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The following comic desperately wants to be porn without actually being porn. Contains more fanservice and fetish fuel than any actual sex, usually patterned off of bad harem comedy anime. It may not even have full nudity (at most may contain exposed boobs), but your teacher/parents/coworkers will surely give you some odd glances if they catch you seeing this. View with caution.

Review authors: Jacob Jones and FernandoLemon
Webcomic name: iMew
Authors: "Curran" (writer) and "Nekonny" (artist)
Start Date: May 15, 2010
End Date: August 15, 2013
Genre: Furry; manga rip-off; failed comedy.
Defining Flaw: The writing is shit.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.pngWiki.png

It's decent; but the lack of backgrounds really sets this thing back.

Writing: Wiki.png

The writing here serves nothing new to the table, and it has more than just a couple of issues.

Characters: [no stars given]

I'm sorry, but these... plot devices don't deserve the title of "characters". I've seen plants with more personality than that!

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png

The company who made that phone was lucky they didn't get their asses sued for everything they've got.

Overall: Wiki.png

The only reason I'm not making a "It takes two people to make this crap!?" kind of comment is because it could backfire to us, so...


OK, here's the deal: another user named FernandoLemon tried to review this webcomic. Unfortunately, he couldn't do much by himself. So, I decided to help a brother out and fix his mess to the best of my abilities.


The very belief that they thought this was a good idea.

Story and Plot

The story starts with a girl named Sammy that decides to buy a Chinese iPhone rip-off to save money. However, after using it for a while, she realizes that it's slowly turning her into a cat because it was made by a Chinese company, and we all know the Chinese are magical people.

She manages to hide it from her boyfriend Raf, but shit hits the fan after her best friend Lydia finds out, and when the cat breaks the charger. Of course, since the phone is rare, they fail miserably at finding a replacement. And they also bump into Lori, a character who acts like a bitch for no apprent reason, and her ferret unsuccessfully tries to steal the phone.

After that, Sammy and Lydia decide to go to Chinatown looking for someone who can understand the phone and they're welcomed to a festival celebrating the Year of the Cat. They find a store that sells iMews, but the salesman tells them that it needs an updated card and just shoos them away.

One pointless cheesecake scene later, Lori's ferret steals the phone again and Sammy starts turning into a non-anthro cat. They go to Lori's place, get the phone and (for some reason) she chases Sammy to death while Lydia races against time to get the new 2.0. chip. In the end she succeeds, Sammy becomes human again and everything is back to normal.

Sort of.

Art review

IMew 47.png
It's different, but also all the same

The one good thing I can say about this webcomic is that the art style isn't horrible. Like over a hundred other comics out there, it uses a manga/anime style. Now, to the artist's credit, the panel layout is actually very nice. Plus, he's capable of drawing emotions, even though most of the time he decides to instead depict them via classic anime clichés like the sweat drop or cross-popping veins instead.

However, the biggest problem with the art is the way the arist draws backgrounds: they're either empty, photos or weird effects. There's even some pages that have all three!

Writing review

I'm gonna cut the crap. This was a donation-based webcomic, and it was just created as a way to make money. What does that mean? That the authors just didn't care.

As mentioned above, this is a comedy. And no; it's not funny at all. Every joke is either stupidity coming from Sammy, complete randomness or old internet memes...
No kidding! Sirs, I regret having to inform you this, but the way the punchlines are delivered in this webcomic can be summed up in one word...


I unintentionally burst out laughing when I first read this

Another thing; sometimes the authors resort to walls of text to show us what's going on.
A little tip; that only works for important speeches or heated arguments. Using that style of writing elsewhere is not going to get you anywhere.

And then there's parts where it's obvious they weren't thinking right. For example, when Lori's ferret steals the iMew again. He chews on it for a while, but it doesn't get activated despite being unlocked. Because as Smartphone owners, we all know they only get activated by human fingers and plot convenience, never animals or even our own asses, right?

Or how about The Year of the Cat festival? I'm sure it's there only for plot convenience (or maybe cheesecake convenience, because what's the use of catgirls if you can't actually see them in all their feline glory?) because it's actually a Vietnamese celebration.

Finally, remember the panic about the battery life? Not only Sammy keeps the phone on all the time, but also uses it. You probably own a phone. You don't need us to hold your hand on why this is stupid. And you can ask the nearest 10 year old why getting an upgraded chipset doesn't fix your dead battery or give you unlimited battery life, but that might imply a 10 year old is paying more attention to the plot than the writers themselves.



...what characters?

Oh, these characters? I can sum up their personalities in a few words, really: Sammy is bland, Lydia is boring, Lori has split personality disorder, the Chinese salesman is a stereotype and Raf is an asshole.

The only character that has some sort of personality is Eddie, who's not even that likable. And he's Sammy's fucking cat!

Author biography

To save you time, I'm gonna tell you upfront. The artist's other webcomics, Caribbean Blue and Paprika are furries, ani-maids and weeaboos all rolled into one. And Curran is also the writer of Las Lindas' Bonus Comics. That's all you need to know.


Overall, iMew should have been made like Windows XP and have been discontinued. Yes, the art is somewhat good; but even that can't save this piece of cat shit.


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About: "Katbox" is the unholy abomination that hosts mediocre, furry webcomic artists and caters almost exclusively to people who get off to cat girls in varying states of furriness, including, but not limited to: Nekomusumes, anthropomorphic furry characters and just plain old cats.

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