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Broken1.png Someone (either the creator or the hosting service) pulled the plug on this webcomic. The links in this review are dead. If you want to see more of this webcomic for some insane reason, the Wayback Machine is your best bet. And even that's a long shot. Broken2.png
Original review author: Robv34 - written in summer of 2022
Webcomic name: Dragon Circuit
Author: Eam Samaraka
Start Date: January 1st, 2018
End Date: August 25th, 2019
Genre: Furry/scaly fantasy isekai
Defining Flaw: A mess from beginning to end. It's so boring that I don't even remember the shit that was happening in the story.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.png Wiki.png Wiki.png

Art is pretty good and anime like for the most part but that mostly good art is over shadowed by horrid layout that makes it difficult for newcomers to read properly.

Storyline: Wiki.png Half.png

It has an interesting premise that's like a mix of DragonBall and isekai anime but was executed in the most boring and forgettable way possible.

Characters: Half.png

The characters are flat, boring Shonen archetypes with zero modifications that would've actually made them stand out.

Miscellaneous Details: Half.png

I don't even know due to how confusing it is.

Overall: Wiki.png Half.png

Good art that's plagued with boring writing and just the writer's failed attempts at aping DragonBall.


There are comics that do very well with having original twists on anime tropes, paying homage to them, or both—One Punch Man for taking the piss out of superheroes, for example—and at this point, there are so many isekai animes that have deconstructed or flipped normal isekai tropes that they cannot be counted. But there are also ones that try too hard at doing these things, like Dragon Circuit. This isn't something you'd recommend for someone, even as a joke. I do not even know what really happened in the comic due to how forgettable it is.


Page 2 is where the comic truly begins to get all over the place and dull. Honestly, it's just so bad that I forgot what I was reading and probably will never remember it again. Unlike the comic that was originally posted on FA, the Webtoon version has pages like this one tilted on their sides like that, which is pretty dumb. So it's more like the downfall was on page 1.

I had to tilt my laptop screen to read this shit. Yes it was POSTED SIDEWAYS!

Story and Plot

The first page has the main character getting sucked into a world populated by dragons and furries. 2–6 has a combat sequence in which the main character is obliterated, followed by some really bad surprise reveals that just happen with nothing interesting happening. 7-8 introduces a dragon girl, and 9-11 never makes any damned sense at all. The naming of the techniques are German and the superpowers is just so unoriginal. It would've made a lot more sense if the MC had a team to help, considering that he's literally the last of his kind (never told why though) and the whole thing needs an editor with a large gun to threaten Eam with every time Eam cracks again and wants to add more random shit to the comic.

Basically, they don't explain things like the powers, the techniques, and the world, so you never understand why you have to care for the MC. Why would you do that when you can have stylish fight scenes that look cool but lack substance? The characters themselves are, like I said, boring shonen archetypes with no quirks or details that make them stand out.

It's like asking a five-year-old to give a recap of a DBZ episode: "This guy fights that guy, and it's awesome, and there are explosions!" "Whee"—no, really, this webcomic is the equivalent of having shiny keys jangle in front of your face. It is that shallow and meaningless.

The writer should've really spent at least some time doing world building and explaining what's happening in the story rather than trying to ape the likes of good manga such as DragonBall.

Art review

Its art style is great and such, but sadly, it was overshadowed by layouts so horrendous that parts of it were sideways at times, which made it unreadable. I had to tilt my laptop screen sideways at times just so I could read the shit. The three panels on the first page were very small, and it made it hard to read as well.

You should also note that it's posted on webtoons, so each "page" is a long series of pages stuck together via the vertical format. This can work, if done right, but... you see that picture up above? It was posted sideways. It's the only page in the comic posted sideways. No explanation is ever given for why it was posted sideways. This was such a colossal failure as a webcomic that it was enough to condemn it.

Writing review

The writing is dull and boring in general. The villain's dialogue comes off as cartoonishly evil, and the main character tries to sound oh so brooding but comes off as pretty stupid, all while sounding flatter than a sheet of paper. Combine that with the already mentioned issue of the complete lack of worldbuilding or actual storytelling, simply having a random character who fights random shit, and you can quickly see why the writing in this comic... basically doesn't exist.

There's dialogue, sure, but the comic would arguably be better without it. At least then you could make the bold claim that the lack of narration or dialogue, and thus the lack of worldbuilding via those means, was some kind of artistic choice. Instead, we just get this supremely bland McWarcrime of a webcomic where you have no clue why anyone is doing anything, so why even care?

Author biography

It seems like he stopped working on the comic to create gay pornographic superhero comics. We're talking riveting titles such as "Bulge Crisis" and whatnot - you can find this on the artist's twitter linked down in the link section.


This comic is a fine example of what happens when someone with decent art talent but poor writing talent tries to make a solo webcomic. As good as the art looks, it just falls flat due to being all over the place, having nothing explained, and not really appealing in general. It'll remain in the depths of the world wide web in a blanket of obscurity and never come out of there, which is good.

It is thus that we have the curious case of a furry cartoonist going from making a shitty DragonBall knock-off to making gay furry porn comics. The final conclusion is simple: absolutely nothing of value was lost with the abandonment of this comic - and we would warn all readers of this review to never bother reading this bad webcomic.

UPDATE: This webcomic is off the internet for good.