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Yo, I'm Groggarioth.

Well that's not actually my name but anomity is one of the internets greatest selling points, so as far as you're concerned I'm Groggarioth and that's all I am.

I will admit that I initially joimned the BWW out of a morbid sense of curiosity, before cutting my teeth on a relatively unoffensive comic, 21st Century Fox (Relatively unoffensive), but I read a lot, and discovered more bad comics, and digging deeper into the morass of the internet webcomic 'society' it amazes me just how wrong some people can get it in their writing: typos, grammatical errors, plain old syntaxical non-sense, and much, much more, so now this is more of an attempt to vent against bad art, bad writing, and just plain old idiocy.

Oh yeah, and something being free doesn't mean you shouldn't put out your best efforts, if you're just going to put out crap, and then say that you're not getting anything in exchange, leave the internet, now please.