The Seer

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Original review author: kyrtuck
Webcomic name: The Seer
Author: Madame Macabre
Start Date: October 9th 2012
End Date: Abandoned, has not updated since September 21st, 2014.
Genre: Supernatural Adventure Drama
Defining Flaw: Poor art and Creepypasta characters being much less creepy than intended.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.pngWiki.png

Flat and stiff.

Storyline: Wiki.png

Crashed before it could take off.

Characters: Wiki.pngWiki.png

One college girl with special powers, badly aged Creepypasta characters, and a scarecrow girl.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

This comic has dubbed videos, which is pretty unusual.

Overall: Wiki.png

An ill-conceived stillborn webcomic.


I knew about the author from her youtube music videos, and checked this out on her Deviantart account years ago. Finally got around to writing a review.


Page 5 is where it starts getting silly and impossible to take seriously.

Writing Review

Premium Grade Nightmare Retardant.

The plot follows Korbyn Jumping Eagle, a mixed race college age girl who sees supernatural things. Turns out she inherited this ability from her family bloodline, because to heck with hard work or practice if you can just be born in the right womb at the right time. This ability makes her an important bridge between the human world, and the hidden supernatural monster people society. All this is explained by Slenderman -here a monster authority figure- who grants Korbyn two bodyguards in the form of Jeff the Killer and Masky, a character from the Marble Hornets YouTube series.

In a logical setting, neither of those mentally unstable young men should be assigned to guard anyone important. But hopefully Jeff and Masky are still morally superior to this wbecomic's apparent main villain Zalgo. I am glad to see Zalgo do something besides just corrupt comic strips. And yet here, Zalgo just looks like a generic fantasy overlord, with no trace of the chilling, enigmatic virus-like possession he did in his original story.

Anyways, Zalgo wants Korbyn dead. His first assailant was some non-descript creature in a hood and robes who is murderized offscreen by Jeff in two seconds. The second, a scaresrow girl who is obviously flammable. Are you scared yet? Well don't be, because the scarecrow assassin is going to be buddies with Korbyn and crew on the grounds that she has a sympathetic backstory. You see, scarecrow girl was once a regular inanimate scarecrow hanging out in a cornfield, and in love with a human boy. Zalgo gives scarecrow girl life, and incites her to kill the human boy's human girlfriend. Human boy is of course frightened and mad at scarecrow girl, so bam, she had no where to go, but into Zalgo's hit-person service.

And then The Seer ends shortly after scarecrow girl is chilling at Korbyn's house. That's All, Folks!

There's an over abundance of text heavy info dumps, especially in Chapter 1. Korbyn is a somewhat bland protagonist who was just thrust into the conflict by lucky birthright. There's some dissonance between Jeff and Mask's dark insane murderous pasts and the goofy friendly way they behave now. The plot was poorly set up to say the least.

Art Review

The art is flat colored, and flat looking with subpar anatomy such as pointed fingers, overly thin torsos and arms. Sparse scenery decorates the backgrounds, complementing the poorly fitted text, amidst square, dull panel layouts. Sometimes the text is hard to read, especially Zalgo's. The last pages barely improve, with odd looking detail on the hair, and barely noticeable shading.

But on the plus side, she's okay with the overall poses, such as the pages of the Jeff and Scarecrow fight here. She makes good balanced use of colors as well.

Author Biography

As I said earlier, I first knew of Madame Macabre from her music on YouTube, and that is where she really shines. Her silky smooth vocals and adequate lyrics can make the dumbest classic Creepypastas, and the cheapest fad games sound deep and artsy.

She also reads Creepypastas, talks about folklore, tells amusing anecodtes of her personal life, and other little odds and ends on YouTube. She has a slight fixation on clowns, and tries to sell merchandise of her OC Hexi the clown girl.


This was quite a blast from the past, much worse than I remember. My oh my, aren't we glad the golden age of the creepypasta is well behind us now?

As a horror or drama, this webcomic fails hard. But it could have made for a decent comedy, like this one page that looks like satire on Jeff fangirls. Madame Macabre's works certainly have a whimsical playful touch to them, so it would've fit well.

The website also needed a big fixing, since there aren't even basic navigation buttons. And you would not believe how freakishly long the addresses for the comic pages are.