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To start out, I am going to admit I am politically conservative, so the following review isn't because I'm a liberal who loves to rip on comics opposing to my viewpoints. To Chepo Team's credit, even though politically-oriented superhero comic, it doesn't go with ridiculous strawman villains like Gyno-Star or goes into the whole "wall of text" problem that a lot of preachy comics do. It's a mess of art that looks like it was done in colored pencil, characters that make no sense, too much reliability on current events, and a problem whether it's difficult to tell if they're trying to take themselves seriously or if it's a goofy satire on the Obama administration.


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This was actually a little hard to write because some of the initial comics were re-written, re-arranged, or otherwise deleted to improve the comic strip's flow. This of course removed some of the flaws above, and I remember a few scenes that don't seem to be there anymore--the comic started out with an extended scene of the main villain, La Sombra, captured by the French and then crashing the plane in a scene that was one long rip-off/homage/parody to the opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises.

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