"Sonichu Finale" Interview

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1) First of all, how did you first find out about Chris-chan?

I found out about Chris first during the summer of 2007, if i remember correctly. I discovered him through /v/ threads about him and ED. I then had a fascination for him and his antics, his comic was really... Well, let's be honest, I was drawn into his little universe, and the eerily distorted vision of reality he gave us through Sonichu.

This comic is bonkers, especially when at the time he was madly in love with Megan.

2) Did you ever interact with him directly or were involved in any of the pranks pulled on him?

Well I was never involved in trolling plans, besides the fact that I frequent the place where trolling was planned (the PVCC forums).

I did have a short-lived email exchange with him about some of the characters in the comic, especially during the making of Sonichu issue 10 (the one where Chris goes berserk and kills everyone). I told him i'd like to see him spare Mary Lee Walsh/Slaweel in the comic, and he accepted. Also, I sent him MLW/Slawell fan-art (the big titted ones) which are - I think - the main reason why MLW has bigger boobs in his comic towards the end.

I also like the fact that the design I originally came up with for Mary Lee Walsh became the one everyone likes now. Thanks to my and Spazkid's animated series.

3) What gave you the idea to make the comic?

I first made the comic for the PVCC forums, back when it was open to everyone, as a way to participate in the community. I also liked the idea of taking a silly comic like Sonichu, where the world is perfect (perfect for Chris, I mean) and giving it a darker turn where the “hero” is actually a retarded villain.

4) Can you tell me the idea behind the comic? The central premise of it?

At first I wanted to make a real serious comic about Chris; to “better” or “fix” the mess that was his fiction, and to give it a proper ending (at the time, if I remember correctly, the real comic was on hiatus).
My initial goal was to make an enjoyable comic by replacing the references Chris used with mine. Instead of Chris mimicking Excel Saga, Pokémon and Sonic, it was me, copying Metal Gear Solid, No More Heroes and Balzac.
I'm not a really good writer though, nor a good artist. Also, as I made the comic, other people went and took the same road, and Sonichu Finale became a parody among others comics which were, in my opinion, not very good.
By that I mean work like TTAHCS, or those things Manajerkop did about killing baby sonichus, or those guro porn comics Xanabit did. Or comics about other retards making their Mary sue characters go full berserk on Chris and wanting him dead in real life.
I decided to take then a lighter tone and just do a comic full of clichés and jokes for my forum, like putting members in pages and shit.

5) Were you friends with anyone else who was trolling him at the time? The guys from Asperpedia for example? Or did you all just each do your own thing?

While not being a full fleshed troll, I was a member of the forum. I'm on good terms with some of the people I knew from there: I used to talk a lot to Clyde Cash, Thorg and Liquid. I also was friend with Spazkid back then, I wrote for his Sonichu Animated series, did the background art for season 2 and the end of season 1, and I also provided more detailed artwork for him. Clyde gave me the Asperpedia when they were done trolling, which I turned into the short lived “Sonichu Fan wiki”, a failed aptempt to draw Chris' attention.

6) Do you ever think about finishing the comic or making a new one of this nature?

Doing stuff on Sonichu in 2013 is like beating a dead horse, honestly.
Also, experience has told me that Sonichu attracts really weird people. I mean Dave Cheung weird. Take Xanabit for instance, he was a loon who though that drawing sonichu babies violently murdered was fun.
A whole community of people worse than Chris developed on Deviantart around people like Alcoholic Legend, or Manajerkop. Those two chaps are proud of their creation, the SRTF, sonichu rape and torture fiction. Calling themselves 'kings of SRTF' or something. They like to picture themselves as heroes in a 'grimdark' totalitarian CWCville where they kill Sonichus and shit, and put themselves along fictionalized versions of trolls I actually know in person. I find this more disturbing than anything Chris did. Also, people created fucking Monster High OC out of Sonichu.
Because of all that, I think I might never touch my comic ever again, looking back, the comic is truly awful; my writing has gotten better, my art too.


On this link, I uploaded all of my Sonichu related work, even the ones that were only put in the PVCC forums. So yeah, I actually drew an ending for this comic, but never published it!

7) Are you still making webcomics or other comics today?

Sadly, I don't have the time. I tried to launch a French webcomic (i'm French) called Space Rasta, you can find the first pages here (in French, obviously).
My schedule is too busy for me to do anything else right now. I still work on stuff, I plan to make another webcomic about a man called Harry, mayor of Harryville, I made silly indie games like Sonichu Racers, another one called Harry Ballz, and a full 3d Sonichu game I plan to release soon.

8) Have you been keeping up with Chris? If so, what do you think of all his recent antics?

Yes, although I don't really follow his antics like he's my guru or something, I like to see what's he's up to, even if those last 2 years are really depressing. People who want to hurt him or actively troll him nowadays are disgusting. This man has been publicly shamed, and now, seing people trying to play Kick The Autistic makes me nauseous. It's like kicking someone who's already dying and calling it a victory.

9) Is there anyone else you have been keeping an eye on? Someone else you find particularly crazy that you think people on the internet would be entertained by taking notice of them?

Well, I like to watch this channel in general. But yeah, i've been following crazy shit like Anthos the Crimson Impulse, Fatman, Timbox (I really like this guy, he seems nice, disturbing but nice), and my personal favorite: JustinRPG, i've got all of his songs on a HDD.

Oh, and there's this guy.
He's basically Chris, but with a camera and windows movie maker.
I can't really go and tell you the whole story about those people, but I can give you a list of names and let you discover them for yourselves.

10) Finally, is there anything you would like to add?

I'd like to say thank you for the PVCC forums, for everything. One of the best forums I'm part of.

Thank you for this interview and I wish you luck in the future.