Her Tiger Pajama's

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WARNING: The following webcomic is a glacier.

We could have waited until this webcomic's story progressed a bit more, but by the time
that happens we'd all be long dead and forgotten, so we'll make do with what we have.

The following comic desperately wants to be porn without actually being porn. Contains more fanservice and fetish fuel than any actual sex, usually patterned off of bad harem comedy anime. It may not even have full nudity (at most may contain exposed boobs), but your teacher/parents/coworkers will surely give you some odd glances if they catch you seeing this. View with caution.

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WARNING: The following webcomic is a complete mindfuck.

This webcomic is disturbing enough to unsettle most readers. It's not necessarily offensive, but features horrible and unsettling perversions and incomprehensible stupidity.
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GiantDouche.jpg WARNING: The creator of this webcomic is a giant douche, even by internet standards. Their behavior may include, but is not limited to: Rampant displays of racism, sexism, homophobia and/or other forms of bigotry and douchebaggery. May spew invective at critics and fans alike. Avoid real-life interaction as much as possible.
This author responded to a review on the site and his/her reply can be found here in the "Reactions" section.
Original review author: Long Tom
Webcomic name: Her Tiger Pajama's [sic]
Author: Andrew Fraser (courtesy of WikiFur)
Start Date: About the time Bridgette's Belly ended.
End Date: Ongoing
Genre: Furry Pregnancy/Inflation Fetish
Defining Flaw: The webcomic is all about one college student's stalking an obese fellow student. Even the side characters in the story call it creepy.

Rating Summary

Art Wiki.pngHalf.png

An improvement over the art of Bridgette's Belly, but not so great as to earn a whole extra star.

Storyline: Wiki.png

There is no real plot here; this webcomic is all about one college student's obsession with a female classmate who gets grotesquely obese as the story progresses.

Characters: Half.png

One obsessed creep, the target of said creep actually encourages him; the rest are irrelevant.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png

Bridgette's Belly at least had more to the story than the title character getting hugely fat; that is not the case here.

Overall: Half.png

The artwork sucks less than in Bridgette's Belly but everything else sucks far more.


Andrew Fraser did say at the end of his old webcomic Bridgette's Belly that he would make other stories featuring larger women. He has kept his promise.


This webcomic always sucked.

Story and Plot

The first chapter starts out with brother and sister skunks moving into a college dorm at the start of a term, the sister Susan Honeypepper moving into a room with a fat tigress named Amanda Tuddle, who makes note of her being fat and putting on more weight each day, so that she has to keep wearing bigger and bigger clothes as time goes on. It turns out that Moe (the brother) is attracted to Amanda because she is so hugely obese. His sister notices this, and Moe is heartbroken when he hears Amanda mentioning having a boyfriend.

The next chapter takes place in the college's cafeteria, where Moe is sitting with two classmates who are taunting him over his crush on Amanda...who comes and joins them. They talk briefly before Amanda decides to join Susan who is sitting at another table. There is the joke about Amanda's big belly crashing into things, and Moe is told after that Amanda is in fact pregnant and that is why her belly is expanding so rapidly.

In the third chapter, Amanda and Moe are in a classroom together, in a humanities class. Amanda leans over, exposing her underpants, and pops her pants button. Eventually she and Moe converse a bit, and Moe suggests to Amanda that they study together with their other classmates in the carriage house that evening. Moe's classmates come up to him and tease him again about his attraction to Amanda, reminding him that she is pregnant with someone else's baby. But everybody does end up going to the carriage house that evening.

The fourth chapter has Moe and a couple of classmates play frisbee in a park, with the others still taunting Moe about the fact that he lusts after Amanda because she is so huge and obese. Amanda, Susan, and other people come by, and Amanda keeps bumping (literally) into Moe, and even has him touch her belly. Guess Amanda doesn't seem to care about who got her pregnant.

The story continues, but it is simply more of the same.

Art review

Before I describe the artwork, let me give you a quote from the WikiFur article on the author:

"He graduated from Aquinas College in 2000 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Majoring in Sculpture and Minoring in Ceramics."

You read right, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, though admittedly not in drawing.

Amanda Tuddle early in the story.

Though the drawing itself is essentially the same as that of Bridgette's Belly, this time the author has made his webcomic in color, and even has added shading to the characters' bodies. He has also improved the consistency of the proportions and now uses proper shading instead of the awful lines like was done last time. Unfortunately the author still uses annoying features like billiard ball heads and oversized tails on some characters, and a new irritating feature is the use of copy-pasted (and unattractive) color pictures for items such as grass and leaves. Compared to Bridgette's Belly, the art in this webcomic is not so much better as it is easier on the eyes.

Later in the story, Amanda Tuddle gets much, much fatter.

Oh God no.

Writing review

The best that can be said about this webcomic over Bridgette's Belly is that it is not chock full of spelling mistakes. Perhaps the author got a proofreader after all.

While in Bridgette's Belly, the main part of the story was about the title character getting obese, then slimming down, then swelling again, the other characters had their own stories as well, and Bridgette had money and family problems to deal with. But Her Tiger Pajama's does not bother with any of this. It's simply about Moe Honeypepper discovering an obese tigress classmate who gets grotesquely fatter and fatter. Yes, she's pregnant, but does pregnancy really cause women to swell up the way Amanda Tuddle does? The WikiFur article mentioned the author having a wife and son; was the son adopted? Pregnant women do get distended bellies, but they certainly don't swell up in such a huge way. And we don't see Amanda stuff herself with food the way Bridgette Ouvry did. (Whoops, I spoke too soon.)

Like in Bridgette's Belly, the pregnancy of the leading lady is simply a pretext to show said lady's belly swelling up to mammoth proportions. Who made said leading ladies pregnant? What does it matter? At the end of Bridgette's Belly, the title character ends up marrying a man who is not the father of her three babies, and that doesn't matter. (Though in real life, most adopted children do want to find out who their biological parents are.) Amanda Tuddle mentions a boyfriend, who presumably was the one who got her pregnant...yet not only does Moe Honeypepper stalk Amanda anyway, simply because he is sexually attracted to hugely obese females, but Amanda actually seems to welcome his advances. Moe's own sister, not to mention his classmates, is well aware that it is lust and not love or friendship which draws Moe to Amanda, and none of them are pleased about this. Is Amanda blissfully unaware of Moe's motives? And if not, what about her baby and her boyfriend? Do they not matter to her? And that is what makes this webcomic outright creepy.

Author biography

(We decided to simply repeat what was said for Bridgette's Belly, unless any new information emerges.)

The creator of this webcomic is a 37 year old man named Andrew Fraser. Who was, at the time the first review of this webcomic was posted, being laughed at and harassed by Portal Of Evil who were making fun of his webcomic and calling him a racist (I don't actually know if he is. I just know that's what he claims they were saying).

After the review was posted (less than two weeks after to be precise) he emailed its author the most whiny letter we have ever had the privilege to receive. In it he tells us a long sob story about how hard it is to get bad criticism, learn to spell correctly or raise your child when you are preoccupied with trying to sell your awful comic. He ended his pathetic plea for pity by implying we must all be children and asking us to show him our comic, if we think we're so cool. So obviously we didn't exactly feel sorry for him.

I don't think I need to say any more. You get the idea of what kind of person this is.


How does Her Tiger Pajama's compare to other college webcomics reviewed here? While not necessarily unrealistic in its depiction of college, the truth is that the college setting is pure window dressing and the story could arguably take place anywhere a boy might find a hugely obese pregnant woman and become obsessed with her, simply because she is hugely obese.

Even Bridgette's Belly had an actual storyline besides Bridgette Ouvry getting fat; this webcomic lacks even that. The story is purely about Moe Honeypepper finding a hugely obese female college student and lusting after her for that, and though it displeases his classmates and even his sister, he does not care. Worse yet, hugely obese female college student evidently accepts his advances and seems to accept that that is why he is obsessed with her and does not seem to care about her boyfriend who presumably impregnated her to begin with. This is purely fetish fantasy; and the worst aspect is that we're supposed to root for the obsessive creep and hope he obtains the object of his lusts.

UPDATE: Just when you thought this material cannot get any worse, it does. Amanda has gone home on Christmas break to be with her parents, and by this time she has gotten much fatter than ever. So what do her parents do? Feed their daughter even more massive amounts of food. Fetishism or no fetishism, this has gotten to be too much. Even the most permissive parents cannot possibly ignore their daughter getting to be so huge in such a short time. There are no heart attacks or diabetes in this scenario? This kills any chance of this story possibly being taken seriously.

SECOND UPDATE: Amanda finally finds out about Moe's obsession with hugely obese women and that is why Moe is attracted to her. But since she has gotten so grotesquely obese anyway, the story should have her and Moe getting married, since when you think about it, they would be well-suited for one another.

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