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I am neither a Lieutenant nor an Art Major. I just wanted a funny art pun.

I also have a slick website with nothing much on it that I don't feel bad about plugging. Ads may be NSFW but the site's content is not.

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Webcomic Reason Notes Status
IDK Comics It's how you don't make a gag a day webcomic Finished
Band vs. Band It doesn't make any sense and doesn't have a point. Finished
Computer Love Vapid waste of space. I don't know how it has an audience. I found this comic a while ago. I noticed that someone else tried to review it, but failed and came across as more pretentious as the webcomic itself. Maybe I can help him out a bit. Writing
Homestuck By far the worst thing I have ever read. The most popular, highest grossing, and longest webcomic ever is a piece of shit. In pending for three more years.

Someone else nabbed it.

The Way To Your Heart None I heard there was a slick prize for reviewing. Up for grabs
Girl Genius I read the first swath of pages back in 2014. It's bad and I heard it doesn't get better. It's fucking long and droll. Maybe.
Tim and Garry The worst one yet. Uh Oh. Soon.

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Original review author: Lt. Art Major
Webcomic name: Computer Love
Author: Ivy "Burgeroise" Jane
Start Date: Jan 21, 2013
End Date: On hiatus since Feb 29, 2016
Genre: Tries to tell a science fiction story through the lens of a slice of life character piece, but comes across as a psychological horror.
Defining Flaw: Genre, and lack of meaningful conflict.
Things that are fucking terrible about this webcomic: While wide shots look nice, the art is sketchy and distorted. There are some things that happen in this comic that are very creepy but never get pointed out.
Things that aren't terrible but could use improvement: The setting is cool, but tossed aside to focus on it's uninteresting citizens.
Summary: This webcomic made a city on an iceberg sound lame.

Rating Summary
Art: Wiki.png

It looks somewhere in between "fuzzy lined 13 year old on Deviantart" and "I took a class in highschool".

Storyline: Wiki.png

It feels like it's building up to something at the start, but later no one ever leaves their apartment.

Characters: Wiki.png

The story is told through pieces of furniture who wax philosophical in their dying days. My favorite one is the chair, because he is so sassy when it comes to the cabinets ego death antics.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png

Title is misleading. The subplot about Fennette being a robot is dropped in the third chapter.

Overall: Wiki.png

Why would you go to a new place just to do the same old things?


I, like many people, strive to create the most purely original content whenever I can. I am going to break this mantra by lifting quotes from other reviews to illustrate what kinds of people enjoy this sort of read.

Unlike a lot of media written by cis, straight people featuring queer characters, this comic is nice (and realistic) in that it features a lot of us. As most regular Autostraddle readers probably already know, most trans and queer people have other trans and queer friends, and this comic shows that wonderfully. Fi and Hazel are trans, some other characters might start IDing as trans later on, and everyone can be considered pansexual according to the writer. It’s nice seeing an entire group of queer friends rather than just a token queer or queer couple. Plus, Jane writes them in a way that makes their queerness important, but not their only character trait.

-Mey, from Autostraddle

In this excerpt, Mey would like to inform us that who the characters are should take precedence over what they do, or how their actions impact the world around them. On another note, the author of this think piece thinks she can practice magic.

Ivy Jane’s Computer Love. Set in a future where genetically-engineered monsters called rats have overrun much of the Earth, the heroes of the story are… a plucky farmboy who finds himself on the front lines of the battle for humanity? A grizzled veteran with one last shot to defeat the rats once and for all? A nuclear family fighting to survive when their home is destroyed? A maverick scientist who has the answer if only someone would listen? Nope, nope, nope. CL is about a bunch of gay queers living in Antarctica and being homosexual with each other.

...neither does it fall into the thinky scifi trap of cold analysis or cynical moralism, using its events as parables for the reader. There’s no lesson, no grand “what if?” in CL’s premise (thank fucking god, tbh). Instead, it’s completely character-driven and grounded in the pathos of its cast.

Wisp, from YesHomo

This dude is prasing this webcomic for being as tame and unchallenging as possible. This webcomic is as vanilla and welcoming as it possibly can, sacrificing nuance in character development and world building for a shallow tale of a bunch of freeloaders living in a city in antarctica[citation needed]. So no one is reading this webcomic looking for high art or sophisticated literature, but with that being said, why is it on the recommended reading list from Zack Morrison, a more or less stellar web cartoonist?

Do people think that this webcomic is good? Probably. Do people think that it's one of the best? That's concerning. If that's the case then the bar for "masterpiece" in this medium is so dreadfully low that anyone could do it.


The downfall can be pinpointed over the course of two pages: The third one, where "I don't remember what her name is" flies on a piece of garbage to antarctica, which in spite of being developed five year prior, can distribute free food to its citizens, and the fourth one, which she had to make two of for some reason, which visually sums up the entire webcomic. Looking at these two pages should give you a feel for what a reader is going to be in for.

Art review


Author biography

Who's this cute little lesbian?

Ivy Jane is the fakest name ever created. She is a communist-furry-weeaboo, which are three of the worst kinds of people to ever grace this hollow and empty earth. In her free time, she likes to be edgy on twitter and work on another webcomic called Dragoon Croquette, which is the same thing but in space. She was apart of an art group that sold a book called trans girl illuminati which you can buy for ten dollars. What a deal. Think about all the art you can buy for just ten dollars.

In a complete stroke of irony, her tumblr is her most quality source of content. It's not saying much, but it's saying something. Feel free to psychoanalyse her through this assortment of macros and compilations.