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Before You Start

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Marking Legend

Bww disgusting.png

Gross, disgusting, repulsive, repugnant, revolting, detestable, nauseating, sickening, abominable, hideous, loathsome, repellent, abhorrent, vile, horrid, off-putting, gag worthy and vomit inducing are only a few of the words that can be used to describe the comics in this section. Be it with gruesome visual imagery of gore (Jack) and poorly drawn sexual acts (Moon Over June) or offensive verbal descriptions of rape and the likes (Dominic Deegan), the reading of a "Disgusting" marked webcomic severely reduces your prospects of retaining the content of your stomach.

Bww enraging.png


This is the type of reaction usually caused by an "enraging" webcomic. These comics are offensive in a broad spectrum, not merely to a group of people that the webcomic antagonized, but to virtually all who read it. Webcomics that are "enraging" are never safe for work, never family friendly, and should be viewed with caution. Where many of these reviews are fun, casual reading, "enraging" reviews are likely not. The subject material is so offensive, so angering, and in such bad taste that even through the protective filter of a review, they can ruin a good mood by pissing you off.

These are webcomics so bad that their creators deserve to be annihilated in the most agonizing way conceivable. These can—and often will—ruin your day, so prepare yourself. You have been warned.

Bww mindfuck.png

Most Webcomics on this site are screwed up in a mind-bending way. However, the "mindfuck" mark is reserved for webcomics that are disturbing enough to unsettle most people. For example, if a main character was congratulated for raping a child. They are not necessarily offensive, but they are rarely safe for work. We are not talking about intellectual mind tricks or bizarre and interesting twisting of reality here; we are talking about horrible and unsettling perversions and incomprehensible stupidity.

Some "mindfuck" webcomics may only have a single defining moment of mindfuckery, but it's bad enough to merit a warning. One of the more common incarnation is a cute, cuddly, friendly, childish comic that is actually a fetish comic in disguise. This happens a lot.

Bww nsfw.png
Not Safe For Work

See this sign as a preemptive warning that the page you are about to enter contains graphic imagery or adult subject matter and should not be viewed at school or at the workplace.

All said reviews have been tagged with the "NSFW" template. Still, we realize that seeing it after you have already clicked the link is sometimes too late.

You have been warned. Proceed with caution.

Nuke Icon.jpg
Atomic Bomb

This badge exists to warn our readers that the comic inside has been tagged with the "Atomic Bomb" template. This category is reserved only for the absolute worst comics. Ones that are some combination of the "Enraging", "Mindfuck" and "Disgusting" type comics, or ones that find some new and unexpected way to be utterly horrible.

These comics are completely awful and without merit or a single redeemable quality. Be warned, as you read them you can feel a cancer slowly spreading upon your soul.

Bww douchebag.png
Douchebag Alert

WARNING: The creator of the following comic is a detestable cretin.

Some webcomic artists are so utterly revolting that anything they put in their comic pales in comparison to the failure that they themselves are as a human being. The Bad Webcomics Wiki is no stranger to the racist, the homophobe, and the pedophile. It is also no stranger to smug, self-absorbed assholes who react to criticism like a vial of nitroglycerin reacts to a tumble-dryer. But it is when all those things are combined that the "Douchebag Alert" badge is wheeled out.

Avoid direct interaction at all costs.

BWW moved.png
Partially Unmade

Many of our reviewed comics have since been deleted. Whether this can be attributed to our reviews, our ability to pick comics that will inevitably be removed due to shame, just or pure coincidence, is unknown. But some people can't do anything right, and after making a comic worthy of deletion, can't even get rid of it right and redeem the internet of the misery induced by seeing it.

This tag is for such comics. Ones that have been removed from their main site, but retain a copy that was forgotten on the artist's DeviantArt page, or was uploaded elsewhere by someone to prolong the artists shame and our suffering.

All links are dead but the comic can still be found in a link at the bottom of the review or by googling it on your own.

BWW retired.png
Gone Forever

If a comic as been Unmade, that means it has been taken down from the internet and all of the links will be dead. We check for changed hosts, so if it is marked as "unmade", that means we could not find it anywhere on the internet. If you find pages from an "unmade" comic, please bring it up in the updates section of the forum.

I you still want to read an "Unmade" comic, try looking it up on Web Archive.

Bww reboot.png

A big "thumbs up" from us to any webcomic artist that realizes his comic is bad, but instead of giving up tries to reboot it. A big "FUCK YOU!" to those who's reboot is just as bad as the original.

This tag is for comics that have been rebooted some time after the review was already posted. The pre-reboot comic may or may not still be available, but we have no intention of re-writing the review or writing a second one for the new version.

Still, have no fear. You can still read the review. And, since webcomics that reboot themselves rarely improve, the article is probably still just as relevant.

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