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Broken1.png Someone (either the creator or the hosting service) pulled the plug on this webcomic. The links in this review are dead. If you want to see more of this webcomic for some insane reason, the Wayback Machine is your best bet. And even that's a long shot. Broken2.png
Original review author: oddguy
Webcomic name: Project2nd
Author: Loick "Leoian" Fahl
Start Date: April 28, 2013
End Date: Sometime in mid-2019
Genre: Shameless ripoff of TwoKinds.
Defining Flaw: Shameless ripoff of TwoKinds.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.png

How does someone fail at tracing?

Storyline: Wiki.png

Leoian's hero "Not Leoian" is magically transported into the land of "Not TwoKinds" to have sex with "Not Flora".

Characters: Wiki.png

The main character has the author's first name and the protagonist of TwoKinds' last name. Anything else you need to know?

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png Wiki.png Wiki.png Wiki.png Wiki.png

This guy is a psychotic stalker.

Overall: Wiki.png

I am going to spam the author of this comic with communist propaganda in hopes he tries to invade some dictatorship and they capture him and cut off his hands, thereby stopping him from continuing this comic. Wish me luck.


No one's arm bends that way.

When someone made a thread about this comic on our forum I decided to review it because I felt it would give us a new topic to talk about. We covered a lot of ways a comic could be utter shit, but this is the first time we have seen something that the defining flaw of which is being a deformed doppelganger of a more popular webcomic.

This kind of thing is (sadly) starting to become commonplace. Homestuck now has a number of webcomics shamelessly advertising on its own site that are "inspired" by it, one of which I believe is a porn comic. VG Cats also has an utterly revolting porn "parody" (it isn't really a parody. It's some pervert's home-made fap-folder displayed in public) that someone asked us to review. There are probably a lot more examples of this but at the moment nothing comes to mind.

The point is, this is a good opportunity to point out what not to do when making a fan webcomic. Namely-Don't make a fan webcomic.


It's modeled after TwoKinds, one of the worst, most retarded webcomics online. There couldn't possibly be a downfall because there was no way this comic could have been anything other than a failure from the very start. The fact that the actual creator of the comic that Leo is shamelessly plagiarizing hates Leoian to the core only makes things worse.

Author biography

His totally not stolen banner and merchandise.

I'm going to do something a little unorthodox and start the review with the author biography this time, since I feel it puts the entire comic into the kind of context that lets you understand how someone could possibly think this was a good idea.

So first I want to ask a question: What the hell is wrong with the TwoKinds forum? What is it about that pit of hell that leads complete lunatics to join it and be subsequently banned from it? The last guy from that forum who's comic we reviewed literally threatened to kill us, and this new guy puts that moron to shame in terms of craziness.

The story of Leoian goes like this: He joined the TwoKinds forum, declared himself to be the fictional brother of the comic's lead character Flora and began flooding the forum with drawings he commissioned of himself fucking her using his parents money. When confronted by the disgusted forum's members about this being incest he first claimed being furry makes incest okay and when that didn't work changed Flora's hair color and name pretending she was his own original character as if that fools anyone. When that still didn't work he took one step forward and fifty steps back onto the rail-track of the train heading for retardsville and created a new imaginary love interest called "Fauna" who looks exactly like Flora but with glasses.

But his antics didn't stop there. He also spent his time hanging out on the IRC demanding operator status and threatening the admins when they refused to give it to him, getting angry at people for pretending to hit or have sex with Flora and stalking Tom Fischbach (the creator of TwoKinds) to the point he literally said that he would show up to a convention and spy on him. Think that's it? Hell no. He also made demands that Fischbach makes his self-insert an official character and copied every single page of TwoKinds to his own website with nothing changed besides replacing the lead character in the banner at the top of the site with himself and then refused to take it down until Fischbach began threatening him.

I heard the only reason Tom had not banned him sooner was that he would donate large amounts of money, possibly to appease him. But even that couldn't last forever because he eventually did get banned which is when the insanity really started.

After getting banned Leoian had a massive mental breakdown and sat down in his bathtub, fully clothed, and began punching himself in the face. Then he took pictures of himself sitting in the tub with a bloody nose and sent them to the sites admins together with demands to be unbanned and threats of going to Fischbach's house to settle this. The admins on their part tried to calm him down but hilariously did not unban him because I guess they preferred to risk letting him commit suicide rather than have to suffer interacting with him any longer.

Story and Plot

The story begins with a page of incoherent nonsense followed by our hero waking up in what is obviously the forest from the first page of TwoKinds, realizing he has magic powers, he uses to fight-off what are obviously the templars from TwoKinds and save a tiger girl who is obviously Flora from TwoKinds. Then he passes out and is taken to her tent and upon waking up discovers he has been transformed into a tiger/man hybrid.

The appropriate response to realizing you have been magically transported away from everything you know and love to a backwards, foreign world and transformed into a hideous monster should probably be some combination of crying and going insane. But, being that people who write these kinds of stories to begin with are lazy hacks, Loick quickly overcomes his initial shock and just goes with it.

Over the next 30 pages Loick and Fauna explain to one another that they are in another world, Loick is now a tiger, they are being chased by someone and they are going to a pond. Notice how I explained all this in one line? In Project2nd this takes 30 pages of repetitive, tedious and poorly written dialog. Finally they arrive at the pond where Flora Fauna strips and then forcibly undresses Loick. Here I have to commend the author because he had outdone his master. Whereas Project2nd has its first suggestive pose on page 14 and its first instance of nudity on page 32, Tom Fischbach couldn't keep his dick in his pants past page 7 and was already jerking-off to his own comic on page 8. Good job Loick.

After the bath we cut to the Templar headquarters to see they are planning to capture our heroes. The big bad transforms someone into another strange animal hybrid (there is a second race of creatures in TwoKinds that Loick seems to have forgotten to include, but this guy strongly resembles them) and sends him out to capture them. Then we cut back to the main cast who had arrived at the city. They are attacked by someone off-screen and meet yet another, poorly disguised ripoff of a TwoKinds character.

This is as far as the story has gotten. Loick has uploaded 60+ pages of comics on his wordpress blog, but he posts them one by one on the main site for some reason. So the plot will not progress until he has "published" all of them and even when he does it will probably just be more nothing, nothing and more nothing.

Basically it seems like Loick doesn't have a clear idea yet of what he wants to do with this comic, besides rip-off TwoKinds like a mattress tag.

Writing part 1: Infringing Upon Copyrights

I already covered how boring it is, now let us dwell a bit more on the plagiarism.

The extent to which it is obvious that this comic copies every single aspect of it from TwoKinds is only made more hilarious by the author's stubborn denial that it is. Loick becomes enraged when people point out to him that his comic is nothing but a poorly drawn copy. He gets even more mad when someone reposts his art and tags it "TwoKinds". When that happens he reports it to the site's administration. But let's just compare some of the similarities for fun.

  • The hero of TwoKinds is named Trace Legacy.
  • The hero of Project2nd is named Loick Legacy.

Assaulted with a ball-gag.
  • The female protagonist of TwoKinds is named Flora.
  • The female protagonist of Project2nd is named Fauna (wow, real clever).

  • The female protagonist of TwoKinds is a tiger.
  • The female protagonist of Project2nd is a tiger.

  • In recent chapters of TwoKinds Trace begins using magic to transform himself into a furry.
  • In the beginning of Project2nd Loick is already a furry.

  • TwoKinds starts with the hero waking up in a forest without knowing how he got there.
  • Project2nd starts with the hero waking up in an identical forest without knowing how he got there.

  • The villains of TwoKinds are a group of men in black hoods.
  • The villains of Project2nd are a group of men in black hoods.

  • The hero of TwoKinds has magic powers that often manifest themselves in the form of blue light.
  • The hero of Project2nd has magic powers that often manifest themselves in the form of blue light

  • One of the other females in TwoKinds is a hyena.
  • One of the other females in Project2nd is a hyena.

  • One of the other males in TwoKinds looks like some sort of giant rat.
  • One of the other males in Project2nd looks like some sort of giant rat (I already mentioned this guy).

  • One of the minor characters in TwoKinds is a guy with red hair.
  • The shop owner in Project2nd is an identical guy with red hair.

Pretty much everything from the character design to the background in Project2nd is an inept copy of TwoKinds. The biggest difference between TwoKinds and Project2nd is that...


This hasn't come up in the plot yet and they didn't comment on it when they were both in the pond naked, but there used to be a lot of art on Leo's Furaffinity featuring him being fucked up the ass by Flora Fauna, giving a new meaning to the term "Self Insert". Recently he had deleted some of this art, likely prompted by the creation of his Encyclopedia Dramatica article which now hosts copies of it. However, someone who talked to him says that he basically confirmed that it's the same in the comic and Flora Fauna is a hermaphrodite.

Part 2: This motherfucker can't spell

You know what makes all of this worse? Copious typographical errors. Despite being French and not knowing the language, Loick can't be bothered to ask a friend to proofread his comics before publishing them, or perhaps he has no friends to ask because I can't imagine someone who would voluntarily want to hang out with this kind of person.

Loick can't spell, he has awful grammar, he is a stranger to the concept of contraction which only makes the dialog even more awkward and unnatural.

Instead of talking about it the easier thing to do would be to just show you guys some choice examples.

Fauna: "I took it because you stole it... The Archelis haven't all the rights".

- Flora Fauna stands up against oppression

Loick Legacy: "I think I still shocked a bit and afraid".

- Loick, master of grammar

Loick Legacy: "I hardly believe this is real, or maybe I'm dead or drugged. Or you're not an elaborate hallutionation, then I guess I'm pretty screwed and lost".

- And spelling

Loick Legacy: "Okay... Basically I'm dommed."

Fauna: "Not exactly, but they saw us together and honestly I'm sorry for that. I caused yousome serious troubles".

- And typing

Loick Legacy: "Ha.. ? Okay.."

- And punctuation

Narrator: "A long explication later".

- I'm not sure if this was a typo that accidentally turned out right, or he thought "Explanation" wasn't fancy enough

Loick Legacy: "Lady are you trying to help me?"

Fauna: "Heh, you saved me, I own you that".

- Fauna owns "You That".

Fauna: "Now you should eat, you had a rude day".

- Monday called Loick an asshole

Fauna: "Cute, now let's go. And try to don't be a kitty, that's silly".

- ... What?

The comic is littered with this kind of stuff. I didn't even have to look hard. These are all from the first few pages and I saw about 50 more that I didn't bother quoting.

But you know how you can make reading this comic fun? Do it in the voice of Borat.

Art review

The art is like a punishment for having eyes.

Let's just get straight to the point:
He traces. He doesn't only copy Fischbach's art style, plot and character designs. He blatantly traces his and other artists' drawing and passes them off as his own. He also completely denies doing it even in the face of irrefutable evidence, which I think he reports because some of it has been mysteriously taken down on imgur. He claims everything in his comics is based off of old ideas he already had before reading TwoKinds and at the bottom of his website he put down "Copyright 2008-2014" despite only learning about TwoKinds in 2009. The funniest part is that he thinks he's fooling somebody by putting a pair of glasses on Flora and changing her name as if she's Superman changing back to Clark Kent and fooling everyone in Metropolis.

This isn't just pathetic and stupid, it's illegal because he plans to make money off of it. Despite having drawn 60 pages at most, he is already printing copies of them, renting out booths at conventions and making banners that are also based off traced and stolen art. I can't really think of a reason he would do any of this since he doesn't need the money. From what I have been told there is no evidence that he either now or ever held down a job. I don't know if this is true, but rumor has it that he's 20 years old, lives at home with his parents and uses their money to do all this.

All that aside, the art is awful even though it's traced. Project2nd looks like a side-story about the entire cast of TwoKinds contracting polio. Everything about it is ugly and wrong, but not as ugly and wrong as when Leo tries to draw an original character. There is a single person in the cast so far that doesn't look like the creator or someone from the comic he is bastardizing and it's this guy:


HAHAHAHAHA WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! This is the best he could do?! The arch villain of this comic looks like a possessed guitar pick with Preston eyebrows. Now I can see why he traces. When he traces his art looks like something Tom Fischbach might have drawn when he just started making TwoKinds. But when he tries to do it on his own it looks like something Tom Fischbach might have drawn when he just started walking.


Loick Fahl is deranged and Project2nd is a joke. It's a stalker's shrine of stolen art and perverted fantasies about having a fictional character grow a dick and shove it up his back door.

To Tom Fischbach I say: Run. Run as fast as you can and don't stop. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I have a feeling this won't end until Loick Fahl kills Fischbach and wears his skin.

UPDATE: It seems like this ripoff webcomic is no more, though some archives survive.