30-something Wolf

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WARNING: The following webcomic is enraging.

This webcomic is offensive to virtually all who read it. The subject material is so angering and in such bad taste that even through the protective filter of a review, it can ruin your day by pissing you off. You have been warned.
Original review author: Crazy J
Webcomic name: 30-Something Wolf
Author: ZephyriWolf
Start Date: 13 July 2022
End Date: Ongoing
Genre: Gag-A-Day
Defining Flaw: Absolutely cringey

The comic in a nutshell

Rating Summary

The art shows some promise but the writing drags down the whole mess.
This is a gag-a-day comic
There is only one repeating character - the artist's self insert.
Miscellaneous: This comic is made by a honest to goodness full suit wearing convention going furry. We all saw that episode of CSI and thought, "These guys got to be making this shit up." But, no, I swear by the Blessed Word Of Jerome Blake that this is real.
The big sin that this webcomic commits is Cringe. (The type of cringe you feel when your uncle tells a joke he read in a Children's Joke Book for the fifth time, or when a Reddit Atheist talks about Dawkins during a family dinner.)


This webcomic was brought up by Webkilla in the Forum and I, with what would prove to be a rather bad decision, decided to pop my cherry and review this fucker.


This is a gay furry gag-a-day comic that is hosted on both Ko-fi, Reddit, and Telegram. It always sucked.

Story and Plot

The comic is a Gag-A-Day strip centered around a 30 year old self identified autistic lesbian furry. Just look at Episode 8 over here on the top right of the page and you will pretty much understand all you will ever need to know about this comic.

Art review

The art is not that bad, believe it or not. I will give her props for the use of color and shading. Each character is very expressive, although these expressions are comically over exaggerated to the point that it hurts the joke.

Each panel shows the characters in different positions with different body postures and expressions. So we don’t have any of the copy pasta laziness of other webcomics. (I am looking at you, Zombie Roomie.)

In the first few comics, we see a bit of stilted expressions and an unnatural positions for the head and eyes, such as this example from Ep.4. The head is straight forward (pun intended), yet the eyes point downward to the mirror. The mouth is open, but the reflection shows us a closed smile. In later episodes we see a greater improvement in character detail and a more natural positioning of both the head and eyes. This sea wolf unnumbered comic is a good example. You can see that the rabbit is looking down at the paper and the idiot expression works really well with the eyes focused on her finger touching her nose.

The background art is either cheaply done or nonexistent - some type of background color. Very few of them show some form of detail. There are very few instances where the background is important to the joke, but these are few and far between.

Writing review

As I stated previously, this is a gag-a-day comic. Now, those can be difficult to pull off because you do not have a set cast of characters that you can derive humor from how they interact with each other. Situational comedies, such as Archie Comics, have a set group of characters that carry over from each chapter. We already know who Archie, Jughead, and Mr. Weatherbee are without having having to waste time on introduction. This gives the writer more flexibility and space when it comes moving from set-up to comedic pay-off. There is much more room to play around in for the set-up.

Gag-A-Day comics do not have this luxury. Each page must contain the set-up and the joke’s delivery, making them, in my opinion, more difficult to write. All of this has to happen on one page. This places Zephyri Wolf at a disadvantage, but when combined with being a LOL Wacky! Gay Bitch Juice Drinking Lesbian Furry, the results are not good.

This is one of the examples of bad writing. I get that the artist is trying to be self deprecating, but the lameness of the joke kills it. The art is half-way decent.

The humor itself ranges from Dad Joke to LOL! Wacky Homo. The author is trying for the classic Straight Man And The Goofball set ups with the result being failure. This does’t work due to the dumb smirk on the straight man, or when the roles are reversed. One comic the MC is the normie reacting to a silly situation, and in the next comic the MC is the silly one. This sets tonal whiplash for the reader. Is she supposed to be the silly one or is she supposed to be the normie where silly stuff happens around her? In a world where everybody is silly, nobody is silly.

Author biography

The author is a 30 year old lesbian deep into the Furry Scenethat lives in Texas. At first I thought author was some kind of trans dude who pretends to be a chick, but apparently she is an honest to goodness clam having taco enthusiast.


This comic sucks. Zephyri Wolf does have artistic talent, but the writing is too terrible to ever really redeem this thing. With the right writer, this comic could go from cringe inducing to all the way up to mildly amusing Ziggy. It might even induce a chuckle, but I doubt that it will.