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By MakarovJAC

Based on several internet urban dictionaries, animu is either anime or manga (depends on closely-related you're to rednecks), or (mostly) as a demeaning word used to describe people with a sick infatution for everything supeficially japanese (i.e. weaboos).

Here at the BWW we did like to add another meaning to the word. Though, with the same connotation, this word is used to describe a certain type of webcomic. To be more specific, all those webcomic blatantly copying heavily influece by actual japanese animation (anime); or comics (manga).

The delusion of being talented

The first thing to take in account is that most animu works out there will be among the lowest quality work in the internet. Be it visually (arts) or literary (writing). In the advent of the Japan hype in the last twenty years, many people has been constantly exposed to lots of media generated in Japan. Some good (Ghost in the Shell), some bad (any Ecchi in existence); or simply pointless (Evangelion. Deal with it). For most people out there in the real world, this represents a sweet memory of their past and childhood.

The problem will always begin the same way it does with whatever work of questionable quality. A person with dreams of success, delusions of grandeur, or simply attention seeking will make a step into what they consider the "the world of arts".

Why does it have fanbases?

The internet is filled with people of all tastes, and some of the tastes includes mediocrity, and the unstoppable need to feel accepted within a circle of people with similar interest. This is the first step of animu webcomics. The insane addiction of weaboos to anything that resembles the thing they're obsesed with.

That is always the first reason why people weaboos read animu webcomics. However, to appeal to a more wider audience, the author can try to appeal to other audiences:

  • Furries
  • Horny teenagers
  • Nerds/Geeks
  • Lonely 40 years-old virgins
  • People with Asperger syndrome
  • Stupid people in general

Main characteristics

Lets draw a line here to differentiate what animu is, and what it isn't. The reason is simply because there exist people out there who actually cares for quality and art. This particularly scarce people will come up with works of remarkable quality. Depending on the author they might simply bear the tittle of "comics", however, if the author feels like (and their quality is worth it) they can attain the tittle "manga". Though, this is more uncommon than you think.

For the animu, we've extensive records on their activity to know what are its common features you'll find in any of them. So, lets begin:

  • Complete lack of knowledge about arts: To put it simple, the average animu artist has no idea on how to draw properly. This people will morel likely deflect artistic criticism with the excuse of "style". It's important to note that though "manga" as it has been developed by the japanese since the 50's, it doesn't mean the person imitating it has any style. The people producing animu will, however, insist they are following the japanese style. It doesn't matter to them that the people back there in the former Empire of the Rising Sun dedicate their lives to the production of animation and comics have spend a considerable amount of time trying to learn how to draw properly. Furthermore, they will usually dedicate another substantial amount of time defining a stylization the feel good with. Animu artists does not, so their work will always look derivative, unpolished, and awfully uncanny.
  • Blatant copyright infringement: Until I come up with a better tittle, this one stands for the blatant lack of creativity animus express by trying to mimic their favorite franchise style. This is more common than you might think. It goes from as simple as retracing screenshots and slightly modify them, up to producing an seriously disgusting copyright infringment. You see, you don't feel like it looks similar to something else. IT IS THAT SOMETHING ELSE!!! When this happen, the animu artist will have half the gut enough to confess they're "influenced" by X. It might not happen as well. But they lack the genius they insist to posess doesn't work well with the artistic identity development process. So, feel awkward if you find