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Because of the large (for us) number of new recruits and the unfortunately busy schedule of most of the veteran members, we have created this official guide to give you a basic idea of what should be going on here. The Bad Webcomics Wiki is a project to document and criticize any webcomics that are not very good, and to make fun of them. We do this for fun, but the reviews are meant to be useful if an author can get past how aggressively mean they are. This is a wiki discussing webcomics in general, with a focus on hateful and cruel torment of those that do not meet our standards HAHAHAHAHA AHAHA AHAHAHAHAAHH AHA AHAAHAH!!!!!one

So yeah, have fun on here.


Joining is easy, you can join by clicking the Join Us link on the left sidebar. Once you have a Shoutwiki account and submit an application, wait a few days for one of the Moderators to log back and sober enough to review applications (mostly this will take a day or two so don't be a bitch about it).

Legitimate reasons for joining include:

  • Wanting to get involved in forum discussion
  • Wanting to submit reviews
  • Wanting to help with article artwork or make improving edits
  • Wanting to bring up possible targets reviewable webcomics

Illegitimate reasons for joining include:

  • Wanting to cry about a reviewed webcomic
  • Wanting to advertise a product
  • Wanting to get into an e-peen fight on Random Neurons

If you wish to submit a counter review, send it in a message to Evilkritter. He'll probably get around to setting it up in a subpage of the review, hopefully before the sky falls and the world burns. No one on this forums needs to be told about the new brand of viagra, so please don't join to share the word. If it is in Random Neurons, it can be discussed somewhere else and you can message those involved without being a member. I don't like it when someone joins just so they can start a flame war on the Random board; if you want to join to get in a specific webcomic thread, then that is fine.


If you want to do a review, bring it up on the "Is This webcomic Bad?" forums. Unless absolutely no one agrees with you that it needs to be reviewed, do the review and post it on the Webcomics Forum (that is the subforum's title). One of the Moderators or Veterans will help you set up the page.

To be worth reviewing, a webcomics needs to be:

  • Easily identifiable as a webcomic, if not then you need to get into a --wank-- debate to figure out if it is one
  • Obviously bad in art quality, obviously poorly written, have a badly paced or confusing plot, or have rage inducing content such as a Mary Sue
  • It has to have enough content to make a review worth while (how much is enough is up to the reviewer, but one page isn't much to go off of)

When you are writing a review, please follow the Official Template. If you are doing the formatting, this is important, copy and paste the template into your forum post and edit it there. It makes it easy to test the layout, without accidentally erasing the official template over and over. If you don't feel that the review is angry enough, don't worry. If it isn't very funny, make it at least snarky. Make sure that the review talks about the comic, and mentions some ways to improve it. Do not target the author, we want them to feel a little hurt but not hurt enough to ignore all of our cruel and mean spirited useful criticism.

Who is in charge of the Bad Webcomics Wiki?

The Luigiian is the founder of BWW. oddguy is a currently the ranking administrator, and we have a vast roster of moderators with varying levels of decay involvement. If you need help or advice talk with Tong Tom or MakarovJAC, they are veterans of the site and frequent posters.