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The Far Side of Utopia Review: Grammar Fixes

Background Section:

1st paragraph, 1st line: "on the BBW forums" / "BBW" should be "BWW" / "BBW" changed to "BWW"

Story and Plot Section:

1st paragraph, 2nd line: "but because it of how it is poorly written." / The "it" between "because" and "of how" should be deleted / "it" deleted

3rd paragraph, 2nd line: "His old partner is angry with him." / I read some examples of the comic and I think "with" should be replaced with "at" since the character acts antagonistic towards the other / "with" changed to "at"

9th paragraph, 1st line: "Then the current arcs, a batlle over" / the comma should be replaced with a colon / Comma replaced by colon

9th paragraph, 1st line: "battle over the Avon (they the people that made" / "Are" should be added next to "they" / Or "they" should be deleted / "they" deleted

10th paragraph, 1st line: "there is a good bit more too it" / "too" should be changed to "to" / "too" changed to "to"

Art Review Section:

1st paragraph, 1st line: "One would think that the when deciding a medium" / "the" doesn't fit in sentence / "the" deleted

3rd paragraph, 2nd line: "and thought, yeah, I should upload this to the internet." / quotation marks would benefit sentence beginning in "yeah" and ending in "internet" / Quotation marks added to sentence

7th paragraph, 2nd line: "But's let's be real." / "But's" should be "But" / "But's changed to "But"

8th paragraph, 2nd line: "let's take a look page fairly recent ones instead" / "page" doesn't fit in sentence / "page" deleted and replaced with "at the"

10th paragraph, 2nd line: "he does the same thing thing to bury someone" / Extra "thing" / "thing" deleted

Writing Review Section:

3rd paragraph, 1st line: "the might have, because it it's almost impossible" / Extra "it" / or "it's" should be "is" / "it's" changed to "is"

4th paragraph, 1st line: "The comic is bad need of the standard" / "in" should be in between "is" and "bad" / Added "in"

The Characters Section:

1st paragraph, 1st line: "But's let's go" / "But's" should be "But / or "But's" should be removed / "But's" changed to "But"

6th paragraph, 1st line: "He's fairly rational character" / "a" should be between "He's" and "fairly" / Added "a"

7th paragraph, 1st line: "the head of the Peter's old group" / "the" before "Peter's" doesn't fit in sentence / "the" deleted

8th paragraph, 1st and 2nd lines: "appears in less then a third of" / "then" should be "than" / "then" changed to "than"

Author Biography Section:

1st paragraph, 1st line: "I don't have much on them besides the About page on the comic says and their commentary and comments on the comic." / "what" should be in between "besides" and "the About" / "and" between "says" and "their" should be removed and changed for a comma / Added "what", "and" replaced for a comma, and added comma between "commentary" and "and comments"

Conclusion Section:

1st paragraph, 3rd line: "from where an editor" / comma needed in between "from" and "where" / Added comma

-Charles Chroniel