To Webcomic Artists

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For any person, there are two major factors that aid in achieving improvement. The first is a person's own drive to achieve. The second is a person receiving outside criticism.

The Bad Webcomics Wiki is part of the latter requirement in your development as an artist. We do not hate you personally. What we do hate are uncaring artists, bad webcomics, and artists that won't listen to criticism.

You are not perfect. You are not a god. You are not a goddess. You are a normal person with normal ambitions and normal abilities. We do not care if you are "naturally-talented". We do not care that you got an art degree from a prestigious art school. If you suck, we will tell you why and how to improve. At the very least, we tell you what you need to improve; you can figure out how to improve it on your own.

When we say the art sucks we mean that your art sucks. This is criticism. Don't bitch about it; improve your art. If we tell you that you can't write, fix it. Stop making excuses. Criticism is a bitch, all writers are subject to criticism, there is no perfect webcomic, and if you think yours is flawless then your head is stuck up your ass. Our first criticism to you is to pull it out.