The Rules of the BWW

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  • No encouraging webcomics makers or their fans to become dumber, more perverted, or shittier in any way, even to mock them or make fun of them.
  • No killing webcomics makers or their fans (encouraging them to kill themselves is generally discouraged unless absolutely necessary).
  • No sexual affairs with webcomic artists.
  • Masturbating to webcomic porn is generally discouraged. You are recommended to get a real girlfriend, or find a decent porno website of some kind featuring real people.
  • Don't draw garbage, don't write garbage, don't put garbage on the Internet. Take the time to make your content meaningful, or else others on this site will edit your crap to make it tolerable.
  • If you have an acquaintance who has an incredibly shitty webcomic, the kind dogs run away from and causes computers to break under the shittiness, and said acquaintance is a hyper-sensitive asshole who mentions it to everybody he knows and treats it like it's the only thing that has meaning in his otherwise meaningless existence, follow these guidelines:

That shit is fucking awesome review material and we want it on the Bad Webcomics Wiki. However,

Do not write anything about it publicly, because it will cause private drama for you and we don't want our members getting into IRL fighting over pointless Internet bullshit.

Instead, send a Bad Webcomics Wiki member a private message asking them to submit it. That way, your acquaintance won't know it's you, and won't piss and moan like an arrogant little baby to try to get the comic removed from our database.

However, you can mention to them that we've added it to the Bad Webcomics Wiki, and if you particularly hate this person feel free to tell them that the review was absolutely accurate and they will never be popular and their webcomic will always be terrible. Suggest strongly that they remove the webcomic from the Internet forever. At least one artist, Shane Nelson, has taken this step, and we salute him, and kindly suggest he delete his FurAffinity account and all his other furry porn accounts for good measure.

  • We may make a rule saying the phrase "Vermussen der Furden ausrotten" is verboten. Out of respect for the Jews, mind you, not the furries.
  • If you are a fanboy that wishes to bitch, note that we have two sections: "Intelligent" Fanboy Bitching and Stupid Fanboy Bitching. Feel free to post in either board, or both boards, as they are the same.

Thank you for your cooperation! This concludes this Emergency Alert System message. The President will begin speaking shortly.