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As for November 26, 2011, the Bad Webcomics Wiki has been running without an appropriate policy for years other than the Shoutwiki default policy. Due to the increase in activity of the review sections as of late, and March's inside attack, I decided to write up a supplementary set of rules and policies for the site. I'll be talking with Luigiian in order to make it official.


The BWW Rules & Policies

1.0: The Bad Webcomics Wiki (BWW) is a site which specializes strictly at reviewing webcomics and consider whether they are good or bad. If a comic is deemed "bad", then we are to explain exactly why in detail.

  • 1.1: For a comic to be tagged for a review, it must be brought up on the forums where members are to discuss the pros and cons of the comic in question until a consensus of whether or not it deserves a review is reached. Only a Mod, or the Admin himself, can decide on their own whether or not to review a comic.
  • 1.2: Once a consensus has been reached, any member of the site is allowed to write the review as long as he/she keeps it detailed, and explains every aspect of that webcomic which makes it qualify as bad.
    • 1.2.1: The reviewer can include non-offensive or censored images in reviews. Also, he/she can make use of external links as long as such links don't link to unrelated or malicious destinations (porn sites, spam sites, personal blogs, etc.).
    • 1.2.2: The reviewer MUST use the tools brought by the ShoutWiki domain for making the reviews. All reviews are to be written in MediaWiki code, not HTML.
    • 1.2.3: The reviewer MUST always use valid links in the review, as well as a valid link to the site of the respective comic.
  • 1.3: ONLY a Mod, or the Admin, are permitted to delete reviews. Any other member who deletes a review without authorization will be automatically BANNED from the site.

  • 1.4: The Bad Webcomics Wiki (BWW) recognizes a comic as a series of sequential strips of illustrations with or without text telling a message, whether it is humour, fiction, political, or any other genre.
    • 1.4.1: The Bad Webcomics Wiki (BWW) recognizes as an "Illustration" (or "Art") any piece of imagery, be it hand made, manually inked, digitally inked, in black & white or colour; or photomanipulation with the purpose of visually aiding a message by depicting it.
    • 1.4.2: The Bad Webcomics Wiki (BWW) recognizes as an "Message" ("Plot" and/or "Writing") and a body of text used in combination with Illustrations as defined above, to better describe the situations in it.
  • 1.5: The Bad Webcomics Wiki (BWW) encourages members to inform of any important changes made to already reviewed comics, and to add said information to the review.
  • 1.6: ALL ARTICLES, with no exceptions, must be published at the Forum site, in its respective thread, or sub-forum. Articles published at the Review site without having undergo approval MAY be deleted without discussion.

2.0: The Bad Webcomics Wiki is NOT a troll site, and trolling behaviors will NOT be tolerated.

  • 2.1: In order to encourage a friendly environment in the site, the members are allowed to discuss any aspect they feel like as long they respect the points of view of others. Members who fail at this will be given a warning. A second offense will be penalized with a temporary ban. Third-time offenders will be permanently banned from the site.
  • 2.2: Disrespectful or trolling reviews which fail at explaining why a webcomic is bad will be rewritten or deleted.
  • 2.3: Reviews containing offensive or malicious links or imagery will be deleted or rewritten.
  • 2.4: The Bad Webcomics Wiki does NOT endorse the publication of personal information (or DOXING) of authors, artists, fans, or relatives. Personal life events NOT related to webcomics, or similar activities is FORBIDDEN.

3.0: By demand, a comic MUST NOT be younger than 8 months to be reviewed.

  • 3.1: If a webcomic less than 8 months old is considered bad by consensus, it will not be reviewed until it reaches that age, at which time it will be discussed again to determine if it has improved significantly in that time, and whether or not is still warrants a review.
  • 3.2: A comic with very few pages published (argumentative) MAY not be considered for a review.