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Original review author: kyrtuck
Webcomic name: Antoon Comics
Author: Anton Servetnik
Start Date: July 8th 2020
End Date: Ongoing.
Genre: Edgy Political humor.
Defining Flaw: Badly executed edgy Right Wing humor that is either nonsensical or mean spirited.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.pngWiki.png

Serviceable but not great.


Not applicable, as it is a series of gags.

Characters: Wiki.png

SJW crazies and cartoon cats.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

Another case of the author being more amusing to look at than his comic.

Overall: Wiki.png

Like a lighted match, it was short and painful to touch.


The author has become well known for edgy online animations, and then he made some comics in 2020 and had lots of social media drama. These comics may have had a short lived run, but his comics definitely deserve a mention from its bad quality and to compliment all the attention on the controversial drama hurricane that the author is.

I took the liberty of backing up his comics on imgur, because the way he posts them are not easy to link to, and in case he tries to purge them from the internet, which I believe he's already done with a few strips.


Bad from the beginning.


Swarms of highly typical SJW, Transexual, BLM crazies, plus a few silent cartoon cats who express themselves via their facial expressions, gestures, and signs. These two dimensional felines include:

  • Mr. Sneaks: A black cat that likes to steal and scam people. Sometimes he gets mistaken as a black man and has used that confusion to scam people, and yet he has also been shown as a genuine supporter of Radical Left groups so that's kind of inconsistent. Also in that strip was Mr. Sneak's mother shown to be a hooker, his father absent, and Sneaks making bad decisions like watching porn, smoking weed and playing too much video games. He is Antoon's first character, having appeared in a few animated shorts years prior to Mr. Freaks showing up in the comics or videos.
  • Girl Cat: I for the life of me cannot find out what her name is. But she is a light beige cat who is Mr. Freaks' ex-girlfriend. She is lazy and arrogant, spends other people's money and wants praise for doing nothing. She appeared in three strips about the Only Fans app.
  • Mr. Beats: A grey cat that wears blue jeans, and- oh wait, he only appears in the videos and not the comic, forget I mentioned him!

Writing Review

This is a series of gag a day strips with a slant of edgy right wing humor. That does not have to be a bad thing in and of itself, but the attempted jokes are by far the worse part, with four or five main aspects as to why the writing doesn't work. There are some overlap with some of the strips, so bear with me.

Poorly Thought Out

In Antoon's World of Pure Imagination, there was only one black person to ever die of alleged police brutality, cops will just let you walk up to a suspect, people can somehow swallow masks, people on the street just have bags of money to hand out...

Many of the strips just are not structured very well and the jokes fall apart if you think about them for one minute. For starters, there is this strip where a transexual kid is shown to be a spoiled brat compared to starving orphans in Africa, and that is indeed true. However, lots of people can be called spoiled brats compared to starving orphans in Africa. It is virtually impossible for anyone living in the West to be worse off than a starving orphan in Africa, so why single out transexuals in this regard?

Here's one where Mr. Freaks pisses off people by pointing out that 95% of African nations do not support gay marriage. But how is that supposed to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement exactly? African Americans and Africans are not the same thing, and have a 200-400 year divide between them. BLM is specifically about African Americans, and even a dedicated Black Supremacist media like Weapon of the People: Decoded seldom ever talk about black people living in Africa. Is Mr. Freaks suggesting that all Black people in the world share a hivemind?

On the subject of Black Lives Matter, Mr. Sneaks somehow thinks that all black men (or beings mistaken for black men) are guaranteed women to fuck regardless of what the women think, I have not seen any real life BLM people say this.

Mr. Sneaks is clearly trying to scam people in this strip And yet the real bad guy is the fat otaku gamer for preferring Japanese games? What does that have to do with BLM or Mr. Sneaks impersonating a Black human? Talk about a non sequitor!

Many strips come off as over exaggerated or poorly researched. A big example is this strip where face masks muffle up people's voices too much, even though prior to 2020, doctors and nurses have communicated just fine with facemasks on in the operating rooms. The very idea of a cop shooting someone for not wearing a mask is laughable in that America has had anti-mask protestors who are never shot, not even in the states with the most strict lock downs. I should know, since I live in Michigan.

And then there's this three parter where Mr. Freak's ex-girlfriend uses the App OnlyFans to get a group of men to gaggle over her and give her things. But OnlyFans is best known for being used by porn models, and the girl cat is not shown doing any sexy porn acts at all, she's just lying there. And how does Mr. Freaks showing a pic of them kissing make the girl cat's men all leave? Its not like the men fans were fawning over her because they thought she was lesbian or asexual.

In this strip a guy changes his mind on being non-binary just because two other people claim to be that, because I guess he wants to be a rebel from popular opinions. But its just two people. The majority of America, let alone the world, clearly makes no claim of being "non-binary". That guy would have to be crazy self isolated if he hasn't seen two people share an opinion.

Here's one where where Liberals on the bus call Mr. Freaks a sexist Nazi just because he's reading a book called "white man saves the world". That does not strike me as a very accurate assessment of American Liberals seeing as how the majority of the American Democratic Party is white men, and the majority of the Hollywood Liberals are white men, and there's thousands of white men artists and youtubers that call themselves Liberals or Leftists, and many of the most reviled Leftists in the Internet are white men, like Bob Chipman or Andrew Dobson. And Mr. Freaks is shown to give no fucks about what the people on the bus think, so what is even the joke supposed to be?

Here is a little "Then and Now" Antoons made for Emos. And I fail to see what the joke is. Emos are no longer cutting themselves according to that comic, so isn't that an improvement?

Lack of Creativity

In spite of trying to push the envelope, Antoons is not all that creative or innovative. Here's a strip where Mr. Freaks dates an attractive woman only to find out that, oh no, she has a penis! That may have been hilarious and raunchy...if this was 1970, when the Kink's song Lola came out. In fact, that kind of looks like a comic adaptation of Lola.

Or this strip where a white couple happily allows Mr. Sneaks to rob them solely because of White Guilt. In 1991 In Living Color made a skit where a white couple pays for a telephone hotline where an angry black man verbally abuses them. That is a much funnier, much more believable piece of satire on the subject of White Guilt.

Or there's one where an SJW woman calls Mr. Freaks a racist just because he likes white chocolate. But candy is made to be eaten, and no sentient being wants to be eaten. If the crazy SJW woman cared about the feelings of candy, wouldn't she demand people eat the "priveledged" white chocolate and leave dark "poor oppressed" dark chocolate alone?

Gamers may say this strip reeks of old timey Moral Panic on videogames. It certainly reminds me of an old Doug episode where the titular Doug Funny was afraid that his videogame addiction would make him a bum.

But Antoons really dropped the ball on this Pokemon parody that is only a one panel strip. He could have started it with the parents keeping their kids in pokeballs labeled "safe zones", then let them out on a Pokemon Gym called Tumblr. Have the two freaky kids use attacks based off of embarrassing trends, take emotional damage until one of them faints. But the strip as he left not very effective...

Deeper Readings

The strip's comedic value may vary depending on how you read it. There are some strips that can be read on a surface level that work, and have no sinister deeper meaning. There's this strip here where an SJW guy is hypocritical for trying to get mad on the behalf of a transexual person regardless of how the transexual person actually feels. That works. Or here's another that shows an All Cops Are Bad man being a hypocrite for calling the cops when it suits him personally. That also works.

But then there's some strips that may work on a surface level, but get more troubling the more you think on them. Most notably is this three panel strip where on the surface level its just "let's not support pedophilia", and that's cool. But the less charitable reading is "tolerating homosexuality inevitably leads to tolerating pedophiles" which may suggest Antoons is saying "let's make Homosexuals illegal again because think of the children".

This strip may work if its simply read as "violent Leftist mobs inflict property damage on innocent bystanders and are quick to backstab one another". And that would be a smashing message. But then there may be troubling implications with that statistic used. Is Antoons trying to suggest that supporting homosexuals must inherently clash with accepting non-whites into society? Most Muslim, East Asian and Latin American countries do not tolerate gay marriage afterall.

And then some strips have no charitable interpretation to be found. In this strip Antoons clearly shows Right Wing and Centrist people as being interchangeably friendly and normal and yet Leftists are nothing but Nazis that kill and destroy. Or, this strip where non-white immigrants are apparently nothing but rapists.

Cast A Wider Net

Edgy satire tends to work best when it tackles a wide range of subjects, while Antoons comics are crippled by having a limited handful of predictable targets all the time. There's at least two strips where he seemingly conflates Trans and Homosexuals with Pedophiles. If he wants to pound on the pedos, he could just as well talk about Muslim and Hindu men that happen to have child brides, or Catholic priests, or Boyscout leaders, or loli fans, or Wood Rocket for making Tugrats, or Alan Moore for writing the porn comic Lost Girls, or musician Rolf Harris, or Director Victor Salva, or former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle, or Glee Star Mark Salling, or even some Joe Biden jokes that Republicans love to make.

And then there's numerous strips where the punchline is simply Transexuals being suicidal. Personally, I have no problem with suicide being used as a joke. There's some old Looney Tunes shorts that treated suicide as a joke. The jokes about Muslim suicide bombers in the film American Carol were probably its best. The classic movie Harold and Maude had elaborate faked suicides that were fun to watch. The Insane Clown Posse made a song about suicide hotlines being ineffectual. Esteemed youtuber Mumkey Jones has made many suicide jokes as well. So if suicide in and of itself is so funny to Antoons, why just limit himself to suicidal transexuals? He could make strips about suicidal Japanese in the Sea of Trees, or soldiers suffering from PTSD, or the director of the infamously bad z-list film Robot Monster Phil Tucker attempting suicide and failing, or British Homosexual Mathematician Alan Turing committing suicide, or Native Americans having a greater risk of suicide which seemingly no one talks about. Heck, you could even joke about Robin Williams committing suicide, the film Death to Smoochy thought the idea of Robin Williams attempting suicide was funny. Point is, Antoons just makes himself look all the more transphobic by making transexuals have a monopoly on suicide in his comic.

Or there's this strip where he shows Christians and Transexuals burning books in 2000 and 2010 respectively. Why only show Harry Potter books in 2000 getting burned? He could go down further with the 1990's Moral Panic on videogames, or the 1980's Moral Panic on Dungeons and Dragons or the 1950's Moral Panic on comic books, or the 1920's Moral Panic on pinball machines. Point is, I think the strip would have been stronger if he showed a wider history of people being outraged and burning things. And its not like offended Christian Conservatives are a thing of the past either, what with groups like One Million Moms trying to get TV shows cancelled for having gay characters in them.

Self Defeating

All Lives Matter My Ass!

Then there are some strips where the author plain and simply sabotages himself via his own stupidity and ignorance.

The first that comes to mind is this strip where he shows a cop shooting people over minor rule breaking, which ironically makes BLM look good by comparison. Why would any freedom loving individual want to support such a triggerhappy police force!?

Here's one where Mr. Freaks is literally using a brown cat as a shield against criticism. This unnamed brown cat has not appeared in any strip before or after, and is not shown doing anything of his own violation, so Mr. Sneak's All Lives Matter stance looks all the more flimsy. It would have worked much better if he used Mr. Sneaks as his shield.

In this strip a sad lonely girl named Maria gets transitioned into a boy named Mario, and then a year later, becomes sad and lonely again, then three years later presumably commits suicide. This strip could have worked if Maria/Mario were more aggressive or egotistical or obnoxious, but as is, the strip just makes you want to sympathize with Maria/Mario rather than laugh at them.

Then there are at least two strips where Mr. Freaks looks like an indefensible psychopath. The first one is where he gets ready to euthanize a 13 year old boy for the crime of acting eccentric. This 13 year old boy is not bullying anyone. Not hurting anyone. Not scamming anyone. Not even acting angry or offended. So if anything this looks like some kind of analogy for dictators executing people they don't like, with Mr. Freaks as the dictator.

The second one being where Mr. Freaks shoots an unarmed black woman for the crime of...touching his flag. I know some BLM people have looted stores and destroyed property and "you loot we shoot" has become a meme, but shooting someone for touching a flag is just plain overzealous. And again, Mr. Freaks supposed stance of "All Lives Matter" appears to be baseless.

Art Review

Antoons uses a simplistic art style that goes hand in hand with what he uses for his original animations with Sneaks, Freaks and Beats. The cat characters are three heads tall with big mouths, small foreheads, tiny ears and long pink noses that look like penises. With the small torsos, big hands and feet and thin limbs they almost look like Sonic characters. Freaks and Sneaks both have grey eyebrows which make them look a little bit like old men. There's an odd inconsistency with Mr. freaks having pointed teeth and the other cats having square teeth, making me wonder if Mr. Freaks has a slight mutation.

The humans are usually three to four heads tall, and the anatomy varies quite a bit. Antoons is pretty good at expressions.

Most of the strips have square shapes with a normal layout. There are a few times where he gets slanted panels and uses dynamic lettering. Ocassionaly he will use repeat images out of laziness, as well as use images he himself didn't draw. I do appreciate that he can do different perspectives in the rare strip.

Author Biography

You boys gonna get fat from eating such a gigantic cake.

Antoon's real name is Anton Servetnik, and he is very open about discussing his personal life online. Anton is a 30 year old man from Estonia, has traveled around the world, speaks numerous languages, and has posted his animations online since 2010, and is a big enthusiast about animation in general even making a video on some animation history. Apparently he was an art teacher and children's book illustrator at certain points in his life. If his Idea's Wiki entry is anything to go by, he has his own animation studio with employees. In 2016 he made a comic called Cheery Cheers about an obese girl who wants to be a cheerleader.

In 2017 Anton became famous for his cartoon character deathbed animations. Said animations are supposed to be symbolic of how a once great franchise has gone downhill. Anton says these were also inspired by the famous "Loss" strip by Ctrl+Alt+Delete. The Cartoon Character Deathbed animations follow a general pattern of a character sitting in a hospital bed, ill, with his friends in the room beside him. Then some new media gets mentioned which causes the main character to seize up and expire, with his friends mourning his death. Some of these videos have sequels, such as Mario's Lament being a sequel to Sonic's Deathbed. There's been some controversy about Anton utilizing tracing in these animations, which is not the same thing as using references and widely seen as a lazy practice.

In early 2020, Antoons made an animation where Mr. Sneaks steals from Corona Chan, and dies from the virus and this got extra views because such trendy. In mid 2020, Antoons started making political comics, seeing it as an easy way to draw more attention. Then he became online friends with controversial webcomic authors Stonetoss, and Pumpkin Face who egged him on to making edgy humor comics. Anton has had a habit of saying the LGBT supports "maps" (Minority Attracted People), and tends to not name his sources. Anton then got himself into an online argument with a teenage black transexual known as Puppychan, who has a much smaller following so people thought Anton was "punching down" on her. Shortly after, some people started making youtube videos criticizing Anton's videos, comics, and behavior to which Anton did not take kindly to. He pulled a Daddy Derek and tried to remove the videos of his critics on the grounds of copyright infringement even though the videos would be protected under Transformative Use. The drama on Twitter led Anton to start work on a 2D Fighter Game called Pill Fighter which stars Mr. Freaks beating up and shooting people he doesn't like. A particular sour part of this game project was Puppychan being used as a boss, and shooting blood out of her vagina as an attack.

Anton pretended to make peace with Puppychan but later on commissioned hate art of her.

And then Antoons pretended to be transexual himself, a troll move that no one was fooled by. The drama has largely died down by now, and his channel retains a big following of over 900,000 followers. Oddly, Antoon's channel also retains its checkmark while other people's videos merely talking about Antoons get demonitized. Antoon's story should be remembered and taken as a lesson on how not to act online.

Dear Liberals, you claim to be tolerant yet get mad when I impersonate people I frequently debase. Curious.


The quality of these comics may vary depending on the person. Fans of edgy humor who don't like to think very much might like it. Fans of edgy humor who do think more may find the comics middling or a wannabe. Mild mannered centrists or conservatives may be offput by the edgy humor. And people who are of any kind of left leaning persuasion will likely think its "bigoted garbage".