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Original review author: Jamie Doe
Webcomic name: Dangerously Chloe
Author: Creators: Gisèle Lagacé & David Lundstrom, Story: David Lundstrom, Art: Jason Waltrip - Cassandra (past), Editor: T. Campbell
Start Date: October 22, 2012
End Date: April 7, 2019
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Fanservice, Child Pornography
Defining Flaw: Same ol' Gisy making smuty for profit, until she brought to us actual child pornography. Oh well, what is a kid's integrity in a capitalist world...also, idiotic and bland sideshow-grade characters.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

The art is certainly good. Unfortunately used for very bad purposes.

Storyline: Wiki.pngWiki.png

An intriguing idea-the villainous protagonist tries to seduce a boy and it goes terribly wrong for her.

Characters: Half.png

All awful, especially the protagonist.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png

This comic is labelled "PG-13", but is definitely far more adult than that, as explained below.

Overall: Wiki.png

Recommended only for people who are sick in the head.


I got interested in this story from the BWW forums, because I wanted to write a review. I read a little bit of this story, after a person on the BWW forums told me the review is too short. I spent a lot of time looking at the pages of the story. I spent some more time on the story after one of administrators and two users told me to flesh it out. I didn’t finish because I knew the story was garbage, This webcomic is a spinoff of the other Pixie Trix webcomics which focuses on Chloe.


Dangerously Chloe is a Pixie Trix webcomic, of course it is going to be awful. It takes place in the scenario of Eerie Cuties as well. Out of all Pixie Trix webcomics, I have to say that this is the worst of the bunch, and that's saying a lot.

Story and Plot

In efforts to seduce human boy Teddy, Chloe the Succubus infected Teddy with succubus blood (I think it was part of a plot to make him so horny he will have sex with her) it turns him into a girl, and it makes him have sex with everyone besides Chloe.

In this webcomic we see Teddy 10 year old sister watching Chloe and Teddy have sex and innuendos, it also has lesbian sex in it.

This webcomic has sex in it, but doesn’t show the sex scenes like the manwah “The God Manager” does

as well as a character rubbing Teddi breast. and Teddy as a female dancing on a stripper pole,

Teddi as a female dancing on a stripper pole is inappropriate. Why is this PG-13?

it also has fetishes such as vore and a storyline about Teddi 10 year old sister suddenly turns into a bimbo It is sicking that both of the writers Dave Lumsdon and the artist Jason Wiltrip are sexualizing a 10 year old,apparently the authors had this idea to turn a 10 year old into a bimbo with big breast by the end of the story Teddy was turned into a sex god this is the reason why this webcomic is inappropriate for kids as young as 13, and the reason why this is the worst Pixie Trix webcomic ever made.

The second flaw of this webcomic is there is so much nudity in it. This webcomic is supposed to be for kids as young as 13 and it is rated PG-13, but you literally see almost every character naked in this webcomic.



Art review

Black-and-white artwork with shading and shadowing, and proportions and composition are very good. Technically the artwork is good, but as mentioned above, what it is used for is awful. Remember that this artist once did work for the Robotech series, as indicated by the Wikipedia page listed below.

Writing review

This webcomic lists itself as "PG-13", but the content is definitely adults-only.

There are many flaws to this story. The first flaw is this story is supposed to be PG-13 right? This webcomic shouldn’t be rated PG-13 at all, it should be rated 18 or older. This webcomic is not for teenagers under the age of 18 and for kids when your story has porn in it, it is still porn and porn is for adults not children, and almost every character was shown butt-naked.


Author biography

Rogues' gallery of the people involved

There's not too much to say about the authors that hasn't been said before. However, at the BWW forums it has been suspected that DaveZero1 is the main influence turning Ma3, EC, and MC into smut peddling. Giséle's recent works have turned into a catalog for pinups, and now, underage porn. It's as of yet unclear how to verify who is responsible for this as the site has no description about DaveZero1's background. Until we find some info about him, it's unclear whether he is responsible for all this mess.

Giséle has some points in her favor for making Cool Cat Studios and Penny & Aggie, which are nice stories with some morals to them. After she teamed up with DaveZero1, smut4profit simply became the rule of the party. However, after a little chat with the fellas at the BWW we decided that Giséle might be as guilty as Dave is for letting sex become the trademark of her works. Besides, I've found at her forums she's no longer interested in Penny & Aggie but focusing her time at Ma3 which by itself doesn't speak well about her.


The art may be competent, but this webcomic is otherwise awful.

Creator Gisele Lagace has been known for writing at least one good webcomic, Jem and the Holograms, and has written other webcomics as well as mainstream comic books such as the Archie series, and even won numerous awards as listed in her Wikipedia page. Sadly, she has written some truly awful webcomics and this one being her worst.

Jason Waltrip has also written for mainstream comics such as Car Wars and Robotech, as well as for some adult comics. But what on Earth could have motivated him to do illustrations for an awful webcomic like this? Profit, or is he simply a pervert?