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Original review author: Jacob Jones
Webcomic name: Its Not Your Fault
Author: Javi Suzumiya
Start Date: April 3, 2019
End Date: When the FBI comes to shut it down.
Genre: Loud House pedophilia fanfic designed as a drama
Defining Flaw: Main cast is extremely out of character and the blatant pedophilia is disturbing.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.png Wiki.png

The one positive I can give this comic is that it does a good job replicating the Loud House style. It’s not without its flaws however, some of the expressions can be a bit stiff at times.

Storyline: Wiki.png

Outside of the clunky at times dialogue, this feels like a soap opera. The bad kind of soap opera and it throws so much dumb and disturbing shit your way without thinking of the implications.

Characters: Wiki.png

It’s honestly amazing how badly Javi botched Sam and Luna, really. Even the one semi-good character (Mazzy) can't save the batshit morality compass of these characters.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

The author constantly sexualizes minor characters on their DeviantArt account and has shipped Lincoln with Lucy before, confirming that they’re into Loudcest.

Overall: Wiki.png

This comic is the very definition of uncomfortable and destroys three of the show’s more popular characters all for the reason of shock value.


So let’s talk about The Loud House. I’ve been getting back into the show recently and…yeah, it’s still as good as I remember it being. The characters are still as charming and fun as ever, the animation is fantastic, and given they’ve been at it for six seasons now and a spinoff, I’m impressed they haven’t suffered much of a decline in the quality of writing. As such, I’m proud to consider this show one of the top animated cartoons of the 2010s.

The fanbase on the other hand? Let’s just say they’re disturbing. You’ve heard all about the Loudcest and pedophilia at this point. So I decided to use this review as an opportunity to showcase the darker side of the fandom in action and hopefully promote an alternative and a better future for the community.


It all goes to hell on Page 16 when it’s revealed Luna is why Sam and Lincoln married and had a daughter. Even though Sam is fifteen years old and Lincoln (at the time of this comic) was eleven.

Story and Plot

Okay, we have a lot to get through here, so let me try and summarize this the best way I can.

Eleven years ago, Luna and Lincoln made a promise, one created because of Luna’s insecurities with her relationship with Sam (which apparently has to do with Luan’s girlfriend Maggie (a one-shot character that the fandom likes). The promise goes as followed If Lincoln can keep his sisters away from her relationship with Sam, she’ll help Lincoln with all his girl problems (which include a crush on Stella. I figured he’d be after Ronnie Anne since I think that’s the most popular Lincoln ship but to each their own I guess).

The next day, Mazzy enrolls the Moondogs (Sam and Luna’s band) in the battle of the bands. This is because The Rock Parade is coming to Royal Woods and Sam and Luna need money for tickets. In the meantime, Lincoln is trying to win over Stella with the advice Luna gave him. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to work until she tells him about the first time they met. Stella gives him and we’ve got a relationship. The friend group even approves (in spite of them being disappointed Lincoln didn’t come to them for help? Yeah, I don’t get it either), but Rusty shows signs of jealousy.

But uh oh! We’ve got a problem as Lori calls Lincoln to tell him that Luna hit her head and is in the hospital. Lincoln rushes back home and meets up with Sam. He also learns about what Mazzy did and is outraged, being the band’s manager and all. The two discuss the manner in the living room where Sam reveals her own frustrations with Luna and offers to give Lincoln relationship advice (mainly regarding kissing). Luna wakes up and finds them together, is explained the situation and all is well.

Flash forward to the present day and Lucy and Lina (Lincoln and Sam’s daughter) are busy cleaning the attic when Lina discovers a broken guitar. Lucy tries to hide it but Lina demands to know the truth (because of course she does), but Lucy can’t as she promised Lincoln not to tell her about what happened. As it turns out, Lina is the reason the entire Loud Family fell to pieces (considering this is a fucking underage relationship we’re dealing with here, I’m not surprised).

Lina threatens to destroy the Edwin bust they found if Lucy doesn’t tell and…we cut to Luna (okay then) exploring her old high school when a vision of Lincoln appears talking shit to Luna and reminding her what she did to Sam. What is this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing Luna did to her? She mentioned Sam’s father. “But Jacob!” you cry out, “How is this bad?!”

Well, dear reader, let’s keep going down this rabbit hole and we’ll know more!

Back at school, Mazzy informs her bandmates about the change of meeting plans. Not like it matters much as Luna isn’t planning on going because she hasn’t finished writing out lyrics for their song. Mazzy and Luna argue about it before Sam attempts to mediate. Luna proceeds to go after her, accusing her of becoming ‘very good friends’ with Lincoln since she taught him how to kiss. Sam rightfully tells Luna off for this accusation but trails off before she can discuss the one time they did meet up.

This leads to Luna dropping the bombshell of Sam’s father abandoning her. Sam leaves in tears and Mazzy rightfully slaps Luna. Meanwhile Lincoln and Stella are about to walk home when Lincoln mentions that he’s got to see Luna. Stella is sad cause the two haven’t been able to hang out much, but Lincoln makes it right by promising to go to Dairyland in a few days. On the way home, he sees Sam crying on the bench. After heading to the Loud House, Sam goes to take a shower (Which we get to see, I don’t know about you but that’s pretty creepy to me) and in the meantime, Lincoln’s mom calls. Vanzilla broke down so Lincoln and Sam will have to be alone for a little longer. Sam comes out of the shower with Luna’s pajama shirt and Lincoln attempts to make a call to Luna. It doesn’t go through. By this point, it becomes obvious that Sam and Lincoln have feelings for each other.

Back at the high school, Luna is kicking herself for mentioning Sam’s father when she finally meets up with Mazzy and another bandmate (whose name I don’t think we got). Mazzy makes it clear that they need to find Sam cause they know what she’s capable of when she’s sad, AKA: Self-harm. Why does she self-harm you ask? Her father abandoning the family sent her into a spiral the family hasn’t recovered from. Mother became an alcoholic, the brother became an asshole and Sam began to cut herself countless times.

Sam sees a lot of her brother in Lincoln which explains why she likes him so much (and now another host of issues emerges. I’ll get to that in a bit). Lincoln however has a plan to fix it, cause you know…


Sorry, sorry, wrestling reference. Gotta keep it entertaining somehow.

Anyways, Rusty wanders through the rainy streets, upset that Lincoln didn’t honor the agreement they made over not woo’ing Stella (there was an episode where the boy simped over her. Typical elementary/middle school nonsense really. Rusty angsts about it for a bit before coming up with a plan to get Stella to dump Lincoln. The plan? Find an embarrassing photo of Lincoln and use it against him. Instead, he finds Lincoln and Sam dancing with one another. Thus and finally…

Lincoln kisses…

The Edwin bust.

The sad thing is, it only delayed the inevitable

Oooooh, gotcha good didn’t you webcomic? Hahaha, what a silly little prankster you are, lmfao, rofl, all the laughing acronyms in the world! You sure fooled us, didn’t you?

Fuck off.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah!

Luna finally returns home and finds Sam and Lincoln together. Luna apologizes profusely for what she said but it’s too late, Sam already told everything to Lincoln. Luna, Sam, and Lincoln all fight about it, and all the way Rusty manages to Photoshop his way towards making the perfect picture to ruin Stella and Lincoln’s relationship. Good timing too cause Rusty’s picture manages to reach Mazzy’s phone and it all goes downhill from there.

Lincoln explains that what she did changed everyone’s life. Sam was outed as a pedophile (which she is, let’s not mince words,), Stella dumps Lincoln and the entire family tries to figure out what to do with the debacle. Lola endorses the idea of violence (well at least there’s one character that hasn’t changed) but her family shoots that down. The most they can do is keep Lincoln out of the public eye until A. Sam is found by local authorities and B. The family is able to find a solution.

Lincoln tries to talk to Luna but it’s no use. He then receives a text message from Sam to come to the high school. He hurries over there and finds a drunk Sam luring him inside the building. She takes him inside a room and…

Jesus died for our sins. We've been making new ones ever since.

Yeah, now they kiss.

This is where we stand as of now.

What a fucking trip to madness.

Art review

I will say this. The art is actually not that bad. In fact, in some places, it’s genuinely good. The characters look almost exactly like their show counterparts and a lot of the paneling is solid. It’s clear that Javi knows their shit when it comes to applying the show’s style to the comic. And for all the issues I have regarding the later versions of the characters, I will admit that they did a good job adapting their designs as adults, as well as the designs of the other characters of the series.

However, there’s one major issue regarding the comic that I feel needs to be addressed: Facial expressions.

One of the most important things regarding a comic’s artwork to me is facial expressions. When drawing a comic, you have to make sure that the expressions of your characters are clear and precise. If a character is angry, let their face show it. If they’re sad, let the tears roll. The same goes for every feeling. Yet a lot of times, I felt as though the expressions were lacking just that.

Take a look at this scene, for instance, this is supposed to be the climactic fight between Sam and Luna, yet you don’t really feel it. They don’t seem really angered, more annoyed at worst. It’s not just with them either, you notice how the eyelids on them sort of dilute the emotions of the characters? This is prevalent in other scenes as well, and while occasionally it works like with this scene where the family discusses what to do with Lincoln and Sam:

Other times, it gets in the way like when Lincoln is trying to comfort Sam and invites her to his house.

It doesn’t help that sometimes, the poses are stiff. Here’s an example of this:

Here we see another confrontation between Sam and Luna, the one where Luna brings up Sam’s dad. This is a scene that should have all the emotional tension in the world, yet it doesn’t. Why is that? It’s because the movements of the characters aren’t consistent with what’s being said. Sam and Luna should be at each other’s throats, Luna should at least. Mazzy should be attempting to restrain the two parties but instead, they’re just standing around, talking with half-angry expressions.

Now, I’m not going to pretend to be some master expert on drawing or anything, all I do is draw character references and upload it onto Deviantart, Instagram, ArtFight or Waterfall, but if you want my advice on how to make your expressions and poses stand out, ask yourself. What is the point I’m trying to make with this scene? Why are these characters acting in a certain way? How can I implement it on this page? Once you answer these questions, it should come a little easier. At the same time, you also want to avoid being too expressive, because then your scene will come off as too cartoony (think Mulan II).


There are two fatal mistakes this webcomic commits:

1. It completely derails three characters and

2. The relationship of Sam and Lincoln in general.

Let’s begin with mistake no. 1. The main characters of this webcomic are extremely out-of-character and angsty, likely to fit the mood of the webcomic. I could just give a general explanation of their faults, but I feel like torturing myself, so let’s go over everything that’s wrong with them.


So, Luna is ‘the rocker’ of the Loud Family, she’s the cool girl who loves to rock with her family and her band. She’s got a healthy relationship with her girlfriend Sam and is essentially the cool big sister to Lincoln. In terms of like how the family is set up, she’s on the neutral good side of the alignment chart.

So what does this comic do? Make her overly angsty about everything. From her relationship with Sam to her suspicions with Lincoln and everything in between, Luna just has this unnecessary edge to her that makes her really unlikable at points. I get that Javi wanted to showcase what happens when Luna has to deal with an insane amount of pressure, but mentioning Sam’s deadbeat dad during an argument goes completely against her as a character. If it wasn’t for the fact that Sam literally started a pedophilic relationship with Lincoln, she could have been the villain which is a testament to how badly they botched her.


Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that adult him is a total dick (and the obvious elephant in the room), Lincoln could’ve been the most likable character in this entire webcomic. He’s easily the most in-character and I did appreciate Luna trying to help Lincoln out with his own girl issues. The romance plot was rushed sadly, probably because he’s not the main character. So basically all he does is either until like the last third of the comic (so far) is either A. Be a total dick to Luna or B. Try and work around his relationships. I can’t really shit on him too much, especially since a lot of the blame for this comic’s story failing falls on the third part of this trio.


Hoo boy. Of all the characters this comic got its hands on, they did her the dirtiest. The thing with Sam is that she doesn’t have that much of a character outside of being Luna’s girlfriend and sometimes, that’s perfectly fine. Not every character has to be filled with detail, they can fill one certain role. If you can develop her into something more than she is, that shows commitment and if done well, writing talent.

Well, they showed commitment, but they damn sure had no talent in writing her.

The first thing I want to comment on is her backstory. It’s the deadbeat dad and toxic family storyline we’ve seen many times before. It’s nothing new and can be good if done well. Here though, it’s just another crutch to explain her actions in this comic.

Now, I need to stress this: This does not justify what Luna said. You should never mention someone’s abusive parents in such a distasteful manner, but in case none of the things I’ve said have tipped you off, let me go right into the elephant in the room and take out its biggest tusk.

As you know, Lincoln was 11 years old at the time of this comic’s creation. Sam is 15. What Sam is doing by romantically pursuing Lincoln is pedophilia full-stop. That alone is fucking disgusting and should make every person reading cringe. But wait! It gets worse. This webcomic actually justifies it by not only weaponizing her backstory but having several scenes showcasing a drunk Sam full-on breaking down, luring and kissing Lincoln with her depleted inhibitions at high school, saying that he’s the only person she has now.




How does that make any of this okay? Not only has Sam proven herself to be a pedophile and a terrible human being, but she has also essentially gaslit and manipulated Lincoln to help her ‘get better’! Fuck off, if I was Lincoln, I would be telling my parents and have them call 911 and send her ass to jail. This is absolute degeneracy on display and all this scumbag author cares about is getting his stupid, pedophilic relationship the ‘time of day’.


There’s a page where Sam and Lincoln discuss her troubled past and she reveals that she reminds her a lot of her brother before her parents’ marriage went to shit. So, not only is she a confirmed pedophile, given what becomes of Lincoln and Sam, we’re also implying incest! Wonderful! Absolutely impeccable! This person and the author in question are so morally bankrupt they don’t recognize or care about the implications of her actions.

Yeah, I’m done. Fuck this character, and fuck the author for destroying her in this way.

While I’m here, I may as well go over the rest of the characters (that actually matter) real quick.

Lucy: Only serves to defend Lincoln and try and keep the secret away from Lincoln and Sam’s child…

Lina: So, Lina is actually the author’s main OC, and in fairness, we don’t see that much of her, which is probably for the best cause from what little we do see, her main character traits are whiny and angsty. That’s it. Apparently she has a boyfriend named Nathan? I’ve done some research and as far as I know it’s not another incestuous relationship or some shit like that.

Stella: Not much to say, she’s just here to be Lincoln’s girlfriend for a hot minute only to be told to fuck off for Sam.

Rusty: I mean, on one hand, he was so pissed about Lincoln breaking the promise not to pursue Stella romantically that he practically torched their friendship, destroyed two relationships, and ruined someone’s life…but at the same time, Sam’s actions did prove that she is a pedo. So in a way he was…justified for what he did? I don’t fucking know, the comic’s sense of morality is so ass-backward you may as well say it’s orange and blue,

Mazzy: This is the best character in the comic by far. Why? Because she’s the only character in it that has any sort of common sense. Yeah, she’s a little pushy about the battle of the bands thing, but she did it because she thinks it can help boost their profile. She’s also the one that tries to mediate things between Sam and Luna. Honestly, I wish this comic had featured more of her trying to snap Luna out of doing something she’d regret, but then they’d probably fuck that up too somehow.

Author biography

Let’s be blunt. Javi Suzumiya is a gross, disgusting human being who not only champions the Lincoln/Sam relationship, but also the Lincoln/Lucy relationship (which is incest mind you) and sexualizes minor characters from other animated shows so you can get your sick kicks in.

Needless to say, this guy is a fucking degenerate and doesn’t deserve your time or your money. Yeah, he’s got a Patreon. And get this, no one’s bat an eye to this for almost a decade. That’s just depressing to think about, especially since there are good artists out there that don’t do that shit.

So I’m actually going to do something different and suggest checking out one of those artists. This is TheFreshKnight, one of the most popular artists in The Loud House community. Not only do they stay far away from any NSFW content, but their work also is consistently high-quality and encompasses many shows. They’re best known for their AUs of Loud House in different decades such as the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

If you like The Loud House or just want to see actually good content regarding cartoon shows, I’d highly recommend checking them out. And now, to finish this trash pile.

Conclusion (Thank God)

It’s Not Your Fault is a morally bankrupt and horrid piece of writing that tries to present itself as something more meaningful and poignant than it actually is. It’s an atrocious, disgusting comic that romanticizes pedophilia as a justifiable option and doesn’t understand the implications of the actions of its characters.

What Javi has done is not only repulsive, it’s also illegal. As you know, Mexico’s age of consent laws states that 12 is the minimum age of consent. Lincoln is 11 in this comic. This comic puts Javi in violation of the law. And that’s not just Mexico, but practically everywhere in the world.

Let me repeat it: EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

This comic and this author is an atrocity, and if there's any justice in this world, someone will report this and the author and have them tried for their crimes. Until then? Stay as far away from this comic as you can. There is nothing that can redeem this comic, all it does is leave you disgusted and feeling dirty.


Out of respect for your sanity, I'm not going to link you anything.