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I am neither a Lieutenant nor an Art Major. It's a funny art pun.

I also have a slick website with nothing on it that I don't feel bad about plugging.

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This wiki is complete trash, admit it.
 -HaterofBadWebcomicsWiki, vandalized my user page to tell me this.
One of the resident wikispergs got pissy because nobody asked to create the article when their forum was down or broken. lol calm down, nothing I could do about it.
 -D.Va, from Kiwi Farms, conflated my request to not use wikipedia style references with my request to discuss this review with the rest of the users. In other news, she can't figure out how to use a forum and I got called a sperg by a Kiwi Farms user.

To Do List

Webcomic Reason Notes Status
IDK Comics It's how you don't make a gag a day webcomic Not updating anymore Finished
Band vs. Band It doesn't make any sense and doesn't have a point. Finished
Computer Love Vapid waste of space. I don't know how it has an audience. I found this comic a while ago. I noticed that someone else tried to review it, but failed and came across as more pretentious as the webcomic itself. Maybe I can help him out a bit. Finished
Homestuck By far the worst thing I have ever read. The most popular, highest grossing, and longest webcomic ever is a piece of shit. In pending for three more years.

Someone else nabbed it.

The Way To Your Heart None I heard there was a slick prize for reviewing. Up for grabs
Girl Genius I read the first swath of pages back in 2014. It's bad and I heard it doesn't get better. It's fucking long and droll. Taking notes on.
Tim and Garry The worst one yet. Uh Oh. Nah.
The Rock Cocks Brad and Leslie are hacks Brad and Leslie are hacks Brad and Leslie are hacks

I will consider doing this myself if it hasn't been claimed and it has finished.

Floraverse The concept is stupid and fucked up. I don't know anything about this webcomic. At least three people contributed to a review of this webcomic. I don't think they did a good job writing it, nor do I think they gave it justice. It probably needs a rewrite.

-Also did-

Oh Joy Sex Toy - Added pictures and funny subtitles. Discovered that one of the writers was lame.

Working on right now

Original review author: Lt. Art Major
Webcomic name: Everyday Feminism
Authors: Various
Start Date: First instance of Original Content on February 26, 2015
End Date: When people stop clicking on their ads.
Genre: Infomercial.
Defining Flaw: Lack of nuance and focus.
Things that are fucking terrible about this webcomic: Art, stealing, factual incorrectness.
Things that aren't terrible but could use improvement: It's shelved off in a corner of a website that no one takes seriously.
Summary: I never thought I would ever find a group of people who at some point might have said, "Because Buzzfeed wouldn't hire me," but here we are.

Rating Summary
Art: Wiki.png

Adults made this?

Storyline: Not applicable, as it is a series of talking points.
Characters: Wiki.pngWiki.png

Some of the authors have recurring self inserts, but most of the characters exist only for the sake of the strips moral.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png

Technically an aggregation of webcomics from different sources. I'll focus on the webcomics which are commissioned by the site.

Overall: Wiki.png

Thank you internet.


Everyday Feminism launched in June 2012 as an educational platform for social and personal liberation. They plan to reach this feat by explaining situations through the lens of, as they put it, intersectional feminism, which is a feminist thought which entails that all issues at it's root are a feminist issue and require feminism as a solution for these problems. It is the philosophical equivalent of a snake that eats it's own tail.

I know what you're thinking. You're probably thinking, "That doesn't sound like a webcomic at all! That just sounds like a tabloid." and you would be right. However, this online tabloid has made full use of its medium by including a comics section. Maybe. I don't think that the editors at Everyday Feminism know what a webcomic is because some of the things listed under comics are actually powerpoints.


The downfall wasn't a point in time in which the webcomic took a dip in quality, but the decision to form a comics section of their website to begin with. Their first webcomic was a republish of an open source strip titled "White Privilege, Explained in One Simple Comic" which lectures the reader on how white people are at fault for all the worlds problems.

Art review

Did you hire these people off the street?


Unlike the art section, the writing in this webcomic is consistently shit.

Author biography

List of cartoonist profiles not apart of final draft this is not all of them