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GiantDouche.jpg WARNING: The admin of this website is a furry, brony, 4chan-user, LARPer, European, Trump-supporting, lunatic. Taunt at your own peril

Drawn by Miss Mab

Some faggot from Denmark who has a massive hate-boner for self-rightous webcomic artists who shit up what could otherwise be good comics, with their personal politics. Since Juli 2021, he's the admin of the forum. Since mid 2022 he's also the admin of the wiki.

for new users

webcomics not to review - yes it looks bad, but the cartoonist popped by the forum in 2021 and was pretty damn based, plus he seemed to acknowledge that his old comic was super fucking cringe, but he's moved on from it. So no need to rub salt on that. Cartoonists who actually learn from their mistakes are to be respected.

Comics this absolute brony furry LARPer moron needs to review:

Questor (done)
Quantum Vibe (done)
Leftover Soup (done)
Trumped (Resisted) (Done)
BIBP (done)
Weregeek (done)
Validation (done)
Rooster Tails (done)
Wildflowers (done)
Lunchbox the webcomic - forum link (done)
Of Conquest and Consequences (done)
Tina's Story (done)
Forward (done)
Shades of A done
Weapon of the People: DECODED - done, but continually updated for the lulz
Acception done
rival angels re-done
Ennui Go done
Endtown done
what's normal anyway done
Lovin' Sis done (sweet jesus...)
stonetoss done
Trans girl next door done
The Fate! done
who's next?

then check if all reviews labeled with these categories actually fit:

Then take a break from all those trans comics and do stuff from this list: list of unfinished reviews on the wiki

potential review candidates:

trans bullshit (tumblr cancer) not trans, gay boy comic - nah, dead comic not worth the effort

absolute hell layout - yes shit layout, but... that's about it too. check for more potential candidates has another list of trans and whatnot lady webcomics

Original review author: webkilla in some time in late 2022/early 2023
Forum Discussion Threads: Link
Webcomic name: Becoming Me
Authors: Mia Rose Elbo
Start Date: unknown
End Date: at some point in 2017
Genre: auto-biographical trans comic
Defining Flaw: See genre

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

Looks reasonably decent - if anything the faces need more expression

Storyline: Wiki.pngWiki.png

Its gay furry slice of life

Characters: Half.png

Very one-note and bland characters

Miscellaneous Details: Half.png

Gotta give it up for a comic with this much drama surrounding it

Overall: Wiki.png

More furry trash for the trash fire






Behold glorious eastern european google translate grammar - and people who do no cast shadows on the ground, because fuck that



A MtF joker from Chile? Claims to live in Santiago, according to her personal tumblr account.

Basically yet another trans joker who thinks that just on account of being trans, then


Wake me up when the comic gets interesting... oh wait... it doesn't.

It was declared on hiatus in 2015 and only seems to have updated once or twice more since then. Absolutely nothing of value was lost here.