.


The comic sucks, and is a bright and terrible reflection of its maker, but that's apparently by design. Rasheed acts like a 5th grader, ignoring anything that doesn't please him and willfully pretending that even insults thrown at him are agreements. Never before has this reviewer encountered a webcartoonist who intentionally tries to make his work unfunny and unappealing. This reviewer pities him, deeply pities him. Usually that's reserved for webcartoonists where, as part of the reviewing and analysis process, one reaches the conclusion that the artist is deeply disturbed... but with him, with him we got to see what a horrible person he was before the review was written.

The truly sad thing is that with all of Rashit's racist bullshit, then it completely drowns out the very few valid points he actually makes in the comic. Then again, most of even slightly valid points are marred by incredibly racist caricatures, that they lose any shred of moral legitimacy. I mean, not even jokers like Stonetoss has racist or anti-lgbt content this blatant, and he straight up mocks the idea of having anything other than a black and white morality - remember kids: Only Sith deals in absolutes.

This reviewer has reviewed webcomics where one has concluded that one should dread to ever meet the cartoonist in real life, having realized how much of a ticking timebomb they are. Others ended with the conclusion that the cartoonist in question is simply a damaged wreck of a lost soul, who should ideally seek a ton of therapy.

With Rasheed... with him I am torn, for one you pity you cannot hate, yet he invites so much scorn through his shit-posting on the forum. I guess it would depend on whether his online bravado followed him into the real world, or if he's just all bark and no bite. I suspect that if he had a group of sycophants with him, to cheer and egg him on, then he would at the very least be annoying - but somehow I suspect that on his own he would be of little consequence. I argue this based on his love of trying to flip insults into compliments (he brags about doing so), because you can only really do that online. Anyone trying to do that in real life would look certifiably insane, and with the conspiracy theories, persecution and messiah complexes that Rasheed has, then... ya this dude is nuts, and his comic reflects that, if you just stop for a moment and actually think about what he's trying to say.

Or to put the conclusion in a different light: We weren't originally going to review this comic. It had been mentioned on the forum, gotten half a page worth of posts, but not enough interest to review. It wasn't until Rasheed came and started talking shit, that interest for reviewing it came up... and that ballooned into a 52 page flame-war that first ended when Rasheed threatened to kill someone (actually this reviewer) and he then got banned and the thread was locked. All of this could have been avoided if Rasheed would have just not started shitposting, but as the analysis of the comic seems to indicate, then Rasheed is not the sort who likes to stay quiet. He needs to feel oppressed, he needs someone to tell him that he's wrong so he can tell them that they're racist. This helps explain why his comics are so incredibly repetitive: People telling him to fuck off is probably the only real online interaction he gets from people, and in turn he just keeps on making comics about how stupid he thinks people are for rejecting him and his message.

Another thing one could focus on is the fact that pretty much none of his comics get any comments. This, combined with his pitifully tiny Patreon-support, shows fairly clearly how much community outreach his comics actually do: Zero. Nobody likes this guy, but he's very happy with that, because then he can cast himself and his black community as eternal victims. Of course, if a white person made this comic, it would instantly be put on blast for being SUPER FUCKING RACIST. Just look at comics like this one: An african man (of non-slave background) has worked hard and become rich, so he could join the cool kid's club. But oh no, those evil racist chinamen and white people don't want to mingle!? What's the lesson? Well, the title of that comic is "Treacherous Skinfolk Paying Their Dues" - as if the black person is some kind of traitor for having gained wealth, and has to be shown being ostrasized and shunned by whity and chiny. You really have to wonder exactly what kind of message Rashit is wanting to push here, because in 99% of his comics he keeps going on about how its so unfair that him and his black people don't get their free gibs - yet here he has a comic showing a rich black person being mistreated by other rich people? Does he want his people to rise to wealth or not? If you look at some of the books he also writes he seems to think that one day all his problems will be solved via magic. Does he think that one can attain magical powers through intense wokeness?

Another way to conclude on this comic is to look at Rashit's logic. Where does it lead to? He seems to legit want some kind of militant uprising, him claiming that he's somehow "competing" with the man by making comics where he calls everyone else racist? He's done comics saying that you're racist if you don't support a second civil war, which from the sounds of it he thinks will be a race war. He's asking for a very unrealistic amount of money, a sum that he and the people he claims to advocate for will never ever get, which makes this reviewer firmly believe that he doesn't really want that solution - or any solution. He just wants to complain - never mind that he straight up mocks the notion that he just wants to whine and play victim in his comics as something that evil racist MAGA whitey says. You ever heard the definition of insanity? It's doing the same thing over and over, expecting a new result. Rashit is complaining about the same thing, over and over, using the pretty much exact same racist and idiotic rhetoric each time, expecting that one day a huge sack of money will fall from the heavens, if he just calls whitey racist enough times. This man needs help.

This review will be updated should Rasheed decide to throw a hissy fit and make comic in response to this review, something he'd already threatened to do on the forum prior to this review being written. In his words, he would "destroy" this reviewer in front of the reviewer peers on the forum. I shant hold my breath.

A Counter-Argument

With Rashit demanding that the black american, well - only those decended from slaves - organize themselves along his lines of race-based politics, to decry white people, to decry immigrants, to decry any black traitor who doesn't side with him, it can all look quite bleak.

So as a polite and uplifting note, then this review would suggest that you look at this here documentary Uncle Tom from 2020, made by a host of black american slave-decended individuals who speak about how they think people like them can do better - and most of them seem to speak from experience. They present a conservative viewpoint, one that posits that working hard, getting a decent education, and then giving your children a good future is the way forward - not crying at the steps of big government to give you handouts and 'reperation' - no, forge your own better future. I'm sure Rashit would just call them... well... the documentary is titled "Uncle Tom.

Update 1

Even while this review was still just a WIP, Rasheed - in his infinite lack of self-awareness - commented on it, in the forum thread, saying that "It's just a very specialized review from a white supremacist perspective". The irony of him calling anyone else a racist... it boggles the mind. Indeed, the dude kept pissing and moaning about how low the rating given to the comic was, how totes racist and mean the reviewer is, for days on end. Much like his comic, then he seemed to operate under the delusion that if he called people racist and stupid enough they would do what he wanted. Strange how that didn't work.

Update 2

A week or so after being banned and the forum thread being locked, Rashit posted this comic, citing some of the last conversations he had on the forum in the blog post under the comic, somehow turning that into a comic about the US founding father-lookalikes talking about hiding white supremacy in what's probably the US constitution. How the fuck does he twist that forum convo into that? It is as if his brain goes "bork bork people disagree with me, therefor all of society is secretly racist against me"

Update 3

As also noted in the Angry Responses section, then Rashit also added a comic where he made the BWW community out to be a bunch of white supremacists who banned him for being black. Ya... no, though hilariously he does spend a lot of paragraphs in the accompanying blog post explaining why his death threat totally didn't count and shouldn't have been a bannable offense. Oh and on his youtube channel he's also later posted a good ol' rant about this reviewer is totes a white supremacist, because he says so. It's like listening to a scientologist explaining why you're actually being mind-controled by frozen alien souls, only its a super-woke moron calling everyone who doesn't agree with him a racist and white supremacist.

No Rashit, you were banned for threatening to kill people. Most normal places do that - and you being black has nothing to do with it.

Update 4

Months after the review was finished (though its being continualy updated, for the lulz), after the forum was hacked and most of the original forum thread where that lovely 52 page flamewar between Rashit and the BWW forumites took place, a new discussion arose in the remnants of the thread. It wasn't with Rasheed, but some rando who clearly wanted to bat for Rasheed's comic really hard. The problem was that it wasn't difficult to pick appart the poor soul's arguments, which is where things get relevant for this review: The idiot rasheed-supporter made two absolutely galaxy-brained claims: That its ok for US Ivy league universities to have lower SAT score requirements for black people, because "Because African-Americans are not prepared for the workload of the Ivy leagues" - now, you might need to think about that for a moment, but basically what this genious claimed is that black people are too stupid to get into universities unless the barriers of entry are lowered. Kinda racist, right? But it gets better: In the same post the madlad claimed that if a black man gets a job in a white-owned business, then two things have taken place: "Bondage is exactly what it is since they are discouraged from doing anything else to be "successful"." - so somehow a black man getting a job in a white-owned company is selling yourself into bondage, plus its somehow discouraging the black man from ever doing anything successful.

What an amazing set of hot takes. This reviewer found these statements, which were made as part of this joker's defense of Rasheed's comics, to be so toxic that he simply had to notify Rasheed of them. This where things tie back into this review, because while rasheed is still banned from the forum for posting death threats, then lulz like this had to be shared.

Of course, Rasheed being rasheed, seemed to entirely ignore this and instead mock a strawman that says things nobody on the forum ever said:

He even had the gall to title this comic "The Obvious Downside to Freedom of Expression"

Once more, Rasheed has demonstrated the amazing ability ignore anything that doesn't suit his liking - like say, a truly toxic fan spewing racist nonsense in his name - and instead tries to mock a community he holds a grudge against. For extra hilarity, consider the following description from the comic:

"This #MRasheedCartoons image was inspired by the craziest member of a certain message board, whose most notable trait is the power to make casual, joking death threats on the board at will with impunity."

Uhm... Rasheed darling, it was YOU who posted that death threat. What you've written sounds like it was us threatening to kill you. I think you got something mixed up here. Oh well, just another example of Rasheed re-writing history to suit his narrative of being eternally oppressed. If nothing else, it just goes to show that the BWW community still lives rent free in his head, because he keeps making comics based on what we post, even if he keeps taking everything out of context to suit his own deranged narrative.

Update to update 4

Nope. Turned out that it was Rasheed the whole time. Guess he never gave up on trying to mess with us. I guess we really are living rent free in his head. - he even seems to agree with this.

He even drew this comic to "celebrate":

Dude knows how to carry a grudge

Do keep in mind that this means that its Rashit himself who believes that black people are too stupid to handle going to an ivy league university - he even says the exact same in this comic) - and quite frankly I think there are quite a few black scholars who would disagree with that claim. Niel Degras Tyson much? The most hilarious detail of this is of course that since he copied the posts from the forum, his comic is now the only remaining source to document the racist bullshit he himself posted on our forum. How can one man self-defeat so hard?

It also means its him who thinks that a black person taking a job at a white-owned company is the same as selling yourself into slavery.

Equally it makes his previous comic about the BWW community rather strange, because if he's upset that we talk to him, why is he seeking us out? I mean, he straight up brags in his comics about having "infiltrated" the BWW forum. Wow, he knows how to use a VPN to look like he has an IP address from somewhere else in the world. Considering how much surfshark and nord VPN advertises, then that's not very impressive. Once more Rashit has demonstrated that he has the mental maturity of a five year old who just keeps laughing after smearing shit all over himself, all the while the adults in the room are shaking their heads at him. This isn't a shrine to your work Rashit, it's a condemnation. Of course, considering his lunacy, then he'll just ignore that and pretend that he's defeated yet another grand imaginary internet foe (which he has done repeatedly, see below).

All that said, then the BWW community will likely keep living rent free in his head - because if there's one thing Rashit has demonstrated, its that he cannot stand anyone who disagrees with him.

...and as if we needed proof that the BWW community lives rent free in his head, Rashit posted a comic well over a year after getting banned (and after getting his sockpuppet accounts banned) pretending/trying to rewrite history so that he somehow defeated/tricked us. Good heavens dude, this is a Wendy's We review webcomics here. If this idiot thinks that posting comics that mock us will save the world from his imaginary white supremacy... dude has issues. Oh, and to demonstrate just how utterly thirsty and desperate for actual online interaction he is, he spent quite some time updating the above comic's underblog with added commentary as if he's part of the forum thread conversation about it, just all on his lonesome. Not only is that a BBW first, it is truly a milestone in online pathetic behavior: Pretending to be part of someone else's conversation in his own blog. That is just sad.