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WARNING: The following webcomic is enraging.

This webcomic is offensive to virtually all who read it. The subject material is so angering and in such bad taste that even through the protective filter of a review, it can ruin your day by pissing you off. You have been warned.
Original Author Lt. Art Major
Group Name: Everyday Feminism
Ran By: Sandra Kim
First Opened On: First instance of Original Content on February 26, 2015
Target Audience: Feminists in pursuit of social liberation or something lol
Defining Flaw: It's stupid. Scratch that, it's totally fucked!

Rating Summary

Quality Control: Wiki.png

I don't think there is any say in what gets posted. The webcomics are sometimes edited if that means anything.

Site Layout: Wiki.png

Hard to find specific strips.

Community: Wiki.png

The more insane a strip is, the more shares it gets, if that tells you anything.

Store: Wiki.png

A bunch of boring webinars and shady-looking membership services.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.png

I didn't think I would ever find a place where employees could say, "Because BuzzFeed wouldn't hire me," but here we are.

Overall: Wiki.png

Thank you internet.


Everyday Feminism launched in June 2012 as an educational platform for social and personal liberation. They put out articles every day entailing the struggles of the less common man woman in the Western world. They plan to reach this goal by explaining these situations through the lens of, as they put it, intersectional feminism, which is a feminist thought which entails that all issues at their root are feminist issues and require feminism as a solution for these problems. It is the philosophical equivalent of a snake that eats its own tail.

I know what you're thinking, and you're probably thinking, "That doesn't sound like a webcomic at all! That just sounds like a tabloid," and you would be right. However, this online tabloid has made full use of its medium by including a comics section. Maybe. I don't think that the editors at Everyday Feminism know what a webcomic is because some of the things listed under "comics" are actually powerpoints.



The downfall wasn't a point in time in which the webcomic took a dip in quality, but the decision to form a "comics" section of their website to begin with. Their first webcomic was a republish of an open-source strip titled "White Privilege, Explained in One Simple Comic" which lectures the reader on how white people are at fault for all the world's problems, and that these problems must be reconciled only by the hands of white people. This is their most shared article on the website to this day.

The success of this comic's exposure led to the site deciding to put out political cartoons of similar stature. So they created the comics section and hired some artists and writers to make their own edutainment strips. They still take work from other artists, sometimes with permission, and while some of the republished strips are some of the more amusing or even high hanging fruit, I'm only going to focus on the ones commissioned by the site itself.

The Comics

Most of the webcomics at Everyday Feminism don't belong to Everyday Feminism itself. Most of the webcomics are taken from other sources and used to illustrate a point made by the site. For this reason, I took a sample of authors hired by the site, and grouped their webcomics into topics so you can get an idea of what positions the site actually holds.

There are a lot of links here, so don't feel like you have to read all of them. Please don't do that to yourself. I didn't even do that. Just read the ones that make you go, "what the hell?"

On Social Activism

Everyday Feminism's bread and butter. What you're probably here for.

Protesting is America's favourite pastime. I know this because there's a protest every week. I can't keep up with it. What the hell are they protesting this time? Who knows? I'll never know because nothing ever gets done in this country.

I wonder how these citizens could be a better band of protesters. This article gives some tips such as "go to more of them" and that's it. You have to go to more of these because if there are more people and more different kinds of people then the protest will be more effective. Of course, if there were only a few guys protesting, how would anyone be able to hear a specific and concise voice?

What do you do when you're not playing dress-up and LARPing around with cardboard signs? Like any good game of tag, when you're tired of running around, you call safe and wait for your opponent out. Here you can discuss anything you would like with your comrades. Just make sure everyone agrees on what you say before you say it.

Hey, men! Did you know that women can have first world problems too? It's not just a man thing.

Did you know? Disrespecting gender binaries is the fault of all the world's problems? I'm an intellectual. Not a racist. This problem in the feminist community is second only to not respecting women. Even the not-really women. As a woman respecter, I find this respectable.

Hey! Do you have what it takes to be a feminist? Just remember that this is no laughing matter, and a serious issue. If you mock these fine people, then you're racist. The term "feminist" has actually come under some criticism for its gendered language, leading some to adopt the term "pro-feminist" to keep in line with their not-female identity. One may argue that if the word does not apply to you, then it must not be your problem, but that's not my problem.

This is what I want to do to minorities, according to Everyday Feminism.

The other day I realized that there just aren't enough Latvians in media. How can this be? Latvians are real, and their struggle was real. Where are all the Latvians in my movies? I know Latvians make up only a small proportion of the planet, but we still need to have at least one Latvian in every novel or it's Jingoistic.

Representation is the most important thing you can have in media. No one engages in a story for interesting ideas or fascinating characters, it's so we can see how different we all are as a civilization. If we don't include every facet of everyone in our media, they might just disappear. Erasure is a serious thing. Minorities have been erased left and right and the only thing we can do about it is put them in our movies. You better not forget this or else there will be consequences.

On Family Life

Did you know that when debating with family you should try not to shout at them? What a concept. I need that infographic in my life. I can't tell you how many times I started shouting about politics for no reason at my immediate family. Everyday Feminism would like to inform you that child abuse is a bad thing, which is not bad advice, but somehow warps into a think piece on rape culture. This is not to say that the piece is on child rape, but that telling your kids what to do will lead to them taking unwanted sexual advances in the future, regardless of any personal decision making. Maybe stretch before you make that reach, yeah?

This is what the Internet is really like.

On Relationships

Let's say you are a young man in your twenties and you're looking for a date. You search high and low and on the Internet and in other places you don't want to talk about. Sooner or later you score an evening with a nice-looking lady. You take her out to a nice restaurant which is both affordable and a quality the two of you can appreciate. She turns out to be nice and funny. You really hit it off.

You decide to take her back to your place. You lock eyes. The two of you sway back and forth. The temperature is just right. She begins to take off her clothes. Just as you think this is going to be your break after a long work week but - uh oh - she has a penis.

What do you do? Do you run? Do you hide? Do you call the cops? 911? Is this rape? Unfortunately, Everyday Feminism does not have you covered because their manual on how to date traps is the most convoluted thing I have ever laid eyes on. They do, however, have a clear cut guide to never having children. This guide on what to do after breaking up with someone is incredibly indecisive. Maybe it was meant to be read after the trap one.

And now, for the final round, what happens if your gf is a fucking slut and there are no two ways around it? According to this guide, she will just tell you and you will be OK with this. No reason to drop her like a bad habit for sleeping around.

Thank you, Anna Bongiovanni, who wrote most of these. Donate to her Patreon which of course she has one.

On Self Improvement

This next section is for loser's eyes only, so no looking Brandon.

This guy has to know.

There have been too many articles about not being mean to the blacks. It's about time I look at the articles about not being mean to yourself. What a fun and positive message for all of us to enjoy. This one is about how you should never laugh ever again, because it will boost your self-esteem.

Consider for a moment how rare a blue moon is. The moon gaining a blue hue in our atmosphere, an event that happens maybe once every one and a half years. Not very rare. Now consider the solar eclipse, an astronomical event that takes place every seven years or so. Now that's rare. Finally, consider for me, the chances of your average American ever seeing a bowl of salad. Priceless.

This website does have strips explaining some more real topics, like how to deal with immense pain or how to grow up and maybe most up to date and relevant how to tell if you have been raped or not. Sometimes I look out my window and think to myself, have I been raped? If only there was some way I could have known if it happened. These rapists are real sneaky, you know. They're like ninjas. Sometimes when I'm at the library, checking out a book, I notice these rapists raping a woman out in the public, but because they are so fast, no one ever catches them. Most don't even notice. How do they keep getting away with this? Who will stop all these raping ninjas? If only there were some kind of rape-stopping hero who could end all these rapes for once and for all. I need everyone to donate just ten dollars to the Bad Webcomics Wiki so that we can hire a rape-stopping hitman and save the Internet from surprise rapes for once and for all.

On Politics

The artists at Everyday Feminism would like to remind you to give people your money and remind you to vote because democracy is a fair and balanced system that is essential to the mainstay of civilization until the wrong guy gets elected. The moral of that story is to is not been a hypocrite ever.

On Furries

For some bizarre reason, one webcartoonist decided to educate me about furries. I wish she(?) didn't do that because I hate furries. Furries are despicable on every front. Furries are the gayest shit on the planet. There is nothing inherently cute or funny about an animal that looks like a human. It's creepy. These people are on the lowest rung of the hobbyist totem pole. What a bizarre and cruel way to spend your time.

This statement may come across as dense, because there are many contributors to this wiki who are furries. To that I say, you don't get a free pass just because you say the funny words on the silly webzone. You people sicken me. How dare you engage in borderline bestiality. What kind of curveball is that? Just because they look like humans doesn't make them OK. Those who identify as an animal are even crazier. Fuck those guys. I didn't climb to the top of the animal kingdom just to watch my species act like genetic peasants. Do you think some dogs think they are humans? Those dogs would be shot on sight.

There is an article on furries at Everyday Feminism but it fails to mention that sometimes lost mental patients will be under the impression that they are their long-dead pet gerbil. These people need help and these conventions are only enabling them. Do your part and make a DeviantArt account and start leaving some honest reviews on some thirteen-year-old's deviation to prevent this degeneracy from spreading.

On Mental Illness

All right, now this is where I draw the line. You cannot have your cake and eat it. You can make up genders, make obesity a race, but when you start bringing actual well-being into your schism, I have to draw the line. No more jokes. This is a serious review now.

Look at that mental disorders are not cool or interesting to have. Why, thank you! At least there is some decency to be found on this website. I hope that this same author doesn't do something to ruin her claim.


Oh, OK. Paranoid delusions are actually funny colourful Pokemon.

The cartoonist in question seems to actually have schizophrenia, and is the subject of nearly all of her strips. She has made guides about living with schizophrenia and they come from a very personal place, but even then, I don't think that she is doing illness justice. I don't know how you can say you have to grab the bull by the horns and also say it's nice to know upfront when things I don't like will happen. Idealism isn't real and these are conflicting viewpoints. She might not be a hypocrite in her own mind, because that second one doesn't use her stand-in, so she may have been commissioned to say that. If that's the case, then it's sick that this website is manipulating a sick person to do their sick work.


I hope I gave you a good idea as to what Everyday Feminism is, because I still have no idea what any of this means.




It doesn't have a merch store (thank God), but they did sell various courses and webinars, with prices ranging from $35-$45 for one-on-one indoctrination and $150-$300 for a group struggle session. They also have a 10-week "Healing from Internalized Whiteness" class that went for a cool $200-$500 per person(or just three easy payments of $99.99! - no, seriously). Finally, there's the Speakers Bureau, which charges anywhere from $2000 to more than $10,000 to deliver an hour of agitprop tailored to crush the souls of your employees/students/audience of choice.

You would think that with the money from all these grifts, plus donations, memberships, and advertising income, Everyday Feminism would be set. But no. Out of naivety, incompetence, or greed(probably all three), they've apparently managed to run their business into the ground. This post from their website sheds some light on their financial practices; it looks like the staff were much more concerned about getting nice, fat salaries & compensation packages rather than, y'know, actually managing a company. Since they allegedly transitioned to a "worker-owned cooperative" in 2017, I'm guessing nobody wanted to take a pay cut until it was beyond too late.

Actual footage of Everyday Feminism founder Sandra Kim giving a speech at a staff meeting(circa 2017)

So there you go: The people at EF got greedy, dipped into the till a few too many times, and now they're reduced to begging for donations to keep the site on life support. Kinda amusing, actually.

Various Failures

I'm not sure if izzus thought that this template was going to be used for anything other than the Snafu Comics review. I don't think Everyday Feminism has any great failures. Everything seems self-contained. I don't know what to expect. It's just an all-around shitty website.

These chucklefucks are going out of business, which is the epicest fail one can muster, so hahahajajajahuehuehuexaxaxaxa.

UPDATE: We did some investigating and found there will be no new additions to the website, but they're hoping people will give them money to keep what they already have on the web.