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I do it for fun.


I am neither a Lieutenant nor an Art Major. I chose it because I thought the name sounded funny.

What people have to say about Lt. Art Major

This wiki is complete trash, admit it.
 -HaterofBadWebcomicsWiki, vandalized my user page to tell me this.
One of the resident wikispergs got pissy because nobody asked to create the article when their forum was down or broken. lol calm down, nothing I could do about it.
 -D.Va, from Kiwi Farms, conflated my request to not use wikipedia style references with my request to discuss this review with the rest of the users. In other news, she can't figure out how to use a forum and I got called a sperg by a Kiwi Farms user who named herself after an Overwatch character.
It's like his Tourette's is complaining about things his average audience already dislikes so he'll look cool Stop it get some help
 -Mashed Potatoes, from EDF2(3?), talking about how cool I think I am because I write webcomic reviews. This was about the original version of the NeoKosmos review, and, I mean, come on. If you thought that was a serious review, then it might be you, it's probably me, but someone's a hack.

To Do List

Webcomic Reason Notes Status
IDK Comics It's how you don't make a gag a day webcomic Not updating anymore Finished
Band vs. Band It doesn't make any sense and doesn't have a point. Finished
Computer Love Vapid waste of space. I don't know how it has an audience. I found this comic a while ago. I noticed that someone else tried to review it, but failed and came across as more pretentious as the webcomic itself. Maybe I can help him out a bit. Finished
Homestuck By far the worst thing I have ever read. The most popular, highest grossing, and longest webcomic ever is a piece of shit. In pending for three more years.

Someone else nabbed it. Maybe.

The Way To Your Heart None I heard there was a slick prize for reviewing. Up for grabs

Reviewing this webcomic involves reading it, and I think the prize might be off the table at this point.

Girl Genius I read the first swath of pages back in 2014. It's bad and I heard it doesn't get better. It's fucking long and droll. Taking notes on. Supposedly.
Tim and Garry The worst one yet. Uh Oh. Nah.

I'm good with not bothering with this one.

The Rock Cocks Brad and Leslie are hacks Brad and Leslie are hacks Brad and Leslie are hacks

I will consider doing this myself if it hasn't been claimed and it has finished.

Actually maybe not, because it just devolved into fan service and there might not be anything to review in the state that it's in.

The Bad Webomics Wiki: The Webcomic Our very own webcomic that has proven to be a massive waste of time. For the funnies. The plot supposedly starts in June, so we'll see then.

-Also did-

  • Oh Joy Sex Toy - Added pictures and funny subtitles. Discovered that one of the writers was lame.
  • Everyday Feminism - Impromptu review that I regret making. Not out of remorse, but because it was boring to make.
  • Neokosmos - Same as above but this one got a funny reaction, so it was worth it. It's a conventionally better review now but you can read the "good" version in the history tab.