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The following comic desperately wants to be porn without actually being porn. Contains more fanservice and fetish fuel than any actual sex, usually patterned off of bad harem comedy anime. It may not even have full nudity (at most may contain exposed boobs), but your teacher/parents/coworkers will surely give you some odd glances if they catch you seeing this. View with caution.

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WARNING: The following webcomic is a complete mindfuck.

This webcomic is disturbing enough to unsettle most readers. It's not necessarily offensive, but features horrible and unsettling perversions and incomprehensible stupidity.
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Original review author: ZenForce in February 2022
Webcomic name: Bongo and Luna
Author: Alfredo Morales aka CheesyManfredo
Start Date: August 15, 2017
End Date: On hiatus since September 28, 2019 (More detail in the Author Biography)
Genre: Cheesecake Clown (and other creatures) Fanservice passing like a Slice-of-Life with horror elements.
Defining Flaw: Being borderline pornographic without showing anything.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.pngWiki.pngWiki.pngHalf.png

I like the cartoony looking of the characters, but the fact of the designs of the females makes it look Jessica Rabbit or the crow girl from Fritz the Cat look modest; and the lack of background most the time kills any mood to anyone.

Storyline: Wiki.png

Slice of life that takes any opportunity to have smut, the usual, okey.

Characters: Wiki.png

Half way decent, although most of the females orbit around Bongo, except for one.

Miscellaneous Details: Wiki.pngHalf.png

The author uses some episodes for the lore of the creatures of this universe, so at least shows that he cares a little about the comic... I guess.

Overall: Wiki.png

Clown Tits!!!1!!!1!!111


If I learned something from internet, is that there's a fetish for everything. Fruits, planes, cleaning you ears with hyssop... But lately I noticed an increase of clown smut, for some reason. Clowngirls specifically. And we know how popular clowns are these days! McDonald's had to retire Ronald McDonald! But you know what the difference about that and this comic? That at least the first one is honest with its purpose, Bongo and Luna is not. I don't remember where or how I found this one, but who cares? Let's get to the point.


Since day 1 shows the tone of the comic.

Story and Plot

This comic happens in a world where the classical horror creatures (when the author says classical it means that no aliens here) co-exist with the humans. Also, apparently most of monster population is female, I will expand about this later. We follow the life of Bongo, a comically serious/big bosom clown; and Luna, the lusty/big booty ghost (at least that was describe them in the description of the comic), and the day-to-day life with their friends. Oh, and also to show how thirsty are the girls for Bongo.

There is some lore about the monsters, but i truly prefer talk about the characters instead. But for understand the descriptions, you have to know these two things: 1) The clowns are not humans per se, but a sub-species of the humans and 2) The clown has power called "Clown Force", that basically allows them to impossible stuff, more details in this comic. That said, let's go to the cast:


Bongo Guadalupe Santo Cepillin Ramirez: The busty, busty, BUSTY co-protagonist of the webcomic, I'm not exaggerating when i say that the comic really highlights this "trait". It's the nervous, serious and "done with everything" type of character. In addition of being a clown, she also is Mexican and Conservative Catholic, so that makes her belong in three minorities. She lives in apartment next to a cemetery and works in some type of dinner (I bet my kidney that is THAT burger place). Her mother and her werewolf's stepfather live in Mexico, her blood-related dad "was gone to buy cigarettes" in front of her. Her hobby is standup comedy. She can Control the size of her boobs at her own will. Also, she can read thoughts, but since is default power for the clowns, I don't count it. Finally, the last thing to say about her is that she is one of the two heterosexual girls, so i don't know with this fact makes all these situations better or worse, since she didn't enjoy it.


Luna: The other co-protagonist of the webcomic, and the alternative for the ass-guys. She is the neighbor of Bongo that lives in the cemetery before mentioned (even though she spends more time in Bongo's apartment). She is the energetic, annoying and really, really HORNY type of character. No, seriously, she usually the one that do the horniness jokes. And apparently, she was like this even before she died. At some point she was banned from hell since she has a Banishment Creature in her right eye, that with all these years together assimilated her personality too. Also, most of the problems of Bongo is usually caused by her own stupidity. She is the only bisexual character in the cast, and Bongo's orbiting drone #1.


Victoria aka Tori: She is a Frankenstein-girl (or the correct term is Frankenstein's wife type of girl? Who cares.) that literally Luna found in the graveyard wandering naked, that starting from there she lives in Bongo's apartment (and don't worry, this eventually this has consequences, unlike other slice-of-life comics). She is the "I born yesterday" character trope, acting like a child that never saw that thing before and be unable to talk. Later she learns to talk out of nowhere and matures a little, so i guess she left the category of jailbait. Thanks to that sudden change we learn how she born and other things about her past, but we talk about that in the writing section. She treats Bongo like a mother.


Kaira: A zombie girl that is principal characteristics are being chill, crack head and lesbian. She can separate her head from her body and control other bodies when is attached to it. She is in couple with Sarina. Not much else from her, except from being one Bongo's orbiting drone #2.


Lazeph/Alexandria: A demon girl that possessed the body of a schoolgirl. Before you ask, no, the girl and the demon is not sharing the body, but the soul the of the girl is loosen in the astral plane somehow. As expected from a demon, she is evil, cruel, bloodthirst, grave vandalizer, car thief, and other evil stuff. For some reason, Luna tries to befriend her, and this only ends in fucking her plans up. Despite being a manipulative son of a bitch; toned her character down later in the story; and be used for the panty shots a lot, she is my favorite character in my opinion. Just because she is not obsessed with Bongo and try to get off from Luna's stupidity and horniness. Oh, and she is sister of Mephistopheles, but we will talk about him in the author section.


Sarina: A energetic witch that lives in the same Bongo's apartment complex. Loud personality. Roommate of Aubrey, Garfunkel and Amber. Lesbian. In couple with Kaira. Bongo's orbiting drone #3, and the second one most insistent, the first one begins Luna.


Aubrey/Amber: Originally i had the plan of do separated descriptions, but you know what? Fuck it! Twin sisters. Both werewolves. Both lesbians. Both just as immature and perverts. The only difference between them is that one of them is responsible and hardworking and the other one is a lazy ass rebel skater. Roommates of Sabrina and Garfunkel. Bongo's orbiting drones #4 and #5.


Garfunkel: Male feral talking cat. Eternal grumpy face, a la Garfield/Squidward. Asshole fulltime. Heavy smoker. Bongo's orbiting drone #6.


Bubblegum: Second clowngirl presented in the comic. Bongo's coworker and life counselor. A little sassy personality, but friendly at least. Curious cat. Especially about bongo's titties, but she is straight. Bongo's orbiting drone #7, but light case of it.


Pepper: Fifth clown girl presented in the comic (the third is Bongo's mother and the fourth is a high school friend of that appear in the mother visit arc). Bongo's coworker. The "new girl in town" trope. Clueless, clumsy, nervous, shy, a rookie in the clowning arts. The younger of the cast (if you don't count Tori, of course), being 16 years old. Not sure if she is lesbian or not. Bongo's orbiting drone #8, but in a teacher/trainee relationship.


Lenore: Second ghost girl presented in the comic. Friend of Luna. A depressed woman, since is a tortured type of soul... A edgy crybaby, my god. Negative at maximum, unable to enjoy anything. Even have a tearful story that have every dark character. Probably bisexual, but since Luna is the type of person that touch without asking, i can't assure nothing. Since she was introduced really late in the comic and don't used a lot before the hiatus, not sure if is a Bongo's orbiting drone or not.


Mister Karras: A private detective and exorcist. A Boogey-man, a femboy looking one. Probably an antagonist of the trio in the future, but since the comic enter in hiatus, he only showed up once.

I could have talked about slasher that Luna fucked, Bongo's parents, Gabby, bongo's high school friend, Britney Kyle, the apartment manager or even Mephistopheles. But these five or are characters what is denoted that they are only created for one apparition, or the story not advanced enough to give them more development; so, I will not count them.

Art Review

What I can say about the art? Hmmm... It look good, it's very cartoony and expressive. The expressions sometimes are too simplistic, the anatomy is awkward and tends to reuse some of the panel's drawings, but usually is used contextually. Also, depending on what character are in the episode, the title changes, and looks cool.

But, but, not everything is gold. And there is great flaw in the characters, their body designs. Let's not cover the sun with the thumb... Bongo, Luna, Tori, even Britney are designed for cheesecake. I mean, look at this: squeezed tits, big soft asses, ahegao faces, marked nipples, tight clothes, panty shots, and more, and more! The entire stock for fanservice was taken here. And at this point I ask: Why not directly do porn? Because if you want to do a more serious story like the Tori's arc, this only distracts the public and destroys any illusion. Hell, you demonstrated in THIS SAME COMIC that you can create normal looking woman... Ah yes, the money, of course.

Fanservicus Ad Maximus (Note: All the sample images are taken only from the first 20 pages)

Also, the author is petty lazy when it comes to backgrounds, that usually is only one or two panels with complex background and the rest are only a solid color. But of course, that the backgrounds are not the priority for Manfredo, it only distracts the REAL focus of the comic.

Writing review

Well, the comic can be categorized in four formats: One shot comics with no continuity; Arcs, comics that have continuity; comics that respond to questions sent by the readers; and Lore, comics that explain how the monsters works in this universe.

The first two formats are self-explanatory. The one shots usually are the ones that are full, full, REALLY full of sexual jokes. The arcs usually are fillers with little story. Hell, one of is a Beach episode. Later, close to the end of the comic, becomes a little more serious, but it's hard to take seriously when the characters are so goofy. The third one is where my concern levels start to rise. Why? Because the questions itself. One question can be "what is your favorite food?", and the other can be "what is your favorite porn?". Look, I'm not a prude, but i doubt that is the type of question you will ask to anyone. Finally, we have the Lore format, these ones are interesting, but since was applicated close of the ending of the comic, we don't have much of it.

Other thing that you can complain is how presented the sexual jokes. It really looks that tries to bleach the sexual harassment, and I don't talk lightly, this webcomic literally starts with Luna groping Bongo's boobs against her will. Because if this happens between two womans, there's no problem, right? Or between two males, as shown in one of the late comics. This is presented in all the comic with almost every character, but only Luna is the one doing the physical touch. And the only thing positive of this, IMO, is the fact that Bongo don't like this. Usually, other authors would make her like it, but with Malfedro not, and that's a relief. But is like say is a relief that you get kicked in the balls in Saturday, because the rest of the days you get stabbed in the legs. It's an improvement, but still sucks.

The other problem with the sexual jokes comes with Tori. Look at her. Look like a a mature woman, not? Well, later in the comic it was established that SHE BORN THE DAY BEFORE LUNA FOUND HER. Not only that, the story before the Visit to Bongo's parents arc, acts like a toddler: she has to be taught to talk from zero, she has to be taught basic manners, she even has to be taught to walk, walk! And Luna will look for any opportunity to touch that cake. You have an idea of how fucked that is. But the tomfuckery does not stop there, in the Adoption arc, she and Alexandria goes to the house of one of her creator's familiars, and they discover that there is living a woman that is exactly like her without the "addons" and little girl that also looks like her and also is a Frankie. Since the comic entered in a undefined hiatus, and the scientist that created her was established that it was dead, we have no idea what is happening here. I Imaginate the worst, since Tori it was designed like that woman, but with giant's tits and ass. But there's no way to know now.

Author Biography

Alfredo Morales (CheesyManfredo) is cartoonist from San Diego, California. He is also the author of Villainverse, a webcomic about the villainy. In fact, the character Mephistopheles comes from this comic, like a promotion. Alfredo is a Pro-BlackLivesMatter, and he basically tells you if you are against it to fuck off and don't read the comic. (Admittedly at the time BLM was still considered a genuine rights organization and not the terrorist one it really turned out to be.) Mate, mate, I have to explain you the concept of how works the internet and the free hosting or what? Take this like a precedent of the next theme to talk what happen after the announced hiatus.

Let's recap: Alfredo announced the hiatus (literally two days after the 200th episodes celebration), silence, on May 13, 2020 publish some bonus comics, more silence, until January 27, 2021, where published a announce that said he decided to revive the comic. But with one condition: that his Patreon has to reach the goal of 500 dollars and starting from there he will update the comic every time that the goal reach the $500 dollars again. I remember when this was announced, i check the Patreon and it was around $450. Then i check it again six months later, and still in $450, even I can say that it was less than before. At some point this announce is gone. I'm not sure if the author deleted it, since this tweet says that Webtoon was deleting some episodes and he asks for $200 more dollars to accelerate the creation of the website. But since then, I revised the Patreon again and now it's less than 100 dollars, so I bet that the author deleted it and pretended nothing happened.

Oh, and nowadays is using his twitter to promote his nsfw account and his NSFW comic with Luna in it (NSFW link).


I read the comic because i was curious. I liked the style, although i don't noticed the gigantic boobs of Bongo in the thumbnail at first (I'm that blind). I achieved the goal to read it all, but a what cost? The sexual jokes of Luna more than funny or stimulating is rather annoying and disturbing. The story is hard to take seriously with the gigantic "Addons" of the protagonists. The lore is interesting, but practically not used at maximum in the little time that the comic existed.

I wouldn't recommend the comic to anyone, not even the most jerkass ones. Have a little of dignity and at least fap with porn that show things, my god. There's only two ways that this comic improves, or tone down the sexual appeal and focus in the world, or directly make it NSFW. But the author will not do neither, since is more concentrated with the NSFW commissions and Villainverse. A shame.

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