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The following are instructive pieces to help webcomics authors understand some of the basics of webcomic construction, limitations, and pitfalls.

About The Site

To help you understand who we are and what we do.

To Webcomic Artists, by TheLuigiian
A brief warning for aspiring webcomic artists and an introduction to Bad Webcomics Wiki.

To Webcomic Artists Part 2, by Oddguy
A second appeal to webcomic artists.

Protect and Survive: Mutants are Coming, by TheLuigiian
What to do when confronted with bad webcomics, furries, and bad furry webcomics.


Use these to lear how to make your webcomic less awful.

Anthropomorphic Animals and Their Use in Cartoons and Comics, by DrShaym
The reasons why so many cartoon characters are anthropomorphic animals.

The Common Mistakes of Comedy, by DrShaym
A guide to common mistakes often made when attempting humor.

The Cute And Cuddly Cast, by lesbot
An explanation of why the art style of your comic should reflect the tone.

The Furry: Can it be used for the forces of good?, by PhillipC
Tips on how to make a comic featuring anthropomorphic animals without drawing the common criticisms aimed at "furry" comics.

Getting the Best Scan in Grayscale, by Angry Lesbian
Tips on how to digitize a traditional drawing, and optimizing it to look as good as possible.

The Lazyness, by pro-mole
Reasons and examples to explain why a comic artist shouldn't always go the easy route when making a comic.

The Mary-Sue Character, by William Seagate
A character isn't perfect if he or she doesn't have flaws, and attempts to make characters without flaws almost invariably end up making the character unlikable and usually alienate the audience.

Patreon: A Bad Webcomics Wiki Primer, by Shan
Everything you need to know about the website Patreon.

Political Comics: A Guideline on How to Review Them, by Plarblman
This guide identifies common pitfalls in political cartoons, and suggestions on how to review such comics.

The VERY IMPORTANT OPINIONS, by Yaoi Huntress Earth
While there's nothing inherently wrong with expressing an opinion in a comic, it should be done subtly, and should address all sides of the issue in question. Otherwise, comic will come across as preachy, pretentious, and obnoxious.

The Wall of Text, by William Seagate
Exposition in a comic should be kept to a minimum as the story and motivations of the characters should be expressed through the art as much as possible, and dialog and narration shouldn't disrupt the pacing.

The Webcomic Book of Sins, by TheLuigiian and William Seagate
A brief list of the most common major flaws seen in bad webcomics.

Why Monochrome Bitmap is Bad, by TheLuigiian
The reason why an artist shouldn't compress their images to monochrome bitmap.

"Sonichu Finale" Interview, by Harry Manzinni
An interview with the artist who made the famous Sonichu parody "Sonichu Finale".

Webcomic Group Reviews

Reviews of entire webcomic collectives.

Snafu Comics, by izzus
The internet shrine of poor taste, style over substance, copyright infringement, shameless money grabbing, not keeping an update schedule and copying the style of more popular (but in no way better) artists. Everything wrong with webcomics neatly gathered in one place.

Everyday Feminism, by Lt. Art Major
An online tabloid wanted to publish their own line of educational feminist webcomic strips from freelancers and got basically what they paid for.

Good Webcomic Reviews

One of us made a few reviews for webcomics he likes... Felt bad to delete them so we are keeping them as a learning tool.

Ozy and Millie, by Long Tom
Known as one of the best webcomics ever made. A true wonder created by D.C Simpson before he/she lost his/her mind.

Vicki Fox, by Long Tom
Not the best comic ever, but you can use it to learn how to make a webcomic with a religious undertone and not be a complete ass about it.

Forest Hill, by Long Tom
A webcomic about a world of anthropomorphic animals which is meant to be taken seriously-and it succeeds.

Tallyho, by Long Tom
A sufficiently appealing webcomic that demonstrates that even the nuttiest of creators can make good webcomics if they try.

Da Pukas, by Long Tom
A webcomic that goes on to show that even previously-reviewed creators can improve and make something that's pretty good.

'Stonetoss, by Webkilla
A divisive webcomic content-wise, seeing as its 99% socio-political punditry, but as a comic it communicates its messages and narratives expertly, much to the chagrin of the people who disagree with it. A great example of a political comic done right.

Site Related Instructions

Everyone needs to follow ze rules! Don't say we didn't warn you.

Official Newbie Guide, by Evilkritter
New to the site? Read this.

The Bad Webcomics Wiki Policy, by MakarovJAC
What to do if you want to write a new review.

BWW Questions, by TheLuigiian
An old FAQ by our old site admin.

The Rules of the BWW, by TheLuigiian
Another small small list of rules for the site by our old admin.