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T-Rex vs Luigiian

As FernandoLemon pointed out on the forum, somebody has taken an argument with the article into the article itself and had to be reverted.

I think they might have a point but of course they should have put it here instead.

EDITED by Swift Nimblefoot: I am sorry Luigiian, but as a furry AND a biologist, I have to point out something you could have found out if you used wikipedia, or heck, looked out of your window at the pigeons outside. BIRDS have digitigrade feet AND are bipedal. But more than that, so were their much-much larger ancestors, certain Theropoda and Coelosauria dinosaurs. Like the T-rex. Your argument about digitigrade legs not supporting a bipedal creature's weight kinda falls apart when you consider the T-rex weighed 18 tons and walked on feet like THIS:


Yoosernaem (talk) 19:15, 3 December 2015 (UTC)