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The Office Bitch Original review author: asocialnobody with oddguy (conclusion) Webcomic name: The Office Bitch Author: Picklejuice Start Date: July 4, 2004 End Date: July 3, 2013 Genre: Furry Fanservice Porn with a Genderbending, Voraphilia Twist Defining Flaw: MINDFUCKINGLY DISGUSTING!

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Art: Wiki.png Wiki.png Goes from shit to ok towards the end of its run Storyline: Wiki.png People get turned into animals, dolls, etc. and are fucked/used as fucktoys Characters:Wiki.png It's porn. Practically irrelevant Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png What's with the invisible dicks in the middle of the story Overall: Wiki.png This comic can rot in Webcomic Hell with Jack, Pronquest, Sonichu, etc.

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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME! This review has been put off long enough and its time to give it a proper place here on the wiki. This comic is SO BAD that even members of the wiki for the longest time have either refused to review the comic or have been to disgusted to even read it for material. But since it is now dead, we can now properly give this "real piece of shit" the proper viking funeral it deserves.

We've all seen our share of furry fanservice comics around the net, but THIS...THIS comic is fanservice for the LOWEST KINDS OF SEXUAL FANTASIES that you will find. Everything from being turned into animals, inanimate objects, shrunk to smaller size and used as know what, lets just start the review. This is The Office Bitch.


As many have said in the past about comics sucking from the beginning, so has this one. But there is a point in this comic's existence that this thing went from bad to batshit loco. I'm going to pinpoint that right here ( That's just not right. That's fucking gross. I don't give a shit what people want in a fanservice comic, when you resort to that, your fucking comic has just committed suicide.

Story and Plot[edit]

We are introduced to our protagonist Tobias who has fucked up a major deal with his company and his boss is pissed about it. Tobias has also lied to get his way into his position so his boss decides to punish him by giving him a magical tie that is triggered when he mentions it. Soon the tie transforms into a collar ( and he is then told to "sit in the chair like a dog." He does this only to have more fur come from his hands ( ending with his boss making sure the collar is tight and grabbing his crotch. Toby is then stripped of all human-like possessions and his boss MAKES OUT WITH HIM. ( He's then paraded around the office ( and then everyone in the office calls Toby a "bitch," treating him like total shit (,, and takes on the form of acting increasingly canine (

Art review[edit]

Writing review[edit]

Author biography[edit]