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Original review author: Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd in January 2022
Forum Discussion Threads: link
Webcomic name: Pokey the Penguin
Authors: A friend of Maddox's.
Start Date: Long ago, probably before 9/11
End Date: has not happened yet i don't think
Genre: General.
Defining Flaw: To simple to really have one.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.png


Storyline: Wiki.png

What storyline; it's just penguins you faggot.

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Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png

No, but it's still a good comic.

Overall: WikiUnknown.pngWiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

It's like something you'd find in the newspaper comics, but for the internet.

Pokey the Penguin is an old, old webcomic from the days when the internet was good.