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Original review author: Jacob Jones
Webcomic name:
Author: Dhakkanz
Start Date: August 2015. Day unknown, whatever day it was; it was a pretty sad day for mankind.
End Date: Not soon enough
Genre: Gag a day (my ass)
Defining Flaw: Everything.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.png

Stiff, wooden drawings with little expression or movement.

Storyline: Wiki.pngWiki.png

The stories are at least competently written, but the dialogue is just horrible.

Characters: Wiki.png

Stereotypes a la mode.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png

It's based off the old 50s and old superhero cartoons of the past. And it does it dreadfully.

Overall: Wiki.png

A noble effort from the author, but it falls way off the mark.


Ah the 50s. What could have been better than the times of the 50s? When Ike became president, baseball was entering into primetime, american pride was reaching an all-time high and the cold war was only just beginning.

But one of the most popular types of shows today were just getting ready to make it's mark, and another was taking note of it's new-found popularity.

We know of it as cartoons and superheroes. These two popular genres caught wind to children of all ages, and soon people began to ask the question; "What exactly would happen if the two combined forces to create their own show?"

Well, shows came and went, the years passed by, and animation and superheroes evolved with them. But then one day, a young man by the name of Bradley Hutch decided to answer the question once and for all...

And he did a terrible job at it, and that's why we're here!


Unfortunately, this cannot be answered as the webcomic never really had a good point to begin with. Shame.

Story and Plot:

Evil scientist creates a ray that turns everything 'super' so that he can rule the world, he tries it on his bird and it works. The bird lands on the arm of Jupiter and he enters the evil scientist's lair. He gets zapped by the laser and turns into a superhero, unfortunately the laser also zapped on the flower and chemical tube and lets them run amuck. He beats them and a star is born.

And so starts more adventures of Jupiter, from stopping robot penguins from rampaging the streets, to saving his girlfriend from being thrown into a volcano, to beating him in a basketball game and then being kidnapped by aliens. In short, he lives a busy life.

Too bad none of them are any good.


While not eye-gougingly bad, it is still very poor. Like really bad. The linework is stiff, bland, inconsistent, lacking in expression and movement and overall comes off as unfinished.

On one occasion, they fail to meet the boundaries of the cover of one of the episodes. Not only is that really annoying, it also screams of amaetur art.


The writing is remenisent of the old superhero comics from the 30s-60s, in which they explain everything that goes on in the story. Now, I can understand the appeal the author is trying to go for here; however, there's just one major problem with this style of writing.


No one wants to be told how a story goes, especially not in a webcomic. Nowadays, people want to SEE how a story plays out, they want to SEE how something happen, why it happened and what happens next. It doesn't exactly help that this way of writing actually goes out of it's way to talk down to it's audience.

Look, i'm not saying every webcomic out there needs to have an epic story or plot with morals in it. That's a retarded way of thinking, there have been many cartoons out there that have survived on comedy or have gotten popular because of their comedic roots. And of course, there are webcomics that have made it big on pure comedy. However, the way the comic is written is absolutely degrading, childish and overall, really insulting.

The stories themselves however are decent enough. And that's all i'm gonna say here.

Author biography:

Bradley Hutch is the author of this comic. And other than the fact that he likes cartoons and superheroes, that's pretty much all I know about him...

Although, it seems that he doesn't seem to have comments on. Now i'm saying that he has problems with criticism...but MAYBE he has problems with criticism?


You know, the more and more I write about this; the more I see an resembalance to Eyre Toons. In that both are poorly drawn, poorly written smucks who are breathing off the golden age of cartoons, without realizing what made the golden age so golden.

You see, the golden age is so golden because the golden age...was subtle. They had a story to tell, gags to share, and ideas to show; but they did it in a way that didn't talk down to the audience or make them look like five year olds. They showed what was going on, they took them on the experience with them, they made them a part of the cartoon. THAT'S what made the golden era great.

So, do yourself a favor. The next time you see Battle Action All Stars, don't give it any attention and stick to the Golden Era of animation.

(Or you could go watch some Disney, they make some good shit as well)