Single Female Alien

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Broken1.png Someone (either the creator or the hosting service) pulled the plug on this webcomic. The links in this review are dead. If you want to see more of this webcomic for some insane reason, the Wayback Machine is your best bet. And even that's a long shot. Broken2.png
Original review author: The New Meat
Webcomic name: Single Female Alien(SFA)
Author: Chidi Okonkwo
Start Date: February 12, 2008
End Date: Uncertain, but it's gone for good
Things that are fucking terrible about this webcomic: Non-existent humor, terrible art, blatant and constant pandering, horrendous misogyny, no concept of anatomy, substitution of weeaboo memes for actual humor, filler comics that are just stills from random anime
Things that aren't terrible but could use improvement: Nothing
Summary: I want to hurt this webcomic, but Drunk Duck beat me to it.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.png

Ugly cut and paste characters with misshapen anatomy.


Not applicable, as it is a series of, well, conversations.

Characters: Wiki.png

Stereotypical fetish fodder.

Overall: Wiki.png

Porn that will satisfy nobody at all.


This comic isn't too well known yet, but, following the law that the worse a webcomic is the more popular it will become, this atrocity will probably be huge. Also, it's got huge, floppy tits in it and, really, that's all the drooling nerd masses need to be happy. Drunkduck classifies it as "adult," so you'll have to sign up if you want to actually see it. But trust me, you don't. Don't let the prospect of watermelon-sized breasts fool you; SFA manages to rival Tubgirl as the unsexiest thing on the Internet.


This comic sucked from day one. The plot, such as it is, involves a number of interchangeable quasi-furry Amazons who...well, mostly they talk about their breasts. And then one of three male characters - who are an anthropomorphic dog, cat and mouse - come in and make some sort of crack about the aforementioned women's breasts. This causes the women to fly into an insane, murderous rage. Repeat ad nauseum. For a change of pace, the author's self-insert occasionally threatens to "erase" the female characters unless they perform various sex acts on him. Yeah, real classy.

Author biography

The only things I know about the cartoonist are those that I've gleaned from reading the strip. So if his output is any indication, he's a weeaboo who speaks in faux gangsta slang and obsesses over T and A.

Art review

One of the last traces left of the comic from the artist's DA page... It's this kind of thing that made people suspect this comic was just a joke... But no, it wasn't.

The artist clearly thinks that populating his strip with busty women is a sure-fire way to bring in the fans. Let's put aside for a second how sexist that might be and concentrate on how completely ineffective this tactic is when you can't fucking draw. Chido McFakey-Japanesename* doesn't understand even the basics of anatomy, which is a real problem when you're trying to draw sexy, muscular women. His characters are all horrible, misshapen monstrosities that look like tumor-ridden lumps. I'll ignore the fact that women as muscular as those depicted here rarely have D-cup breasts and instead point out the frightening, cork-sized nipples that every single one of them sports.

  • (Note to New Meat from The Luigiian: Actually Okonkwo is a real African name. In the English-speaking world, it was most famously used by Chinua Achebe for the lead character in his book Things Fall Apart. I don't know if the guy got the name from the book, but it is rather obvious that he does at least know his African-sounding names. Thanks.)

I know that misogynistic exploitation is pretty much part and parcel of the whole webcomic thing but this is really pushing the bounds. Especially since it's not even competently drawn exploitation. These amazon monstrosities with their mismatched anatomy and their bizarre random tendons and whatnot are TOTAL BONER KILL.

The artist blatantly abuses cut-and-paste, which I'd normally consider a bad thing but here it means fewer new horrors. So that's good.

Writing review

There's not really any plot or anything as far as I can tell, just conversations between the author and his horrifyingly buxom creations where he says HELLZ YA YOU GOTZ BOOBS and they say HEY WE ARE NOT MEAT and then they end up in sexually humiliating positions and Christ it's awful.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that's the flavor of the conversation. It's comprised almost entirely of leet speak and fake gangsta gibberish. Also, literally EVERY line of dialogue deals with breasts in some way.

I find this particular strip fascinating because the chick refers to herself as "one hot ass-kickin', bra-wearin' lil' mama." To which I say, "bra wearin'?" Of all the phrases you'd use to describe yourself, why would you use "bra wearin?" I mean, it's fairly standard practice among the ladies to wear bras, as I understand, so it's not like that's especially unique or anything. I might as well describe myself as a "pants-wearin' sorta guy." I assume that the intent behind the phrase was to somehow call attention to her enormous and poorly rendered tracks of land, but WHATEVER. Oh, check out the reader comments in that one for extra lulz. DUDE DO YOU THINK HER CLIT IS THAT BIG DURRRRRR


This webcomic has so many failings that you barely even have to touch on its shameless exploitation of women before you're completely exhausted.