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Answers to BWW Commentators

Q: I did a finished and revised review of [insert comic here] that was waiting for an author, do we contact the heads of this wiki when we're done?

No. Everyone can see if you've changed something. When you're done with a review, click "save" and copy the URL, then add it to the front page.

Q: Do I need to be serious in my review?

No. I (meaning The Luigiian, administrator) appreciate humor and informality in our reviews. Although review templates are rigid, the site isn't intended to be taken completely seriously, although some reviewers take it more seriously than others, and that's cool too. I think it shouldn't be too tough to tell when a reviewer is being serious and when a reviewer's just being tongue-in-cheek.

Q: Does that mean that this site has nothing of importance to say?

No. Even an informal, brash, or humorous review has constructive criticism in it. It's up to the artist to be able to take good criticism from the site and weed out the stuff that's just poking fun.

Q: Luigiian, why do you refer to x character in y comic as a fag/gimp/homo/etc.?

Chances are, I probably didn't. The "initial reviewer" bit at the start of every review is misleading; edits are performed to articles by multiple people, and often, some will add things that they find to be funny for strange reasons, most likely because they see this site as shock/troll humor. As a general rule, The Luigiian and Lesbot do not refer to people as niggers/spics/fags/gimps/etc. We have more class than this. Take everything you see here with a grain of salt; it's quite likely that an otherwise intelligent reviewer will have some other asshole use offensive words to be a dick. If you see such a thing, and happen to be a member, please take action.

(Oddguy: I, however, have no class whatsoever and will call whoever I want whatever I want and anyone who doesn't like it can suck my dick).


Good that you can read the words on these pages.

I don't post my good stuff on here. My art teachers would probably frown on it, and besides that it isn't my prerogative to make good comics, because, get this, I DON'T PUT MY COMICS WORK ON THE INTERNET.

(MakarovJAC: May God bless America, and their Freedom of Speech. Of course!)

Q: So what do you mean, I shouldn't put my work on the Internet just because it's stuff that's composed of in-jokes and has no humorous content for anybody else?

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. If you don't intend your work to be seen by people, you shouldn't put it on the Internet for people to see.

Q: What about your website,

While it is questionable whether LoopyLines is actually funny, I do in fact try to make it funny.

Q: I try to make my comic funny, too. How is your website any different?

My website isn't any different. Post a blog critique website and rip my site a new one. I don't give a shit.

Q: Will you try to improve?

It depends.