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Before making a new page, please check to make sure there isn't a page already made for the comic in question. We don't need multiple reviews of the same webcomic.
PLEASE TRY TO KEEP REVIEWS WITHIN TWENTY-ONE MEDIUM PARAGRAPHS, TOTAL. Less if you don't need all your space. For those counting, that's three paragraphs per section.

Note: Change text, links, and and review sections as necessary.

Try to have at least one picture in the review

Original review author: your user name
Webcomic name: [webcomic url spacebar title of webcomic]
Author: [artist's personal url or webcomic url spacebar author's full name with nicknames in quotation marks]
Start Date: Insert comic's start date here
End Date: Insert comic's end date here. If ongoing, write "Ongoing"
Genre: Possible genres include drama, romance, comedy, furry, anime, noir, epic, pornography, carnography (violence that borders porn for sadists), adventure, sci/fi, and any others you can think of. Add two or less, move on.
Defining Flaw: NOTE: This one has changed a bunch. Now the trick is to define what makes this comic so bad, and why it deserves to be here. Consult the front page and our "Defining Flaws" organization if you're having trouble with this one.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.pngWhy is the art bad? Answer here. For each of these categories, follow the following guidelines: Copy-paste one extra BWW seal for every level the comic comes above complete and utter shit. Five sealls is maximum and shouldn't be used unless the comic is so professional and beautiful it makes you cry.
Storyline: Wiki.pngSummary of storyline impressions.
Characters: Wiki.pngSummary of character impressions.
Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.pngSummary of other things you feel like including.
Overall: Wiki.pngHow do you feel after writing this review?


Also known as your introduction. Give us something brief and informal telling us why you started reading the comic, why you think it belongs here, or anything of the sort that strikes your fancy.


What was the point that this comic started failing? If it always sucked, just say "This comic always sucked" and move on.

Story and Plot

New section for all new pieces! Just give us a brief rundown of what the comic's storyline is like.

Art review

Critique the artist's ability to convey their message and style artistically. Does the artist have a style? Is it worth two shits? Can the guy make his characters look unique from one another? If he can't, fuck his comic up. Rip it the fuck apart. Treat it like you would treat a man that's just shit himself.

Writing review

Make a clear, concise review of writing here. Detail all the important things about the artist's writing abilities, or the writer's as the case may be. Do the characters act realistic? Does each have a distinct personality? Think about it this way: Even bad movies have decent characters. Even in the dungheap anime "Inuyasha", Kagome acts like a fourteen-year old girl, Inuyasha acts like a man-child, Miroku is a serious if horny monk, etcetera. They act like real people. So, does your webcomic artist have realistic characters? Do they act differently from one another?

Also talk about storyline. Is it cliched to all unholy fuck? Have you read anything like it, or seen anything like it in the movies? Is it ripped directly from Harry Potter? Does it make any sense? Finally, does the writer leave any loose threads in his story? Rip these comics apart if they commit any of these sins. Ripoff artists are not artists, they are literary slime.

Author biography

Nothing fancy, just a quick bio. Make fun of them if you want to. List every juicy detail you can find on their being an obnoxious prick if you feel like it, or just roughly tell us what they're like.


Write something here tying your article up.


Place links pertaining to the webcomic here.

  • [url spacebar title for link] plus anything else you want to add dangling behind like this.
  • [url spacebar linky] just press enter for each new one and you've got a brand new bullet to start you off.
  • [url spacebar linkster-poo] seriously add something here I'm running out of inane shit to say