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The purpose of this page is to give chiefly forum admin(s) a handy backup of the copypasta meant to be sent to new user accounts, to weed out the spambots

Greetings oh no longer potable bag of water
Due to spambots we require that you prove that you are a bitter and vindictive flesh-golem, AKA a human. The easiest way to do this is to post nudes is to tell me why you’ve chosen to join our happy fun community: Are you here to inform of us of a horrible webcomic that you’d like to see us review? Are you upset with one or more of our reviews? Are you here to shitpost? Kindly answer and elaborate a little on one of these possible answers, or surprise me, and then you’ll be approved. You have roughly 48 hours to answer, or your account will be approved and instantly B&. In case you miss this message and fail to answer in time, you may appeal such a ban by contacting the admin directly via or the community discord.

Regards, the resident badmin: Webkilla - AKA he who likes to write too much on this fucked up on wiki

Update the name in this in case of new admin