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Fafnir the Dragon Review: Grammar Fixes

Background Section:

1st paragraph, 1st line: "This extends to my hum our somewhat (i.e.: I find jokes" "hum our" should be "humour" (Although later the author of the review uses "humor" in the same paragraph, so I'm unsure if this was a deliberate mistake or not) Changed to "humor"

Story and Plot Section:

1st paragraph, 6th and 7th lines: "command Fafnir for nine days and night." "night" should be "nights" Changed to "nights"

2nd paragraph, 1st line: "The first storyline start in a post-apocalyptic future" "start" should be "starts" Changed to "starts"

3rd paragraph, 7th line: "Also, the 'King' make an appearance at the end." "make" should be "makes" Changed to "makes"

Art review Section:

1st paragraph, 1st line: "Let get one thing straight first: while I would" "Let" should be "Let's" / or was missing the word "me" next to it. Changed to "Let me"

2nd paragraph, 2nd and 3rd lines: "the character ‘Atomica’—Gunn’s is adept at drawing variety of body types." "Gunn's" should be "Gunn" / or the "is" should be deleted. An "a" is missing between "drawing" and "variety" Deleted "is" and added "a" between "drawing" and "variety"

Edit: 3rd paragraph, 4th line: "has to do with when making" / "with" doesn't fit in sentence / Deleted "with"

Missing example between paragraphs 3 and 4. Edit: New example posted by UglyHyena.

4th paragraph, 2nd line: "Your partner has to resort to name dropping to make reader recognize him." "reader" should be "readers" / or "the" should be add before "reader" Added "the" before "reader"

Writing review Section

1st paragraph, 4th line: "but he has failed to do so because he provide no balance." "provide" should be "provides" / or "provided" Changed to "provides"

1st paragraph, 5th line: "He don't just attack Republicans," "don't" should be "doesn't" Changed to "doesn't"

1st paragraph, 5th and 6th lines: "so he don't come across" "don't" should be "doesn't" Changed to "doesn't"

1st paragraph, 7th line: "a grandma that just see several people being turned into jam" "see" should be "saw" Changed to "saw"

3rd paragraph, 8th and 9th lines: "When the God-like dragon you use as a plot device and a mosquito-faced vampire are more interesting the human or humanoid characters" "than" should be in between "interesting" and "the human" Added "than" between "interesting" and "the human"

Author Biography Section

1st paragraph, 1st line: "I’m just summarizing what I find in the bio on Fafnir the Dragon" "find" should be "found" Changed to "found"

Conclusion Section

2nd paragraph, 1st line: "If you make spin-off that focuses on Fafnir" "a" should be between "make" and "spin-off" / or "spin-off" should be "spin-offs" Added "a" between "make" and "spin-off"

Links Section

3rd link: "If you want to by the published storyline" "by" should be "buy" Changed to "buy"

-Charles Chroniel