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Join the Discord to talk shit

Send feedback, tips, hate mail and naked pictures of females of age plox.

Discord invite link:

Or even better, join us in the forum - Webkilla is an absolute lunatic who replies to god damn every single thread, because he has no life.

Don't want to talk to anyone directly? Want to contact us in a more direct (and public) way? Try talking to someone from our utterly unhelpful staff:

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Current ranking administrator. Feel free to spam his talk page with requests, complaints and pictures of Gary Busey.
He can be reached directly by taking his username in all lowercase, adding the email snarly curly thing, and then - though if you spam him, he'll sign your email up for the very finest of gay furry diaper scat cock-vore. That's not a threat, it's an offer.

Long Tom
If all else fails try praying to the ghost of TheLuigiian