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Nuke Review.png This comic is an atomic bomb. It will destroy anything and anybody that touches, reads, or looks at it. This comic is an example of the downfall of human civilization, leaving a trail of nothing but destruction, deformed mutations and cancer in its wake. Pray you, avoid it. Nuke Review.png
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The following comic contains naughty parts on full display, and more than likely includes banging, screwing, porking, jacking, etc. Whether or not it's actually arousing is up for debate. Be on the look out for more extreme fetishes as well, such as scat, vore, bestiality, and so forth. Getting caught with this comic in your browser history may lose you some friends... or gain you some unwanted ones. View with extreme caution, preferably in a deep, dark cave, far away from anyone you know.

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MrYuk.gif WARNING: This webcomic will nauseate many readers. This can be for a whole slew of reasons, including graphic depictions of gore, grossly unappealing depictions of sexual behavior, offensive descriptions of sexual abuse, and so on. In any case, this webcomic (and maybe even this review) is not for the weak of stomach. MrYuk.gif
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WARNING: The following webcomic is a complete mindfuck.

This webcomic is disturbing enough to unsettle most readers. It's not necessarily offensive, but features horrible and unsettling perversions and incomprehensible stupidity.
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Original review author: ZenForce in April 2022
Webcomic name: School Days
Author: Krezz Karavan and other people
Start Date: Sometime in 2005
End Date: With Krezz Karavan's death, we can safely assume this webcomic will not proceed.
Genre: Furry Cub Porn
Defining Flaw: The existence of this is a flaw itself, for our society and any god in the existence of humanity.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

The only thing that is decent here. You can identify the type of animals that they are, unlike some other furry comic artists, and the art style is really good. But the fact that they are designed to look "sexy" subtracts a star and half.

Storyline: Half.png

How can I believe that any of this is real if… these type of things happen in a busy public place and in daylight?

Characters: Half.png

I have no idea how to describe them, especially that white bunny.

Miscellaneous Details: [No stars given]

The archive of the webcomic redirects the links to the browser’s image viewer, so not only you have go back and forward with the browser to turn pages, but also it is hard to know if the comic is still updating, since the author only put the year of creation of the chapter in the first page.

Overall: [No stars given]

Why? Just why.


The furry fandom… If you are reading this then you probably know what it is and I don't need to explain it. If it not the case, then I have to say you that you are reading a text written by one. Anyways, what I’m saying is that not everything in this fandom is bad, even some things are good… But even I have to admit that these people a little too… weird when it comes to sexuality. And with weird I mean that usually a lot of times have fetish mixed with it: overeating and inflation, vore, rape fantasy, orgies, gender swaps, and more. But I noticed one thing that is not brought up in the review index, and now I will tell you about, because it needs to be talked about: Cubs.

What is a cub? Well, it’s the way to describe a furry kid (the furry characters that look like kids, the ones that tell us that are kids but have the body of an adult doesn’t count). But if you remember the fetishes that I enumerated, this word is usually associated to… sinful actions. Yeah, what I just told you is really fucked up. And although nowadays the porn websites at least try to shield the content from minors, in the past it was really easy to encounter this type of stuff. How do I know that? It’s because I found this comic when I was around 14-15 years old without problems. Don’t look me like that, I was a really horny in that time; and I had no standards when it comes to porn. But in that time I don’t even knew the concepts of pedo or pede, I felt that it was wrong to read that thing, and I simply can’t continue reading after the 2-3 chapters feeling such disgust about it.

Almost a decade passed since then, but that memory still torments me, always comes something that makes me remember that comic: I found some commission of the artist, someone mention of the artist or the comic, even I found some videos in YouTube that talks about NSFW that mention him... And you believe me that this webcomic is the SECOND one of this type of perversion that I found around that age? ... Let’s just get on with the review.


The downfall is the concept of cub porn on the internet.

Story and Plot

We follow the life of Edward Foxx, a male red fox (of course!), and his twin sister, Edna; two kids who had recently moved in the city, attending their new school: St. Lovejoy, a school that-

Sigh… Look, I seriously want to describe the things happen here, but I do not want to try to write an essay or link any part of this comic. So, if Long Tom authorizes me, I will change the format for a moment. Ejem, ejem…

Mental Reinforcement Training F165C0-1

Welcome, coworkers, to the Mental Reinforcement Training Class. I’m the Senior Investigator Force and I will lead the class today. The theme we are going to treat today is a literary-visual cognito-hazard denominated “School Days”. This cognito-hazard is red class, so a minimum of level-7 of mental hardness is needed. The cognito-hazard was censored for the class, but the effects are still pretty strong. So if you believe you are not prepared for this, I recommend you to leave now… Well, for the people that still here, the procedure will be the next: get an Amnesic Class-B[1]; read the cognito-hazard; if you are incapable to continue reading, apply a little dosage of the amnesic and continue. The format of the presentation will be next:

Chapter #: Chapter Name: Number of Pages: Cover: Yes/No (Description if is a Yes) Synopsis: Outstanding Events: -Event 1 / Notes (if required) -Event 2 / Notes -Event 3 / Notes

The class only will stop in an emergency. Crying and asking for mercy is not an emergency. Let’s start…

Chapter #: 1

Chapter Name: The New One

Cover: Yes. It’s has a Edward in the center, peeing, while Edna and other four secondary characters are spying him.

Number of Pages: 9

Synopsis: Here we follow Edward in his first day in St Lovejoy.

Outstanding Events:

  • We meet the twins | Edward wakes up with a morning wood and finds Edna touching herself in the bathroom in the first page.
  • We meet Pokeinfo (a lion) and Cynthia (a bunny) | Cynthia is giving a blow to Pokeinfo in the school bus. Cynthia is obviously interested in Edna.
  • We meet Rodriguez (a reptile) and Laura (a tree squirrel) | Rodriguez is the bully of the school. We see Laura for the first time walking in the corridor with an oc from someone else, which is the cousin of Rodriguez.
  • Edward enters accidentally the women’s bathroom and is ambushed by Laura | Laura tries to blow Edward, but since he needs to pee, she assists him by sitting in the toilet and make him sit in her legs, everything with the purpose that their genitals have contact while he is peeing, and when he end she starts blowing. Nothing of the peeing event is visible. Later she guides him for meeting the school.
  • We meet Jenny (a cat) | We meet her in a flashback of the school bus. She is one of the secondary characters of the cover, being the other three Rodriguez, Cynthia and Pokeinfo. Also we learn that the nurse of the school is entrained to detect heat, putting a thermometer in you know where.

Chapter #: 2

Chapter Name: Beware of Mrs. Trousers

Number of Pages: 12

Cover: Yes. It has Edward balancing in one finger over a gymnastics donkey, while a chipmunk girl is giving him an A+ qualification.

Synopsis: We follow Edward and Edna in their first day in gym class.

Outstanding Events:

  • We meet Mrs. Trousers (a ferret) and Lucy | Laura tells us about Mrs. Trousers in the first chapter. She obligates the kids that fail the first half of training to end the other half naked. She apparently is the only adult that knows what happens in this school. Lucy is the helper of Mrs. Trousers and like to storm the boys locker room, especially when the guys is naked. She is the chipmunk from the cover.
  • Edward and Edna fails in the class and they get punished | The first time that Edna touch Edward’s intimacy, but in the first chapter gives hints that this will happen.
  • Rodriguez and Julia (a snake) tries to abuse Edward | This happen because he has breakdown of shame caused by the humiliation of the previous event, and crash with the two while having fun. The snake girl has hypnotic powers.
  • Edna suck off Edward when he is sleeping| N/A

Chapter #: 3

Chapter Name: Not to run is not an Option (I did not write bad that title, it is really like that)

Number of Pages: 10

Cover: Yes. Edward is stepping on Rodriguez, in dominant position. They are dressed normally, if you are wondering.

Synopsis: Edward gets involved in a fight.

Outstanding Events:

  • We meet Jessica and the Twin Raccoon Sisters | The twins differ through directions that do the things.
  • We see Laura like the leader of the cheerleaders team | N/A
  • Rodriguez start a fight with Edward | Edwards almost dies, until a group of bunnygirls chasing Pokeinfo crushes the gator. Both ends with the principal and Rodriguez forgive him from the locker event.
  • The first and only chapter that has no sexual behavior, nor nudity in it | But we have graphic violence instead.

Chapter #: 4

Chapter Name: Bulletproof Love

Number of Pages: 31

Cover: Yes. We have Edward, Edna and Lucy hanging out in casual clothes.

Synopsis: A feminine soccer match against the Green Hills School will occur, and Edna will participate like a goalkeeper.

Outstanding Events:

  • We witness how much Edna sucks at her job | Cynthia is the captain of the team. We also see her fucking Edna (that is how she get in the team in first place), touching her butt and suck the toes of Pokeinfo… all in two consecutive pages.
  • Sex scene of Edward and Edna | All this happen in Edna’s dreams, since it started to get weirder and weirder as the pages passes.
  • Training scene with Edward like trainer | N/A
  • We meet "Crazy Cathy" (a goat), the captain of the Green Hills team | The previous page we have a random sex scene of a random cheerleader.
  • We meet the cat/dog girl aka the exchange student | She literally appears out of nowhere and saves Edna from being injured by Crazy Cathy, but it causes a penalty. Technically we meet her in the first chapter, since she is the girl being heat checked.
  • Edna Vs Cathy penalty | Pokeinfo and two other kids distracts Cathy by showing their asses, but not in a normal way, but in a way that you can see everything from the three. This of course makes her fail the shoot.
  • Match aftermath, St Lovejoy wins | The fairy girl kiss Edward, and talks him like she know him from before; we discover why "Crazy Cathy" is called like that (she talks to her dead friend); Cynthia pegs Pokeinfo because the interference of him and his friends; and finally we see Cathy sad until the white bunny comes to comfort her.

Chapter #: 5

Chapter Name: Addicted to Win

Number of Pages: 23

Cover: No

Synopsis: We have a trip to the past of Lucy, and how she gets her bitter attitude. Also, Edward ends in the Wrestling Club, not by error.

Outstanding Events:

  • Edward and Pokeinfo talks about Lucy’s reason to be like that demanding in sports | While this happening, Edna accidentally pulls down the pants of Edward while he is in the lifting bar. This unbinds the flashback.
  • Lucy’s Flashback: The day she knows an Edward’s recolor called Roy, a senior student and the sport star of that time| This flashback has: butt gripping, lots of sex scenes, sexism, foot fetish, infidelity, forced threesomes, and an attempt of suicide (not really thought).
  • Edna inscribes Edward to the Chess Club | The white bunny changed the inscription ballot box of the Chess Club with the Wrestling Club one, just to fuck him up.
  • Edward ends in the Wrestling Club | Surprise, surprise, there will be a Wrestling tournament the next month with Green Hills, and guess who is the coach? Yes, it is Roy. Also, during the training we have a random sex scene with random students; a sex scene with Cynthia and Pokeinfo; and Edward getting naked and Lucy getting off about it in between.
  • Another flashback with Lucy and Roy in the Wrestling Club | The spandex of the wrestling outfits are thigh enough to see everything. Also, although she doesn’t win the match, she entered the team the next year and became the teacher’s assistant immediately. She became the best athletics of the school, and Roy was transferred to Green Hills.

Chapter #: 6

Chapter Name: Expecting the Unexpected

Number of Pages: 5

Cover: No

Synopsis: Today it’s the school sport’s matches against Green Hills… again.

Outstanding Events:

  • We follow the white bunny (called Henrik) in the Sport match’s day | It’s really denoted how pervert is he by taking secret photos and videos of a Green Hill’s girl.
  • The comeback of Crazy Cathy | We see how manipulative is Henrik is.
  • Edward has an erection before the match| It’s because Henrik fault, since he drugged him.
  • The chapter is incomplete | N/A

Well, that the last cognito-hazard of the day. For the ones that not died and are still conscious, congratulations. The class ends here, and the normal format will come back in the next section. Have a good day, if you can.

Art Review

The most SFW page that I found

There is little to say about the art. It’s literally the only good thing about this. It’s really expressive and fluid. Although most of the characters has the same body structure (aka thin), its justifiable since almost the entire cast is not older from 14 years old. Also the author is really competent when it comes with the animal features. Most of the furry artists that have been reviewed on the BWW do not do well with this matter, and it’s hard to know what animal a character is supposed to be, but with Krezz is not a problem. There are exceptions, but I will talk about that later. My only sorrow is that such good art it was wasted in minors doing the disrespectful, especially when it comes with the foot fetish; and the bulges and camel toes, since the younglings don't have other attributes because… well, they are too young to have anything else.

Writing review

In first place, the webcomic tells me that St. Lovejoy is a private school, but allows me to be wrong, I don’t remember this much sex INSIDE the installations in any school, not even a school in a ghetto. And the fact it’s an ELEMENTARY school doesn't help. I mean, if it were a high school it will be still wrong, but at least there would a justification with the hormones. As it is not the case, the only thing I can do is bringing my hands to my face and scream when enters a sex/masturbation/nudity scene.

Also I’m not sure how this school is still open. According to the comic in the second chapter, the only people that know the things that happen inside the building is the own students and Ms. Trousers, but in the first chapter, in the second page, the bus driver literally says, and quoted: "Good Morning! Get into the bus young man. You’re the new one, right? I am Carlos, your driver; now swing your cute butt in here." Also, in the same chapter, is established that the nurse of the school do heat checks. So let’s ask, do the school workers know or not know the secret of the school? Also, there’s no superintendent that makes surprise visits and see the horrors that happen? No plumbers that do revision visits? No substitute teachers? No janitors? No members of the parents' association?

I have no idea how old is this school, but I guess is old enough to have a reputation. And there so many things that can make anyone discover the nature of this school and scream it to the four winds about the degeneration of this place. But it does not happen… is it perhaps that it is common in this universe that the minors, who are not supposed to be sexually mature, can have heat? Also, every single student fucks, there not a single one refuses a sexual request. Not a single one that, I don’t know, want to have a platonic relationship or something. Not even the OC's… Oh yeah, the author puts OC's from the fans inside the comic like side-characters. I count them. 13 KIDS OC's from 12 people that the author calls them "players". No comments.

Talking about the characters, this is the last theme we will touch today. Look, I can go on all day barfing bile about every single character, but since I know your time is valuable, I will only talk about the four that disgust me the most:


Edna: The webcomic's description tells you she is naughty, but I have better word for describe her: amoral. The first thing that is wrong about her is that she is clearly exhibitionist. I mean, she don’t even occult it, in the literally first page the comic tell us that she use every single opportunity for Edward find her naked and masturbating. Also in the dream sequence of the fourth chapter at the end of the dream appears two male OCs that they see her while she is fucking and masturbate/rate her performance. Secondly is that she is practically a Mary Sue, she gets everything what she wants with almost no effort. She wants to be in the soccer team? She simply fucks the captain and gets in. She discovers that Rodriguez is not giving it all in the chess club? She can dominates him easily and threatens him, a reptile that is the double her size and weight. She wants to gets Edward’s dick? She will give an oral while he is sleeping, with no consequences. Oh, and the final thing is how incestuous that she is. There almost no scene that appear both brothers where there not at least an innuendo of it. And the worst is that is not reciprocal, her brother do not shows any sings of love interest to her. She just wants to force it. Why her parents do not realize her strange behavior, since she doesn’t even tries to occult it? Oh wait, I forgot that both of them only appear in the first two pages of the first chapter, and then they disappears the rest of the comic. Fuck me.

Ms Trousers.jpg

Ms. Trousers: She is the "only" adult in the school that knows the tomfuckery that happens here, but she doesn’t say anything about it. She usually is represented like the demanding teacher, but I’m not fooled, she punishes her students by making them to do the exercises naked because she actually likes to see the kid bodies. Is the only explanation i can think of why she doesn’t denounce the horrors of this school. She is a pederast, there is nothing to discuss. I know that she saves Edward from being raped in the lockers, but plus a point in a negative score is still a negative score.


Roy: Is an abusive son of a bitch. Not only takes advantage of Lucy’s innocence, but also he cheated her with a random squirrel cheerleader, post videos of them having sex in the internet, uses her like a sex toy in a threesome that we don’t know how much consent is given form Lucy, and discarded her later, to finally tried to prevent to Lucy to join the Wrestling team. But the worst thing is coming now, not only when he moves, but also when they encounter again in second sports encounter, he tries to be nice with Lucy and pretend that nothing happened. And she swallows it whole. No, no, no no no, fuck you, you don’t deserve no absolution. I will not forget anything.


Henrik: Finally the worst for the final. I have no proof, so take this with tweezers, but can’t take me out the sensation of this character is the self-insert of the author. What do I base on to affirm this? Well 1) He has a hate against Edward, without any reason or justification, since he barely talked with him; 2) He always in a close place when Edward gets hurt or suffers; and 3) he literally is the cause that Edward ended in the Wrestling club, creating the second half plot point of the chapter 5. If I am right, the presence of this white bunny becomes more eerie, since in the fourth chapter, he gets into a relationship with Crazy Cathy (a girl, if you remember, that is mentally unstable), and in the sixth chapter he stalks and records a girl from Green Hills. In any case, he simply is disgusting, without doubt.

Author Biography

Krezz Karavan (I’m not even sure it is his real name) is an artist around 40 years old at the time of writing this. He is a member of the Palcomix team (and probably the owner of the site too), a porn webcomic group that the one of the major exponents of the site (excepting this comic) is Cats N Cameras. All his works have been posted in The Jab Archives WWOEC, Fur Affinity, Cubcentral, DeviantArt, and Inkbunny, until he created the website in 2010. In the Wikifur says that although his works are mainly anthropomorphic, Krezz does not consider himself a furry, a statement that I disagree with, since I saw his Twitter that he only uses to retweet art, and the only thing I saw is furry art. Like, I scrolled half hour and not even encountered a single post that did not have furries in it.

I saw all his social accounts, and in all he says that he considers the things he does an artistic expression. If arrives the day where in the museums have art of children fucking and sucking toes, it will the day I will execute the Hara Kiri. Coming back to the website, there is a section about a lengthy disclaimer page that, between all the things that say, there is a section that covers lawsuits of companies like Disney, Warner or Nintendo, and a section against distributing the URL of the site. Also in every single page since the second chapter has the disclaimer of "do not alter". So, if this review is taken down, you know who did it. But I doubt the legal value of this, since it say it has copyright, but it don’t clarifies what type of license it has.

UPDATE: Krezz Karavan, who has had health problems for a long time, has died. If only he had put his artistic talents to more wholesome subjects...

Krezz Karavan’s Other Comics

Yup, there are more. Since all of them are too short to have their own review, I decided to give simple descriptions of them:

School Day’s Non Canon Comics

Between it includes:

  • 3 Halloween specials, one that you can only read if you request it, one where Henrik is raped by a demon that it looks really alike to Dot Warner (that explains that disclaimer), and one that the name is a parody of Nightmare on Elm Street, but the content it has nothing to do with it.
  • 2 Comics where the protagonists are two twin lions that are cousins of Pokeinfo. Luckily it does not have incest in neither.
  • A BDSM incestuous comic, where Renamon and Gatomon appear, and a random cat kid has a hat literally was ripped off from The Cat with the Hat of Dr. Seuss.
  • A section where the author post pics and animations in 3D, done by Zeb32. Remember the charm that has the art? Well, is completely loosed when you translate it to 3D renders. I mean, look at it:

The 5th Phase

Its science fiction porn comic about a bunny girl dream warrior, and for some reason everyone are kids here. Right now there are two chapters and has bondage, drowning and I believe incest, since there are two characters that look like twins. The male of twin appears in the dream sequence of the chapter four.

Yadubu (Yet Another DUmb BUnny!)

A four page comic about a white bunny girl called Dee Dee Dumbun being raped by a demon. Technically is the fourth Halloween special of School Days, but for some reason it’s separated from the rest. I guess is because the girl looks different from the normal style. Look at her:

Dee Dee.jpg

You can’t say me that don’t looks like ripped off from Phineas and Ferb.


It’s about paranormal porn comic where Fanny, a red fox girl, is a deb collector for the Luck Bank in a city called Pounciefield. It’s the one of the two comics that does not have kids in it.


A science fiction porn comic about Arcturus, a bear that is a computer technician that works in a space station called Da’Office. It has foot fetish. It’s the second comic that does not have kids in it.

Final Puke

*Cough cough* This was an agony to do. If the people have a bad impression of the Furry fandom, this comic is one of the reasons. Except the art section, every aspect of this is horrible. Most of the people could not get something positive out this… But I can. I prefer that the people that like this stuff consume this before they consume pictures of real kids, or even touch real kids. I’m not proud of nothing of this thought; because to have it cost me the all my hope in the humanity. Fuck you, Krezz Karavan, and fuck you, internet. I’m out.



I will not link any more things directly published by Krezz. But i can offer you this video for the bad taste (and as potential inspiration for a solution to purge this heresy):

  1. Any alcoholic drink, preferably Stout Beer or Vodka.