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Original review author(s): Long Tom
Webcomic Name: Vicki Fox
Author: Writing is by Michael Russell, most art in the original incarnation is by Laura Howell and Shelley Pleger, current version is by Jan
Start Date: March 18, 2001
End Date: December 8, 2013; revived January 1, 2017
Genre: Furry With Humans, Slice-Of-Life
Defining Flaw: None, unless you're expecting wild adventures.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

Pleasant toony artwork, expressive without resorting to exaggeration. Though two different artists have worked on the majority of the strips, they managed to keep almost identical styles.

Storyline: Not applicable, as the strip has no overall storyline, but a series of story arcs using the characters.
Characters: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

Characters are all credible and most are likable.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

The furries are not simply substitute humans. For one thing, they are smaller than the human characters and don't generally drive cars because of this, though the larger furry characters may prove to be an exception.

Overall: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

Though a Christian-themed webcomic, this is general audience entertainment which does not shove religion into the audience's face.


I happened to find this webcomic by chance, and found it quite enjoyable.


It has stayed good all along.

Story and Plot

There is no overall storyline, just a series of short stories using the characters.

Art review

Line art with flat colors, in a cartoon style akin to that of Looney Tunes.

You mean you can be a Christian and still not be a perfect angel who can do no wrong? Impossible!

The characters are furries and humans, though the animal characters are animal-sized and mostly smaller than humans. The animal characters are fully dressed, though some wear shoes and others go barefoot (well, this story takes place in the Deep South after all).

Jan's art style. Unfortunately not quite the same.

Writing review

This is a light entertainment webcomic. No deep theology is discussed; nobody questions their faith (well, perhaps with the exception of Zephy Fox, but she doesn't raise any religious questions either), and no wild adventures in exotic places. Another member of the cast, Steve Reynard, is an example of someone who was a wild boy before becoming a Christian. As for theology, this is as far as it goes.

Sample strips:

What's with all this light-hearted humor? Where is my self righteous preaching?!

"Candid video" Vicki Fox may be a Christian but at least she's not without mischievousness.

"Southern Belle" Vicki has a romantic crush on Steve Reynard, but is too shy to tell him about it.

"Geoff Hansen" One of the strip's human characters.

"Craig Wolfe" And someone has a romantic crush on Vicki!

"Growing up" Vicki Fox's (literal) evil twin Zephy. (Actually, not so much evil as self-centered and immature.)

"The Mystery Man" Even Christians can be tough...

"Zephy gets to the point" ...and have a past not to be proud of.

"Let the show begin" A pecan festival in Apopka.

"Movin' In" Vicki and Meredith when they were college students. (For the record, cheerleaders are typically disliked by other girls at school.)

"Thanksgiving surprise" But eventually they befriend one another.

"Feed their hunger" The strip acknowledges that it is sometimes necessary to bribe Bible students.

"Mutiny on the backstage" Despite the rivalry, Vicki is willing to stand up for her fellow cheerleader.

"Cross circuit melon" One of a number of the comic's guest strips (yes, this is an actual Japanese tradition).

"Customer no service" Zephy proves unsuccessful at a submarine sandwich shop.

"My gold, not yours" Zephy has found a more suitable job for more ways than one.

"Disappearing act" Well, it would have been unrealistic for Zephy Fox to ditch her old ways overnight.

The webcomic is Christian-themed, but it's not like Jack, where you can expect to see Heaven and Hell and angels and demons. Everything takes place on Earth, and no supernatural beings appear.

Author biography

The page describing everyone involved.


This is light entertainment for all ages. Though Christian-themed, the webcomic isn't a morality play or rah-rah Christian propaganda. If you think that religious webcomics are all like After Eden or Jack Chick Tracts, here is an example of one that isn't.