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Pour lire la critique en français, cliquer ici.

Please note that this webcomic doesn't have an English version, and that all the images in the review are translations made by me.

WARNING: The following webcomic is a glacier.

We could have waited until this webcomic's story progressed a bit more, but by the time
that happens we'd all be long dead and forgotten, so we'll make do with what we have.

GiantDouche.jpg WARNING: The creator of this webcomic is a giant douche, even by internet standards. Their behavior may include, but is not limited to: Rampant displays of racism, sexism, homophobia and/or other forms of bigotry and douchebaggery. May spew invective at critics and fans alike. Avoid real-life interaction as much as possible.
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The following comic contains naughty parts on full display, and more than likely includes banging, screwing, porking, jacking, etc. Whether or not it's actually arousing is up for debate. Be on the look out for more extreme fetishes as well, such as scat, vore, bestiality, and so forth. Getting caught with this comic in your browser history may lose you some friends... or gain you some unwanted ones. View with extreme caution, preferably in a deep, dark cave, far away from anyone you know.

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Original review author: MoebiusStrip
Webcomic name: Les femmes d'Itis (Women of Itis)

Une fille au pays des garçons menus (A girl in the land of slender boys)
Une fille au pays des garçons soumis (A girl in the land of submissive boys)

Author: Meghan Racicot / Reiko Asiko
Start Date: June 19th, 2015 for the earliest date on the Wordpress.

He sold the first stories as a fanzine on some Montreal comic fair before putting it online

End Date: Still slowly ongoing
Genre: Sissy boys abused by women in uniform, recycled in space, featuring vegan propaganda.
Defining Flaw: The author

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.png

It takes time to draw everything by hand

Storyline: Wiki.png

Discover Planet Itis, famous for its... Oh look!
This man in white dress is getting spanked! He's asking for it!

Characters: Wiki.png

Remember, every characters in white dress are male!

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png

May be the French Sonichu.

Overall: Wiki.png

Whether you're looking for sci-fi comics or trap comics,
there's better elsewhere.


Do you know Doctissimo?
It's a medically themed French website with its forum.
It's mainly a social network since web 1.0 era.

And there is the sexuality subforum!
And its hoard of residential autists!

If you visit the transsexualism and cross-dressing subforums, you will stumble on a guy, in his 50s, from Québec.
You know, the country that hosts Sophie Labelle, Gisèle "Giz" Lagacé...
who posts mumble jumble that look like coming from a sentence generator.
Every of his post reads like an ungrammatical combination of "pork meat" "testosterone" "vegan" "feminine Asian boy" "otokonoko".
And sometimes, he posts shitty drawings.
One day, he posted a drawing with a Japanese name on caption.
I naively though it was some shitty fanart from a manga and did a Google search on this name.

I wish i could get a neuralyser from Men in Black to relieve my pain from the results.
It was not fanart.
It was his original character from his webcomics.


Have you ever stumbled on the author's posts on some forum?
If not, by the end of the first chapter, you know that every characters in white dress are male.


Fleur Lystis: our main character, who is more an audience surrogate. She comes from planet "where women used to be enslaved but rebelled 200 years ago, and gained equality" (yes, that's the planet name)

Aline Sidéral: her guide on Itis. She follows her everywhere like when you visit North Korea.

They are the only characters with a classic French first name and a sci-fi themed last name.
Males in white dress with Japanese name
Females in Star Trek uniform with Chinese name
Don't bother to remember them, you can replace every character between panels with whoever you want, it won't change the storyline.

Story and Plot

Note: The stories were split after initial release.
If you want to read in release order:
1 2 3 4(and 5) 6(and 7 8) 9 10 11 5(split from 4) 12 7(split from 6) 8(split from 6) 13 14

Story 1 Fleur Lystis

The main character Fleur Lystis is waiting for the spaceship in a journey to planet Itis, she will discover.
Fleur's mother calls Fleur's teacher
FM "I fear my daughter has been indoctrinated by the university's feminist circle into fearing men."
FT "I'll give her some work assignment on planet Itis as a therapy."
Back to storyline:
Fleurs embarks on the spaceship with a female pilot from Itis
A male spaceport employee brings a parcel that must be delivered to Itis hospital to cure the space flu epidemic (spoiler: you won't really hear about it again)
Pilot: "He's not like our men! I'm craving for men!"
Fleur: "Men are gross!"
Pilot sings a prayer in an unknown language, summoning the "Goddess" who appears as a giant naked woman in space who grab the spaceship and bring it close to the destination planet.
Arriving on Itis:
Fleur: I'm visiting my great aunt I've never met (She was previously sent by her teacher)
At the great aunt's mansion
Great Aunt: "You don't know me but I know about you since I regularly communicate with you mother through Goddess channeling."
Fleur: "I've seen people in Star Trek uniform, people in space armor, people in white dress but I can't find men. Where are they?"
Great Aunt: "There is one close to you"
F: "I can't see him!"
GA: "He's just served you a drink."
F: "No! It was a girl."
GA: "You didn't notice because of his long hairs. Let me show you!"
Undress her servant in white dress
GA: "Now you see!" (You see what this comics is about)
Cut his hairs

Story 2 Girls and boys of Itis

Fleur, escorted by her guide Aline, who is also the great aunt's adoptive daughter, goes to a place called "Meeting Plateau", which is the city's central resting place.
They're surrounded by men in white dress and women in Star Trek uniform having some collective sensual moment in the open.
Aline explains to Fleur how veganism and eugenism made feminine men.
All men in white dress carry a purse and a cushion.
The cushion is very important, they use it to protect their delicate skin against the rough ground when they kneel down before women.
They see a man in white dress running away from a group of women.
Fleur attempts to interrupt what she thinks to be a rape.
Aline tries to stop her but Fleur is stopped by a policewoman.
Fleur is arrested, but as a foreigner, she is quickly release after getting taught the law.
The man in white dress is arrested for opposing woman's will.
He shows to the policewoman a letter saying that he's on duty for some woman of authority and didn't have time to answer to the women's solicitations.
The policewoman estimates he has enough time and order him to go with the women.

Story 3 Girls go to university, boys don't

Fleur and Aline go to the university where Fleur will be studying.
Men are forbidden to learn writing and reading but they see lots of men.
Aline explains they come for regular collective duties like cleaning the rooms.
Some others are brought as pet by their female owner.

Aline shows Fleur's locker.
Fleur is surprised to find a chair inside.
All lockers come with a chair, a water bottle and a "chaudière"
"chaudière" if you have studied French, you know it's a boiler.
But in Québec, it means a bucket. The correct French word is "seau". Ostie de sot!

Then they meet the university's alpha bitch and her pet-boy.
She locks him inside her locker.

In the classroom:
There's lots of men brought as pet by their female owner.
Fleur: "Look at this man! His drawings are so elaborate, they looks like some writings system."
Aline: "It's kiddy doodles!" (tears the drawings)

At this point, you're thinking you've reached the core of the story.
Fleur has discovered the secret resistance of men who have invented a secret writing system and their underground movement to fight for gender equality.
But you've also understood what is in author's mind.

Back to the university's alpha bitch.
She opens the locker and discovers her pet-boy has wet himself.
"It was too dark, I couldn't find the bucket."
"Oh! Excuse-me! Go and have a shower while I wash your dress."
And she gets a sensuality moment from him in the shower.

Story 4 The girls' school

A man in white dress with pink glasses is visiting a female doctor.
The doctor tells him she used to be friend with his mistress
She punctions his sperm with a syringe.
Sperm is then stored in a special building for a hundred of years, sorted by genes.
(This man will be back in story 8)

Fleur is visiting a school for girls.
She sees the most important class: the martial art class.
Then they go to the school cafeteria.
A tall blue haired girl talk to Fleur.
"You're the foreigner who come from the world where girls and women were all submissive to dominant male!"
F: "Yes, we enfranchised ourselves, there's long time ago."
Girl: "I hope you're not a feminist."
F: "Excuse-me?"
Girl: "You're inciting boys to wear tight jean pants,
they rebel,
listen to "Rock'n Roll",
have things bad for their health,
become ugly,
And finally, we can say farewell to our sensuality and boys' eroticism!
And all that, I won't let you!"
Girl: "I'm giving you an insight with my punch!"
Aline: "Aren't you too young to chase boys?"
Girl: "I'm 18, I failed 4 time, I'm in the 13-14 years old class. Teachers let me pass because they were fed up of me!"
Aline: "Hey! I've seen a cute boy wandering around the school."
Girl: "Where is he?"
Girl: "I'm meeting him!" (Leave running)
Aline: "I'm telling you a thing: I'm very happy to not be a boy!"

Story 5 The injunction

On the Meeting Plateau from Story 2
Aline: "I'm must leave for a few time. Stay here, there's something you need to see for your study."
"It's about our laws"
"These two boys will be punished for breaking a multitude of laws"
Two naked men are exhibited by policewomen
"I think they've forgotten something in their little purse"
"They're sentenced to walk publicly naked before getting spanked"
Fleur: "Forgotten? And this one?"
Another boy in white dress is sitting while a policewoman cut his hair.
Aline "He didn't have the regulatory haircut"
They discover he's a foreigner, from his different dress and is release after discovering he has the regulatory haircut from his hometown.
A boy in white dress comes to Fleur.
Boy: "I've noticed you're a foreigner, let's me explain what's happening."
Fleur: "I've come from a world where, we, girls and women..."
Aline stops her
Boy: "The first boy forgot his toothpaste, the other forget to spread his sunscreen."
Give receipts of vegan cosmetics and snacks.
Story ends with Fleur noticing a pretty old boy. May be the author self-portrait, it's the one you see on the site header.

Story 6 Simiko Ona a boy of an age

A meaningless textless story
Fleur and the pretty old boy are on the waiting room of some administration.

Story 7 Imji Ado's mission

Still in the same waiting room, the old boy is sleeping
A boy in white dress enters
brings a letter to the office lady
OL: "You're crazy! Never the great rectrix will accept this"
"I sense you've written this proposal"
"You're risking enthanasia, dear boy!"
"Listen! No mistress is willing to write a text for her boy with so much zeal."
"It's not me who will report you, don't be afraid."
The boy leaves
Fleur runs after him
F: "It won't happen that way!"
B: "You're the girl from the world of dominant males"
F: "That old boy has been waiting for 2 hours and a half, and you took his turn while he was sleeping!"
F: "I've just noticed, you're taller than me"
B: "I'm 173cm, I don't know if I'm still alive next year"
B: "I'm summoned to a committee that will rule whether I'll be euthanized according to genetic selection laws"
F: "What was your request?"
B: "I wish boys go to university. University for boys. I've written down their curricula in the proposal."
Back to the office lady
OL "This text is so well written, I'm sending it to our great rectrix right now."

Story 8 Sonoko Inuda's secret

Back in the waiting room
It's the old man turn
Office Lady: "You there, another one, do you think the great rectrix will even consider it?"
"But you have cute hands Simiko."
"I'm tired, I'm closing"
Old man leaves, Fleur run after him
Fleur: "I let you my turn, It was injust"
Old man: "Thank you but I fear my mistresses, it's late, they'll hurt me."
Fleur (alone): "Those women are horrible. Where am I?"
Fleur falls in a stair and sprains her ankle.
The man with pink glasses (Sonoko) from Story 4 helps her.
Four girls arrive
Two of them start to rape him
"Your fat mistress (Peikan) doesn't touch you, you're craving for it!"
A third (Cimi) stops them
They leave, except Cimi who stays with Fleur and helps her to walk.
Fleur picks up his glasses he lost.

Story 9 An unknown woman and an unknown past

In a hospital room, a naked woman with a newborn boy.
A nurse take the baby
"Girl, little idiot, you know, mommies are forbidden to scent their boy"
Double misfortune for her, the girl is stillborn and she won't give birth anymore, her immune system reacts too strongly to pregnancy
"I want my boy back, I want to keep my boy, I beg you"
(It's not yet explains at this point but women give birth to a boy and a girl, keep the girl but the boy is taken by some institution)

Fleur is back at the great aunt's Mansion but she only finds an old man with long hair who gives her vegan recipes.

Aline and Cimi lead Fleur to the Sonoko's home to give him his glasses back.
They see his mistress who is fat and walking with a cane, maybe ill.
Sonoko: "She's been ostracized by other women, they're pressuring her into getting euthanized."

Story 10 Little hospitals of Itis

Fleur visits the hospital.

Story 11 Birth in every places

Story 12 What's happened

Story 13 Boys are adopted at 13 and half

Fleur and Aline go with Mrs Li and her daughter at the adoption ceremony.
It's some ceremony, presented as a medical exam, where women meet the boys they will adopt.
Among them, there is a naked man whose mistress died during a space fight. A warrior woman has volunteered to adopt him.
Boys wear their dresses but men are naked so women can see if the have stayed fit.
Aline: what is nice about our society is that in the end all the boys are chosen none is left without mistress it is a responsibility that all the women of Itis carry to heart
A policewoman introduce the boy Mrs Li will adopt.
He's holding a sign with a Chinese character meaning "Li". (I've searched on some online identifier)
Mrs Li gives him blue shoes and hair ribbon.
Policewoman: Don't you want to see him naked?
Mrs Li: No, it's OK.

Aline (to Fleur): I've class this afternoon, I must let you greet our new member at the dinner.

Fleur (thinking): Strange, Aline has no class today.

Mrs Li (to the boy): You're 20, there's no school named Sayumi Chii’onee in Itilis city, where are you from?
No answer, just "To be continued" written in a corner.

Story 14 The emotion of Sayumi Chii’onee

Back at home with the new boy.
He's a rebel: He immediately starts dancing on the balcony then put on a denim jacket when left alone.
Meanwhile, Aline is studying math at the university library.

The story still has no conclusion.
Don't expect the author to release the sequel soon!

Art review

Drawn by feet!
For some unknown reasons, the author couldn't use his hands while drawing some men in white dress getting raped.

He explained his technique He draws on 46x61cm sheets then photographs with an I-Pad under two 200W lamps.

Writing review

Even the classic "pizza delivery guy porn" has a more consistent storyline.
Lots of characters get named but very few get backstory.
The story gives clues on some undercover men' rebellion but you never see it.
And the author has shown in several forum posts that it's not to be expected.

There is no update schedule, expect an upload randomly, once a year.
The wordpress has the latest update but the stories were previously uploaded elsewhere.
Latest updates were just splits from pre-existing stories.
His doctissimo photo album has a bunch of unused drawings under the title "Rencontre" (Encounter), a new story is expected.

The story 4 split through 5, it was a long story with several unrelated substories.
But the story 6 split through 7 and 8, it has became meaningless, since it is tightly connected to stories 7 and 8.
But for some others, story 9 opens with an hospital scene that would fit better with story 10.
Story 4 opens with an hospital scene that would also fit with story 10, and its character reappears in stories 8 and 9.

Story 2 opens with a character sheet, but there is no memorable scene featuring this character.
And the recurring characters don't get theirs.

Women give birth to twins, a boy and a girl. They keep the girl but the boy is taken by some institution and latter given for adoption as a pet/slave.
So every character has a sibling they're not aware of and there is a probability that women rape their brother unknowingly.

Author biography

I need a whole wiki to describe his insanity!

He is in his fifties and has lots of insane beliefs, including:
He has became an animu trap thanks to veganism
Japan is a trap paradise
All Asian men look like girl thanks to the high level of soy in their diet.
Transracialism, transagism, transspecism, quoting Rachel Dolezal and Stefonknee Wolscht.
He self describes as a transchinesewoman and got several facial surgery to look like a Chinese woman
Pork meat contains poisons that increase testosterone
There is a conspiracy originating from French medical authority to turn boys into testosterone filled raping gorillas
He advocates for eugenism to remove virility and gynocracy because women have uterus.
The biological necessity of testosterone is a conspiracy spread from France.
France is the country with the highest rape rate in the world.

Someone should tell Giorgio A. Tsoukalos about him.
How this level of bullshit can be explained?


You think this story is ironic, it's meant to be understood as some extreme feminism parody.
No! The author is dead serious, he says in some forum posts that it's his ideal society.
A society where machismo, rape culture has been suppressed thanks to testosterone suppression.
He has studied biology at Ontario university, he's discovered we can live without testosterone and his castrated cat is the perfect example.


His Doctissimo profil
His forum
His Tumblr in English
His Kiwifarms thread