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Eric Burns

Eric Burns is the host of Websnark, a blog that mainly covers webcomics but also diverges into other topics (mainly mainstream comic books and MMORPGs). Burns' main claim to fame is coining the term "Cerebus Syndrome" to describe the evolution of a light-hearted comedic comic into a more dramatic piece akin to Cerebus the Aardvark by David Sim. (Less well known is "First and Ten Syndrome," named after a short-lived HBO comedy-turned-drama to describe an unsuccessful version of Cerberus Syndrome.) Burns can often be pretty insightful, writing one of the first major critiques of Megatokyo. However, he does have some highly questionable tastes in webcomics (see below), and can have some truly spectacular lapses in judgment, such as claiming that The Broken Mirror has amazing writing or that Buckley has a good sense of comedic timing. Burns is also a failed webcartoonist, with a handful of abandoned projects ranging from mediocre to cringe-inducing.


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Robert Howard

Robert Howard is a webcomic critic who hosts Tangents. Howard's main problem is that, although he is quite capable of noticing flaws and has expressed frustration in how many webcomics have turned out, he is a very soft touch. Over the course of nine years and hundreds of reviews, re-reviews and commentaries, there have only been half a dozen or so times where he has told his audience, "This comic is not worth your time." (And one of those was For Better or For Worse, which isn't even technically a webcomic.) Much of this may stem from not reviewing webcomics that don't pique his interest, but a lot of stinkers have still gotten recommendations over the years.


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