Banana Cream Cake

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Nuke Review.png This comic is an atomic bomb. It will destroy anything and anybody that touches, reads, or looks at it. This comic is an example of the downfall of human civilization, leaving a trail of nothing but destruction, deformed mutations and cancer in its wake. Pray you, avoid it. Nuke Review.png
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The following comic contains naughty parts on full display, and more than likely includes banging, screwing, porking, jacking, etc. Whether or not it's actually arousing is up for debate. Be on the look out for more extreme fetishes as well, such as scat, vore, bestiality, and so forth. Getting caught with this comic in your browser history may lose you some friends... or gain you some unwanted ones. View with extreme caution, preferably in a deep, dark cave, far away from anyone you know.

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MrYuk.gif WARNING: This webcomic will nauseate many readers. This can be for a whole slew of reasons, including graphic depictions of gore, grossly unappealing depictions of sexual behavior, offensive descriptions of sexual abuse, and so on. In any case, this webcomic (and maybe even this review) is not for the weak of stomach. MrYuk.gif
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WARNING: The following webcomic is a complete mindfuck.

This webcomic is disturbing enough to unsettle most readers. It's not necessarily offensive, but features horrible and unsettling perversions and incomprehensible stupidity.
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Original review author: The Dying Life
Webcomic name: Banana Cream Cake (search at your own risk)
Author: Doctor Sharktopus (writer) and Transmorpher DDS (artist)
Start Date: April 17, 2013
End Date: Ongoing
Genre: Porn, futanari, hermaphrodite sex, fetish
Defining Flaw: This comic goes out of its way to force you to look at sex of the main characters, putting them in impossible situations and the author knowing almost nothing of biology. Oh and the ‘special’ ingredient is cum. It always is. Not to mention the incest.

Rating Summary

Art: Wiki.pngWiki.png

The art itself is not too bad, unfortunately the artist insists to shove all the dick and boobs in your face that it deducts from the score. Dick and boobs wouldn’t be so bad if they were not comically proportioned. When faces are not loaded with cum they look pretty decent.

Storyline: Wiki.png

The basic summary of the story is that the main character always finds ways to satisfy her sexual desires. The first thing she does is cum to a bowl which her assistant uses for making cupcakes. Which everybody loves, for some reason. Then everybody wants the main character’s cum because it’s so amazing. Then fucking. Then more fucking. Everybody wants to fuck the main character because she has an amazing dick. Somehow.

Characters: Wiki.png

All the characters care about is sex and fucking. Even the baker’s assistant. It was nice when she didn’t care about fucking but she does now. That is all what the characters think about. Some of them have bit of personality but all it does is serve the cause of fucking.

Miscellaneous Details: [zero stars given]

I am giving this a zero because later on there is incest, rape, intentionally misleading the characters to do incest. But once the main character rapes her assistant it’s suddenly okay because the assistant likes it.

Overall: Wiki.png

If you have a good dose of brain bleach, or if you want to scar yourself forever then go ahead and have a read. If you are into ‘kinky’ hermaphrodite sex which their own daughter then this is the comic for you.


I read this comic because it was on the forums. Someone pointed it out that it was a porn fetish comic, so I knew what I was getting into. Only I didn’t know how horrible of a monster this is. Oh gods, I didn’t know.


This story was always really shitty, but it took a nose dive when Kitten blindfolded the protagonist and her daughter so that they can have sex with each other. Then they take blindfolds off and continue to fuck.

Story and Plot

Well at least it passes the Bechdel Test.

So the protagonist, whom name I am forgetting so I am going to call her Victoria. Victoria sees her coworker/assistant’s butt and gets a boner and runs to another room to jack off into a bowl, which she leaves laying there. The coworker uses this cum as a secret ingredient in, you guess it, Banana Cream Cakes. And everybody whom tries the cake falls in love with it. Victoria gets conflicted for selling her cum, but still jacks off into things and sells her cum for a while.

A shapeshifting cat human, by the name of Kitten, or Katherine, or whatever name she has at the time puts a spell on Victoria to see what her desires are, which include incest, dickgirls, and a whole lot of cum. Something about Victoria being too pure or some bullshit, which what I have seen of her is not true. She then reports to a nun to try to corrupt Victoria.

She sees her daughter and her daughter’s friends in slutty clothing when she gets home and goes to talk to her [Victoria’s] mother about the slutty clothing, only for her mother to dismiss Victoria. Her mother then gives her an extremely slutty bikini where Victoria’s erection shows, so her mother has to touch Victoria’s penis in Victoria’s vagina. Which of course Victoria cums into herself, because this is a porn comic. I am not making this shit up. They go to the beach and Victoria meets up with Kitten, whom plays with her and drags Victoria to a back ally to give her a blow job with her ‘mouth pussy’.

Later, Victoria is at work and is having troubles with erections like usual. She sees Kitten and they go into the backroom, which Kitten puts a spell on her dick and they fuck. Oh so much fucking. Kitten leaves, and Victoria sees her coworker’s butt and forces her erection through her coworker’s pants and rapes her. Only the coworker likes it so it’s okay according to the story. Victoria then faints due to dehydration and we are now at the hospital.

Nurse lady (because there are no guys in the comic) wants her cum sample for science! Victoria gets off on nurse lady watching her and nurse lady gets aroused and takes off her top and then eventually puts Victoria’s dick in one of her boobs, because the author somehow thinks that boobs are another vagina where you can put dicks in.

Victoria is allowed to be back home and she decides to stop selling ‘banana’ crème. But she has a hard time controlling her erection and calls up Kitten so that they fuck. And then Kitten stops which makes Victoria want to fuck a cake. And then her coworker wants to be fucked. Have I mentioned all the fuckery? Victoria still cannot contain herself and Kitten decides to take her to school at night to show her to a glory hole where she put’s Victoria’s dick in and makes it cum so that the receiver gets ‘banana cream’ in her face and starts sucking. The receiver’s body change because magic and keeps sucking.

Later on, Kitten decides now is the time to enact the plan of the century. She gets Victoria blindfolded in the school and tied up. She then changes shape to lead her blindfolded daughter, whom I am calling Bambi, in the room and have them fuck each other, because they are both somehow virgins in spite Victoria having a child, and constantly fucking herself and other people. Kitten leaves the room to tell mother nun about what is happening. Victoria and Bambi take off their blindfolds and realize that they are mother and daughter! Which then they stopped immediately and think about the ramifications. Just kidding! They continue to fuck!

At around this time, Victoria’s mother, goes to the mother nun to talk about the spell that was used on Victoria. They briefly argue and sling insults around before they start making out and having sex. And guess what, Victoria’s mother has a penis as well. And so does the mother nun. The mother nun had a boob job and monstrous sized boobs and apparently used a spell to give herself a penis because she wants to find the ‘mother father’ whom she thinks is Victoria at the current time.

Later Victoria and Bambi started to talk to each other again, because sexual tension. Victoria thinks it was all a dream which would have been better than what has actually happened. Bambi decides it’s best to be in Victoria’s bed in scantily clothes and this becomes a new norm for them to have sex. The author has no idea how a clit works and Bambi’s clit keeps on growing to be a small size penis, and they use it for butt sex and it kept growing.

After this I decided to not go any further and proceed to the nearest brain bleach station.

Art review

A rare, if not unique, picture in this webcomic which does NOT depict graphic sex. It's actually a shame the comments section underneath had to go ruin it with their discussion about it (we're not linking it but you're looking for page 510).

Monstrous dicks and boobs aside, the art is pretty decent. The proportions off the ass is highly off but the faces look decent….when they are not soaked with cum. I like the non pube hair. That’s about it. The characters make odd expressions at times but if you can get past the cock, cum, boobs that are constantly shoved in your face and you can overlook biological nonsense of boob vaginas, and how every boob looks like they were stuffed with enough silicone to smother all the stars in our galaxy, and focus only on the face it’s okay.

Writing review

All the characters want to do is fuck one way or another. I am halfway through the comic and I see no male characters, but there are plenty of penises to go around. Everybody wants Victoria’s dick. Everybody. Including her own daughter. If it was not so twisted, I would say Victoria is a Mary Sue because of this. Victoria’s character consists of only fucking, consequences be dammed. And there are no real consequences to her actions. Everybody seems fine with her dick and wants some of her cum.

Kitten is perhaps one of the more unique characters, able to change form and trying to help mother nun while also having a crush on Bambi and wanting to be with her. She is perhaps the most interesting character in the story so far. Mother Nun has an agenda to finding the mother father, asides from that not much is known about her. Bambi is the ‘pure’ character. By pure I mean she dresses up in slutty clothes and shows her butt to her mother. Later she is one of her mother’s sex flings. The coworker was a decent character at first, one that did not seem to care too much about sex. But when Victoria raped her, all she wants now is Victoria’s cum and to get in many ways.

Author biography

I do not know much about the author aside from the fact that they wrote this horrid thing. We think the text from the Patreon page from this comic says all we need to know about Transmorpher DDS though.

"A newly added reward offered for Patrons will be five page fan comics produced between chapters of the main comic series. The stories will eventually be released for free on the main website, but only patrons will be allowed to vote on which story is drawn, and patrons will be able to see the pages as they're drawn, instead of having to wait until the stories are posted on the main site. The current potential stories are:

[Mario Bros] Princess Peach and Princess Rosalina are relaxing after a kart race in their jumpsuits. The mature Rosalina takes advantage of Peach's naivete to grope and toy with Peach.

[Street Fighter] R. Mika's partner, Nadeshiko, is revealed to be a futa, and she often can't fight because she gets too hard to perform. To deal with this, Mika helps her to relax before a match by thoroughly satifying Nadeshiko's futa cock.

[Mortal Kombat X] Futa Mileena captures her "sister", Kitana, and violently rapes her over a period of weeks, with the help of the horse-like Motaro, until Kitana ends up a completely mind-broken slave.

[Pokemon] Team Rocket steals a device that allows someone to transfer their mind into the body of a pokemon. Jessie makes James test it out, but rather than test it with one of his own pokemon he transfers his mind into Jessie's Arbok... however, she then unkowingly brings him along for some "special training".

[Shantae] Shantae secretly meets the pirate Risky Boots on a secluded island for a round of passionate, angry sex. However, neither of them realize Shantae's friend Sky is watching them the whole time...

[Fallout] A vault dweller gets out of Vault 34, but very quickly she comes in contact with radioactive material that causes her to mutate, growing larger and curvier, as well as growing a large futa cock. The rest of the short story would be quick vignettes showing the sexual adventures she has in the wastes.

[DC Comics] Catwoman finds herself living with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, though she's caught off guard when he finds the two of them in a lesbian relationship, which they quickly rope her into.

[various] Ivy from Soul Calibur teams up with Bayonetta in an attempt to defeat the mighty M. Bison. Their plan involves not simply defeating him in combat, but also draining his "essence" to steal away his Psycho Power.

[original] A ditzy blonde mother is tricked by her shota-looking son into having sex with him, by making her think it's all just a form of Sex Ed.

[Tarzan] A female version of Tarzan (Tarzana), meets Jane, and proceeds to explore her body

Then there's this from the $1000 tier. "With this much money coming in per month I can afford more than just living expenses, and can start to invest time and money toward selling print copies of the comic and appearing at conventions to help promote the series and meet fans."

Showing themselves in public after writing all that is audacious if nothing else. Prepare to weep for humanity when you find out they're at $703.55 a month at the time of writing this.

Patreon addendum

Since that above statement was written, as of the 13th of September (US East Coast time), there are currently 219 patrons contributing a net $1,223/month (up 11.55% from just the previous month) and there seems to be no end to its climb in revenue in sight. You're really not listening to a word we say, are you? Or even worse, you are and drawing completely the opposite conclusions to the one we're trying to make. I shudder at the thought that our work is if anything, is having the same results as the Streisand Effect, especially here.

Follow the fun and games here.

Graph of number of patrons and revenue over time

Remember to click ALL to see the full representation of data available over time.


After reading about half way through this webcomic, I don’t ever want to see it again. I wish I have brain bleach right now. Look up this comic at your own risk.


Nope. Too gross, sorry. I’m being serious. It’s too gross. Google it yourself if my review made you want you to read it.

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