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Some faggot from Denmark who has a massive hate-boner for self-rightous webcomic artists who shit up what could otherwise be good comics, with their personal politics.

comics this absolute brony furry LARPer moron needs to review:

Questor (done)
Quantum Vibe (done)
Leftover Soup (done)
Trumped (Resisted) (Done)
BIBP (done)
Rooster Tails(done)
Wildflowers WIP
archive link (how the site used to look before the smackjeeves brainhemorage)

then take a break from all those trans comics and do stuff from this list: list of unfinished reviews on the wiki

potential review candidates:

Shades of A
what's normal anyway (tumblr cancer) check for more potential candidates has another list of trans and whatnot lady webcomics

Original review author: webkilla - written around February-March 2020
Forum Discussion Thread: Link
Webcomic names: Wildflowers
Authors: Greenkrog
Start Date: JUly 19, 2016
End Date: Ongoing, but on hiatus (presumed dead)
Genre: trans slife-of-life
Defining Flaw: (to be determined)

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.png The art is shit. It starts out as shit, and barely improves through the 3 year run of the comic. The character art is often so bad its hard to recognize characters.
Storyline: Wiki.pngWiki.png super intelligent special snowflake boy wants to be a girl, parents don't agree/are in denial - painfully generic trans-drama.
Characters: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png The main character is your typical trans-protagonist: mopey
Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png The comic is a snoozefest. Not only is pretty much every story arc about something bad happening to transgirl, but its so utterly dull. Overall: Wiki.png

A mopey sad-fest that will bore you to tears


Webkilla found this comic linked while doing the review for Validation. The sad thing is that a lot of these trans-comics seem to be linking to each other, so he's not going to run out of shitty trans-centric webcomics to review any time soon. Pray for his sanity, of what little there is left.


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