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Logical fallacies are widely known -- and wildly misused -- in the internet, and "argumentum ad hominem" (or, as more frequently written by people who misuse it, "ad hominem") is a huge favorite. It comes from Latin and literally translates as "argument to the person".

The goal of someone committing an argumentum ad hominem attack is to get you, the listener (or reader), to disregard someone's side out of hand by making you believe such a person couldn't express something worthy of consideration. Not committing argumentum ad hominem means more than just refraining from insulting your opponent. It's about not going on a tangent and talking about what a horrible person an author is when the only subject under the spotlights is his work. Assholes produce good art, and saints also create shit. The key point is that both parts are independent.

The thing is this: artists are not separate from their work. Art is not an objective statement, proffered in a debate, and derived from cold, hard facts. Art is founded in personal expression; even bad art has some piece of its creator in it. And, more than anywhere, this lack of separation holds most true with people who make webcomics. They interact with their readers directly and on a long-term basis. They don't have anyone monitoring their actions and this often leads to a lot of them making asses of themselves. Why does this matter? Because when they do interact with their fans that interaction becomes important.

This page isn't about making personal attacks to discredit webcomics, it's about getting people who make webcomics to understand the importance of properly maintaining their public personae. On this site we have documented racists, homophobes, pedophiles, lunatics, and just plain assholes. So, if you are planning to make a webcomic, read this and learn how not to behave.

All that said... let the turd-flinging begin!

The Hall Of Shame

Ryan Sohmer

Ryan Sohmer is in this section for nothing more than sexism. But he takes to the mission of denigrating women with such devotion that it's almost admirable. Over the course of a decade of insulting every woman on the planet by his very existence, he has built himself a small empire. This allowed him to do such great things as: sponsor other bad webcomics, make more bad webcomics, getting in trouble with REAL comic companies for sending them Christmas cards, and even financially support the making of Tim Buckley's awful "CAD: Animated" series. Proving once and for all that the saying "Birds of a feather flock together" holds true for scavengers as well (e.g. vultures). He also constantly criticizes other webcomic artists as a whole for being "unprofessional", citing the fact that his own comic has never missed a single update. Although, considering he has never drawn his own comic, this leads to the conclusion that his workday for the past ten years has consisted of making one bad joke a day.

In this section for: His comic being an insult to women and maybe all of mankind, and for whoring out the entire medium of webcomics to make a profit.

Tim Buckley

With this #1 star of webcomic assholes, it's is simpler to just list his discretions rather than actually go into detail about each one, a task that might last until the end of time. So, instead, here is the incomplete list of things Tim Buckley is guilty of:

In this section for: Shoplifting, romantically pressuring a minor, cheating on his girlfriend, showing his dick to people online, banning Republicans from his forum, racist jokes, having no talent, feuding with other webcomic artists, defacing his own wikipidia article and pretending someone else did it, defacing other webcomics' wikipidia articles and pretending someone else did it, setting up a fraudulent charity, keeping the donation money made by said fraudulent charity, threatening high school kids with lawsuits for using his characters in a school project, stealing someone's character design he found on Google, stealing another webcomic's art style, stealing jokes from TV shows, stealing jokes from other webcomics, and much MUCH more (and that's even without mentioning the comic itself).


With his insatiable love for plagiarism, Vinson "Bleedman" Ngo has manged to create some of the most insulting misuses of intellectual property known to man. Thickly laden with pedophilic undertones, overtones, and any other tone you can imagine. Couple that with a compete an total inability to understand what is considered appropriate, something that has led him to include both Hitler and 9/11 in the comic and refuse to apologize, and you have one of the most hated webcomic artists at work today.

In this section for: Plagiarism, Copyright infringement and pedophilia.

Tom Preston

Mr. Andrew Dobson's (A.K.A. "Tom Preston" or "CattyN") story begins with a fetishist female artist who showed up around the net during the early 2000's. This wet dream come true for many fetishists resulted in a fat guy being afraid his fetish would cost him jobs. A really, really odd incident where someone saved his inflation-fetish illustrations forced him to resume drawing more of the same. After doing this for some time, he decided it was time to show himself to the world as a whiny, arrogant victim of internet trolls who were looking forward to making him their personal free fetish artist (NSFW source). Now he gives conferences all over the net how, despite his wide education in arts, he's unable to make as much money as he would have hoped to, and has resolved to blaming trolls and anime for his lack of skill and money.

In this section for: Being an untalented pervert who constantly criticizes others, yet rejects all critique that is directed at him.

Jennifer Diane Reitz

The once proud owner of "HappyPuppy" who has long ago gone off the deep end. Since selling his (now her) website for reportedly 1.2 million dollars, Jennifer has managed to blow all that money on an assorted collection of Anime paraphernalia. She went on to have a sex change operation and set up a website with the intent of "helping" gender confused individuals. In reality, the website will attempt to convince everyone that they are a man trapped in a woman's body (or vice versa), and should immediately have the same operation JDR once had and now regrets. His insane behavior was so bad that at one point P.O.E had an entire forum for the sake of keeping up with his craziness, with the icing on the cake being a hilarious death threat against webcomic critic John Solomon.

In this section for: Multiple and diverse levels of insanity.

Dave Cheung

After his success in posting some of the most revolting pornography ever seen standard smut on Gurochan, making three webcomics everyone mocked and he had since deleted or end, and almost getting sued by Ubisoft for moralfagging them on the grounds of over-sexualization with (what else?) cartoon porno, Dave Cheung finally decided to drop all false pretenses of being a serious artist. He began work on his final masterpiece: U.S. Angel Corps. A disgusting, misogynistic porn comic that includes such themes like: rape, incontinence, torture, murder, and necrophilia, all presented in a sexual tone. After finding out that he was reviewed on Wikidot, he complained to the administration to have the articles removed... We could rewrite them without the personal attacks, but Cheung being a a menace to society is pretty much the main point of them all We moved to ShoutWiki and the reviews are back.

In this section for: Being the favorite artist of a community of potential rapists.

Jay Naylor

Our friend Jay loves to openly express his somewhat twisted political views anytime he feels like it via his webcomics. Also, he loves to exaggerate, deny, or lie about whatever he talks about. This alone is what makes people feel uncomfortable when around him. Most of the time, this ends up in a fight between Jay and whichever unlucky bastard dared to cross paths with him. Also, he takes criticism in the most politically correct way he knows: Deletes any trace of it, block the critic (or person who doesn't agree with him), and then libels the person who criticized him.

In this section for: Stealing other people's characters, being an abusive boyfriend, being a massive douchebag.

Bryon Beaubien

What manner of beast is Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubien? Well, for starters, he's abusive as shit: every girlfriend he's ever had over the internet (most of whom were minors) he has abused, gas-lighted, belittled, threatened, cheated on, and much, MUCH more. When all this started coming to light, he tried to silence his detractors, and when it was proven that he couldn't stop the signal, he started deleting his many online accounts in an attempt to cover his tracks. Thankfully for everyone, the internet (thanks, Wayback Machine!) and his victims will never forget.

In this section for: Pedophilia/ephebophilia, abuse, stealing sprite sheets/characters from other artists, racism, threatening behavior, writing fan fiction where he fantasized about an ex being killed, writing poetry about killing another ex... long story short, he's fucking dangerous.

Christian Weston Chandler

In this section for: We're not going to begin with him. Just know that his actions are enough to fill an entire wiki on its own which, as the link indicates, has.