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The following comic desperately wants to be porn without actually being porn. Contains more fanservice and fetish fuel than any actual sex, usually patterned off of bad harem comedy anime. It may not even have full nudity (at most may contain exposed boobs), but your teacher/parents/coworkers will surely give you some odd glances if they catch you seeing this. View with caution.

Original review author: MakarovJAC
Webcomic name: Magick Chicks
Author: Gisèle Lagacé (art & co-writer), David Zero 1 (co-writer), Maria Victoria "Shouri" Robado (final art)
Start Date: February 4, 2011
End Date: August 5, 2017
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Fanservice, Child Pornography
Defining Flaw: Same ol' Gisy making smuty for profit, until she brought to us actual child pornography. Oh well, what is a kid's integrity in a capitalist world...also, idiotic and bland sideshow-grade characters.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.png

The art is good. Too bad about the service it is used in.

Storyline: Wiki.png

The three formerly most popular girls at a high school try to regain their status. How exciting.

Characters: Wiki.png

The three girl protagonists give us no reason to sympathize with them.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png

Need I say more?

Overall: Wiki.png

Not good to begin with, it degenerates into underage smut. Avoid if you're not sick in the head.


Magick Chicks is accessible thanks to Pixie Trix Comix, a site infamous for sponsoring most of Giséle's current works, as well as Candi (boooooo!) and other likable targets for this site.

This webcomic is a direct spin-off of Giséle's Eerie Cuties. The plot revolves around 3 characters recycled from Eerie Cuties. They had been kicked out of Charybdis Heights School for having caused a big genderbending and bimbofication catastrophe. The school's Headmaster was forced to get rid of them somewhere in the next chapter. And the "somewhere" in question? This webcomic.


Since the very beginning, this webcomic never was good. After a couple of chapters, it started showing the same downfall Eerie Cuties had: fanservice-for-quality, which has turned out to be Giséle's trademark since the beginning chapters of Ménage à 3. Also, the characters are the type of airheads you would only feel attached to if you were 15 years old.

Underaged porn, anyone? (And Canadians aren't that liberal!)

Story and Plot

Having been expelled from Charybdis Heights School and the Eerie Cuties webcomic itself, Melissa Hellrune and her two stooges, Jacqui (a black girl in heat, permanently) and Cerise (probably the only somewhat capable brain in the group), are now attending the Artemis Academy. This is also a school of horrors: as far as you can derive from a couple of lines between Eerie Cuties and this webcomic, it is a training facility for moe monster and witch slayers. Having lost their place as the most popular girls in school after being transferred to Artemis, they, sadly for us, begin their long and tiresome track to recover their former status. Sadly for them (sympathy? I don't have it. Remember how Penny has complexity?), things are different here, as Artemis is a girls-only institution. Uh-Oh!

Their popularity at their former school was based on how much boys liked them, which becomes their defining flaw as they become the new girls on the block and wonder how to kick the current pop queen off her throne. Apparently, this bone is difficult to gnaw, as she shows how is she the queen bitch by humiliating them and even challenging them.

Let's talk about the three witches. First, we'll start with Melissa Hellrune. She's a kid desperate to bully everyone on sight, which was easier for her when she was the pop queen at her former school. Jacqui can literally smell guys, and immediately leap at them the same way groupies did to Mick Jagger. And then it's Cerise who's somewhat capable and smart.

UPDATE: It seems that this webcomic has finally ended for good (in more ways than one).

Art review

Originally black-and-white pictures, then later on color was introduced. The number and size of panels would vary in each strip, as was the case with Eerie Cuties.

The initial strip. Sadly, the rest of the webcomic proves to be a lot less innocent.

Oh man, Giséle turned to be quite a capable artist by successfully mixing up America's favorite, Archie, with manga style. So, sadly, there's nothing to complain about on this section.

So sad, my sarcasm sense is hurting. Although, I think it's being sarcastic...

TurtleSheen riding in on my board to do a little ninja-addition here. Word on the street is that Giséle is a good artist. Though still mostly tight, her art in this webcomic becomes lazier as time goes on. Her apparent boredom with the non-tits and other non-chest (yes, it goes on for 4 pages. Lust, profiteering, or a little less shame about the male body? You decide) part of this webcomic shows up in coalescence of faces into a single form. In uniformity, these faces look more like The Wotch: CHEER! than Cool Cat Studio.

Writing review

All of those three jokes this webcomic has for main characters were some secondary characters at another (bad) webcomic. They were simple, bland, dumb. And they keep on with those feats for this work. Their only ally at the new grounds is another sideshow boob from Eerie Cuties, Tiffany Winters, a sad and clumsy as heck daughter to a family of moe monster and witch slayers who is only not any more pathetic because it would undoubtedly make her less moe, and way more useless than she actually is. All Magick Chick characters share something in common: they crave for attention. However, our title characters only rely on bare looks to get it rather than skill and charisma as their opponents do.

I'll makes this short (nope, really I won't), at TV Tropes there exist a nice article about how does the villains of the story makes the story what it is. The villains should be someone sly and dangerous, but more importantly someone SLY. These kids are not. In Eerie Cuties, they were just some pop airheads villains just like the ones you find in 00's cartoons. If you ever watched the villains in those cartoons, you'll easily notice they're dumb and cowardly as heck, making the plots easy to catch and the heroes work less to succeed. The problem is that the plots weren't as involving or scary. They don't make you respect or hate those guys. You simply were astonished at how stupid they're even to be the bad guys. Thus, unless you were 8 years old, you wouldn't care for it.

That's what they were at Eerie Cuties, and they're no better in this webcomic. However, they're now the "heroes" instead the bad guys. The actual bad guys look badass. But they're just a bunch of nymphomaniac, bishie kiddos craving for sex with anyone on sight.

I don't get how a group like this even gets their own show. It would be like giving Toad from the X-Men: Evolution series his own show. Seriously speaking, these characters were your stereotypical dumb villains in their original environment. Here, they're just stupid, and mediocre as long as we're forced to watch them going from mediocre to cool.

The writing has is the plenty of Bishie as the main "villain" of the series hits everything that moves. Indeed, expect from this lots of bishie/lesbian/gay yiffing.

Until we are given a real reason to like these three stooges cast as fuckholes, liking them is just shaming yourself.

Author biography

Rogues' gallery of the people involved

There's not too much to say about the authors that hasn't been said before. However, at the BWW forums it has been suspected that DaveZero1 is the main influence turning Ma3, EC, and MC into smut peddling. Giséle's recent works have turned into a catalog for pinups, and now, underage porn. It's as of yet unclear how to verify who is responsible for this as the site has no description about DaveZero1's background. Until we find some info about him, it's unclear whether he is responsible for all this mess.

Giséle has some points in her favor for making Cool Cat Studios and Penny & Aggie, which are nice stories with some morals to them. After she teamed up with DaveZero1, smut4profit simply became the rule of the party. However, after a little chat with the fellas at the BWW we decided that Giséle might be as guilty as Dave is for letting sex become the trademark of her works. Besides, I've found at her forums she's no longer interested in Penny & Aggie but focusing her time at Ma3 which by itself doesn't speak well about her.


Tempting, but you could get incarcerated just by asking them out; or thrown into a boiling cauldron.

At first I though this could have been some kind of story about personal development, as the intro to the webcomic shows us that the main characters are afraid of being the nice gals. So, after being "punished" by making a MFG huge mistake, they're exposed to an environment which actually demands the best of them all. With a base like this, we're expecting them to realize their own mistakes and fulfill their principal's aspiration to make them become better people.

They don't. They don't even start to.

As a site member once said, "What's wrong with this woman!?" That pretty much is what describes my reaction to this. I'm not a paragon of morality, but I'm clear about how wrong is to sexualize children for the sake of boosting sales. At Ménage à 3, it went out of control by introducing a mary-sue for the sake of having everybody yiffing together. It practically ruined Eerie Cuties which started as a nice and pink story you could enjoy with your children, turning it into underage pinups. This is just an extension of another story for the sake of having more additional spank material for sale.


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"Pixie Trix" is a collective with a single thing in common: "cutesy". Romance is often the flavor of the day, with little hints of action, and more romantic comedy between fawning over who's the cutest sex offender. The collective appeals easily to both horny people, and nerds alike who can't get enough KAWAII SUGOI!!! in their everyday life. Humon would feel at home in here.

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